Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Would God send an atheist with good morals to hell?

Would God send an atheist with good morals to hell just because he/she did not praise him? Let’s say this atheist did everything he could to help people and lived as Jesus would, but he didn’t believe in any aspect of the christian religion. What happens to him? Does he get punished eternally for leading a respectable life?

Answer by Master Bader
See, that’s what sucks about it.

But a child rapist who accepts god in his dying days gets to go to Heaven.

Answer by ★ ☺♕ Isical ❀ ♫ ❤
No! God love everyone, no matter what they belive.

Answer by Joe
no .. there is NO god to send us anywhere !!!! … lol

Answer by Karolina ♥
I really don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, but I do believe in God. If I put myself in that perspective, I would imagine that even if you are a good person, you do not believe in God, and if you don’t believe in God, you don’t get to Heaven.

Answer by Rick
He would have a place in the resurrection.

Answer by Michael K
There’s also the problem of the converse: someone who is truly evil against people, yet still remains a Christian, swears upon the Bible and believes in God and Jesus until he dies. Would that evil person enter Heaven?

Answer by Too Curious
Yes. Only one little sin an entire life is enough to condemn a person to eternal destruction. The only way to avoid that penalty is to accept and believe that Jesus paid the penalty for your sins and mine.

Answer by Darkness fears Light
I can’t say cause I’m not the Judge. What I do know is if an athiest lived the way Jesus did he wouldn’t be an athiest.

Answer by TheLovelyP
God doesn’t send anyone to hell. they send themseles there. i’ll probably get a lot of dislikes but i don’t care. i understand some people can’t accept the truth 🙂

Answer by Silver
the difference between the atheist and the christian in this sense is that the atheist may act ethically for certain reasons [e.g., not wanting to go to jail, it disrupts social order, it makes them look good to others, etc.], but he has no ultimate reason for acting ethically because there is no ultimate moral authority that exists over each sphere of his life. without this ultimate authority, each atheist defines morality on his own terms, although his morality is influenced by the remnants of morality from the image of God within, along with the strictures and constraints of the culture and society in which the atheist exists.

when confronted with a situation that demands both the christian and the atheist to make moral choices, a situation in which societal constraints are removed, the reaction of each will be vastly different. if a society deems it morally acceptable to kill unborn babies, for instance, the atheist sees no reason to oppose the practice. his own “moral law” even tells him it’s the compassionate thing to do in cases where the child is the result of rape or incest. the christian, however, knows abortion is wrong because his moral choices are built upon the moral law-giver who has declared all human life to be sacred because it is created in the image of God. the law-giver has proclaimed, “you shall not murder” [exodus 20:13] and, for the christian, there’s the end of it.

so can an atheist act ethically? certainly, but he has no ultimate reason to do so and no ultimate authority to look to in order to ensure his line is indeed straight and unbendable.

Answer by Dear Dogma *lapsed Catholic
Define “good morals”.

Are you suggesting that there is a tangible truth value of good and evil attached to moral acts? Is morality objective (ie; not dependent on man’s recognition or adherence)? or is morality subjective and “relative”?

Before asking the question about eternal salvation/damnation (if it exists), you must first address these primary questions about “good and evil”

Answer by Marknov
“Does he get punished eternally for leading a respectable life?”

According to extremist Christians yes, because they subscribe to the stupid idea that God rewards belief, and nothing BUT belief.

This is why you’ll seem them get confused when you try and press them on why an unbeliever is ‘bad’ in god’s eyes.

They’ll come up with all sorts of sh*t….such as the unbeliever is being ‘stubborn’ (yes, stubborn refusing to believe fairytales), or the unbeliever secretly believes but is pretending they don’t, (yeah right, like someone would deny some powerful god they think exists), and they claim the unbeliever is ‘choosing to go to hell’, as if they’re stupid enough to believe that anyone would choose to be tortured forever.

And the icing on the cake, is they say the unbeliever is ‘rejecting god’….when the only ‘rejection’ is the idea he’s real, they’re not actually rejecting the offer of heaven and salvation, because they don’t believe it to be true in the first place – doesn’t mean they wouldn’t choose it if they thought it was real.

