Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why some of my predictions in Tarot cards doesn’t happen?

Few months back,I happened to read the tarot cards spread from the internet and I have done it on my own.I found that most of the predictions came true except my love life. I’m unable to propose my love to my boy friend.He is not talking to me properly.It has been 2 yrs I have not met him.But the tarot predictions says that I will marry him. Does the Tarot cards predictions are 100% true? Why my love life doesn’t show any positives?

Answer by SammyD
Maybe you are trying to hard.

Answer by Sim – plicimus
Your predictions are’nt coming true because Tarot cards are make-believe. You might as well use a Sham-wow to predict the future.

Answer by Gina
Tarot cards don’t predict anything. Don’t believe in such silly superstitions.

Answer by gertystorrud
Because you are ‘entertaining’ demons. (Deuteronomy 18:9-12.)

Answer by Jordan
its really just how you intrepret the meaning… we all change our mind on our interests all the time, i think its normal that those sort of things mightn’t come true, in the sense that they might have already come true. just not the way you expected ^^

Answer by Conservative Witchcraft
First and foremost, I recommend that you do not put too much stock in internet tarot readings.. I would not consider them legitimate.

Besides that, each tarot reading is usually considered an explanation of the way that events will carry out if nothing in your life or circumstance changes. I could not quite be sure from your question if you already had a boyfriend or not.

If so then just tell him that you love him, do not wait on tarot cards to tell you when it is right. If I misread your question then, when you read the tarot and it says you are to meet and marry someone, do you then start going out to places to attempt to meet this person? Well then you have changed your circumstances. If not, I would also ask you, are you going into each tarot reading thinking about what you are hoping it to say? Interpretations are everything and if you are hoping to see something of an answer to your romantic life, then you can read any card to be about that. Try being very open in your interpretations and do not immediately assume that the cards are even on that topic.

I am not assuming that you do not know how to read tarot, I am simply stating the steps that I would take if I was having such a difference from reading to reality.

Best wishes and blessings! I hope it works out for you.

Answer by Frou Frou
they are possibilites, not predictions, anyoen can change th efuture, if you knwo about it, you can change it, if soemthign else happens, it can change it
they are possibilites, not certainties

as for internet tarot, i woudlnt do it, personaly, as id see that as a huge reason for it not to wrok at all

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
In the area of love, Tarot cards can only tell you that there is a good or bad chance that you will be with someone. That is because you both have free will and also because if either of you is thinking negatively, you can change the reading. ( Law of Attraction) A third reason is that you really shouldn’t do your own readings on anything that is emotional to you. It is too easy to manipulate the outcome if you really want a certain thing to happen and you can’t be sure you are getting the right message.

Answer by vid
Tarot is very accurate, but perhaps you didn’t interpret the cards correctly.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can i learn to read tarot cards?

i’m interested in learning how to read tarot cards for myself and friends. what’s a cheap place online to get cards, what’s an easy way to learn to read them? and how comes some people say they are bad?

Answer by Miss. nopi chic
hey my mom erad tarot cardsw there is a book that comes with them study it…

Answer by FlyChicc420
Go to your local Hastings, they should sell some Tarot cards, and you can usually get a set that includes a book on how to read. People think they are bad because they were used by Pagans (Earth worshippers, not devil worshippers like popular belief). Most people don’t realize the four suits of playing cards are based off of the 4 suits of Tarot (swords, pentacles, cups and coins).

Answer by bibitopito
Hi waitress,

One place I would highly recommend for you to speak with a tarot card reader to learn how to read tarot cards is here:

The tarot card readers are very helpful and courteous and the best thing about that site is you get to talk to them one-on-one via microphone and webcam and it makes the experience more personal.

Good luck!

Answer by Thrasymachus has dozens of different decks. If you search a little, you’ll find one that’s inexpensive. There are many used decks for around $ 10.

To learn tarot, try these websites: A large, diverse site with lots of info A beginners’ course

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I use panning in action in a screenplay?

I have to write short shot: a tarot card is burning in a fireplace, then the camera pans to an old man standing in front of the fireplace throwing tarot cards into the fire.

How would I state the pan motion in the action sequence?

Answer by The answer is 42.
You don’t need to mention the camera motion in a screenplay unless it’s a shooting script. Just say something like:

There is a Tarot card burning in the fireplace. Another card lands next to it. An OLD MAN throws in another card on top of that one.

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