Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : would you allow your wife to?

Not only play with tarot cards, but be a tarot card reader?

I really want to get into it, it’s a money making business and I enjoy playing with it. im going to ask my husband if i can have start a tarot card reading business, but was wondering if anyone thinks I shouldnt ask?

Answer by Dopey Dinosaur
I wouldn’t say “allow” but that stuff kinda bothers me. I wouldn’t like the idea of it (but hey, that’s me) and I would hope she was smarter than to follow this type of stuff, even if she could make money off those who might believe in it.

BUT people pay to get these readings done. See what your hubby thinks.

Answer by M A S T E R
My wife has a wild imagination, and she currently works in the emergency room as a physician assistant. I would support my wife with whatever she chooses to do, longs it’s not dangerous. She is not into stuff like that. I think you should do what you like.

Answer by Earleatha Carter
i get bad vibes from shit like that. i wouldn’t recommend it.

Answer by brde
If I were you, I’d bring it up and get his opinion on it. Especially if it’s something you enjoy… Good luck!

Answer by Ryde.On
Tarot card readers are usually a front for prostitutes.

Just to clarify ,, which business do you plan to go in to ?

Answer by Common sense isn’t anymore..
You don’t ‘allow” your wife to do anything.

If you want to, then do it.

Answer by no mercy
so your husband actually allows or does not allow u to do stuff? what is he – your father? or u re in slave – master relationship and u re wearing a collar?

Answer by virgod
Keeping unnecessary secrets from your husband is unhealthy and there is nothing wrong from being a tarot card reader.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
If I had a wife, I wouldn’t be in position to stop her from having a tarot card business, would I? I don’t own my spouse.

Don’t ask him. TELL him that you plan on starting one and would appreciate his support. End of story.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone do any type of Tarot reading or numbers reading or anything similar via the internet?

Websites, or does anyone do it personally through personal e-mail or anything?

Answer by Sanguine
I personally haven’t had any experience with readers who work online.
However, there is a website that will generate a reading for you, and explain the cards/positions.

On the left hand side of the page, there is a place to input your question.
I’ve found this site is very accurate. Of course, not as personal as going to an actual reader, but this one doesn’t cost you anything! 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do non-cleansed,old tarot decks work better for me?

I know your soposed to cleanse them if you buy a used deck but it works better for me if i just use it without cleansing it. (but i usually cleanse it anyway) 😛

also,what do you think of buying second-hand decks?

Answer by Reiki Chick
In general I would say that cleansing your deck or not shouldn’t have a huge impact on the quality of your reading. Its more about personal choice – especially if you are the only one who ever touches them.

I think its fine to buy second-hand decks. In fact I have a friend who got a deck that used to belong to a reader who practised 50 years or so ago. Its a neat deck with a trickster energy. My friend has never cleansed the cards as he likes the energy the way it is. But also, he does not use them for serious readings. Due to their nature he keeps them just for fun.

My only suggestion is that if you buy used or sample cards; just make sure they have all the cards, and no cards are marked or creased in any distinctive manner.

I hope that helps. 🙂

Answer by Elisheba
I have the Leonardo second hand enigma deck and I love it. It works the best for me. Just follow your heart and you cant go wrong.

Answer by belladonnasmoon
blessings… there’s no denying that some decks come with great karma,because the user was a positive in how an why they did the readings…but there are those who use them for money,power an gain;you should be able to tell just which ones are too tempting an which ones feel positive.remember the cards you chose to read for others and for your self,may be affected by where you got them safe an good luck on your search for your deck.remember to you can create your own with pen an paper.Blessed be..!

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