Answer by Flying Spaghetti Monster
Logically he would serve some time in purgatory

Answer by John Locke
Looking at god history in the bible, I would say yes.
God is used to kill people, punish people for sins they did not know they were doing, …
In the bible, god creates people unable to understand what good and bad are, then punish them for learning. He punishes them for doing bad things at a time he did not give them the ability to understand what a bad thing was.
Later in the story, god destroy nearly everything on earth.
Later, he also kills babies, encourage slavery, encourage killings all ennemies of his chosen people, except for virgin or young kids.
He also asks parents to sacrifice their first born to him.
There are also lots of stories of incest, debasing women, killing anyone who disagree with him, …

I would say, following this god’s moral, yes, atheists ( and probably everybody else) would die and go to hell, if this god was actually real.

But it is only the product of the imagination of some tribes in the desert…

Answer by LAX23
You choose, there is no right answer. Some say God is merciful and if you spent a lifetime of doing good deeds then you will be rewarded. Others say if you don’t believe in God then you go right to hell. Then again, realize how many different religions there are and how many different gods there are. If everyone who chose the wrong religion went to hell, then hell must be packed.

A better question to ask is do our dogs and cats go to heaven if they die? We love them so much and theyre part of the family in some occasions but nothing in the bible says animals go to heaven. If you say that dogs and cats do go to heaven, then what about mice? What about ants? You draw the line somewhere, a line that was never even dictated to people by a higher power.

My point with all this is that distinctions between what goes to heaven and what doesn’t is purely opinion. Hey you might choose to be religious and then when you die you go to hell because the real god is muslim. Or hey you might die and a higher power, who thinks that being strong and skeptical and individualized like an atheist is right, might reward you. Personally, if god is so great and merciful and created life, then why would he punish someone for merely not praising him.

Answer by FAITH
there is not one good person in heaven no not one in the book of John he says ( unless you are born of water and the spirit you can not enter the kingdom of God ) Romans ch19 v 9,10. Shalom

Answer by Adam
“A respectable life” is a matter of perspetive. A lot of Christians believe it disrespectful to deny god. But many do not. Just like if you asked hitler if it was respectful to kill a Jewish man he’d probably be like “Yeah it’s fine man”.

And plus we could always find out information that changes our moral codes like for example we could one day discover that plants feel a significant amount of pain when we kill them.

It’s all based on perspective. So really it depends on your own perspective of god’s perspective.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is your favorite things to do in california?

Things that aren’t super expensive,
It would be cool if you could have specifics like anything near LA

Answer by The Eagle Keeper
Wouldn’t know. Never been there.

Answer by Shana B
Go to the Venice Beach boardwalk (that’s free). It’s really interesting to walk around and see all the people, there are tarot card readers and stuff, and restaurants along the boardwalk. You can sit on the beach too, and while I’ve never been in the ocean there (I’m scared of sharks), there are a lot of people who surf.

Answer by fr33d0m09
You can go to Disneyland in Anaheim

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Calling all 52 deck card readers (cartomancy). Do you read for people for money? How can you read adequately?

I want to read 52 playing deck for people for money at the fairs etc. I can read tarot but I find the gypsy card reading realy good for real events taking place now. They are good for predicting things that are about to happen and they dont really work for past events. How do I cleanse the cards so that I only need 1 pack? with reading cards energies from one person can contaminate a reading or do I need individual packs and then I need old cards because new ones dont give an acurate reading.

I personally believe the cards work and that you can tell lots from them.

Answer by Jylsamynne
I love Tarot. I used to work for a psychic hotline for a short time (what a waste) but also used to read for friends and neighbors and anyone else who heard about me from word of mouth. I never charged money though because I felt that would be unethical. Often though return customers would bring me small gifts from baked goods to earrings, you name it.

Cleansing the deck – well, ask 100 witches one question and you’ll get 100 different answers! Everyone has their own personal preference. All I do is place the cards in order, wrap them in a white cloth (silk or natural, unbleached cotton) with a quartz crystal and place them outside under a full moon, saying whatever blessing comes to mind at the moment.

It is best to clean them before and after each reading but most readers find that to be too much of a hassle. To alleviate that, you can keep a handful of natural sea salt in your Tarot bag and give it a shake before you read. Or, if you want, keep a white sage incense burning and pass the cards through the smoke, smudging them before and after the reading.

Just a few suggestions, HTH.

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