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Why do tarot cards changes every time when I ask the same question? I shuffle the tarot deck and then It will give me different cards for the same question I ask before. Why do tarots cards giving me different answers for the same questions? πŸ™
That is true, and I shouldn’t ask the same question. I just don’t like my first answer, and I don’t think It is true:(

Answer by the re – chosen one
You keep seeking a second opinion.

Answer by EAH

Answer by Dr. Frog can fly!
luck of the draw, lil’ kitteh dude.

Answer by farrah
Dealing with tarot cards is dealing with Satan and his demons. They do not know the heart of people only their actions so no truth will really come from the demons only what they can see of people. I strongly encourage you to give them and anything dealing with demons up.

Answer by Masticina Akicta
Sigh why do people..

Really it is like going to the post office 12 times a day.. “Is the package there yet?”

How would you feel if you are asked the same thing again and again!

Seriously stop asking..

And and it depends on your method of drawing cards. Yes cards have overlapping meanings… or can show a different side of the same situation. For instance if you ask 3 readers a reading on the same question one might draw the “quick route” another might draw cards for the “background situation” and so on.

Meanings overlap and tarot is all about weaving a story. Reading Tarot is an art.. there is more to it then just coldly reading the basic basal meanings. For tarot is a gift of the story weavers and stories have many layers.

I have known readers that simply cannot connect. They do not get the heartbeat.They are the type you see on television, they can read cold with the help of a teleprompter. But they cannot apply cards to a situation. They cannot see between the cards.

For me Tarot is a psychological tool, a way to fish deep into the mind, to see what inner forces are moving things. And it is something that not everybody can.

I have friends that if you need something fixed.. you can call. They are very good at what they do but certainly their almost mechanical insight would make the worst tarot reader.

You have to understand a reading is within a situation with the person/situation who is read for and from a certain angle. This means that within the same situation different readers can end up pulling different cards showing different angles, insights.

So my advice.. stop asking

Stop going to the post office 8 times a day to ask if the package is already there. Is isn’t!

Tarot is like the flow, like an ocean full of waves and currents..

That and well not everybody makes a good tarot reader. Again as I said I have known those who do not feel the flow. And I know those who are well connected to the flow. It is hard to explain but it is the flow that makes things work. The insights and the ways follow…

Did you know that NO is also an answer.

Answer by ET is GOD
You have pointed out one of the main faults in Tarot card readings, obviously if you shuffle the cards the chances are that you will get a different card is high, this is due to statistical probability.

However there are other ways to select cards without relying solely on shuffling. Hint!

Answer by Martin T
Tarot cards act as a mirror, they trigger ideas and connections that are already in your brain. For some people, this amplifies an ability that is already present – but the cards themselves do not really answer the question.

If you ask the same question over and over, you are bound to end up confused. Maybe you did not like the first answer you got? I suggest asking another person – a Tarot reader or someone whose advice you trust.

Answer by implumbus
uh…..maybe cause tarot cards are a lie and are useless…

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Why do tarot cards changes every time when I ask the same question?
That’s how cards work. I’d be surprised if you drew the same cards again. They’re essentially random.
Random can be incredibly useful! The cards aren’t physically changing their positions to align with your soul… the cards arrangement is not physically effected by anything other than the fingers shuffling them. It’s the way they are laid out and viewed that gives them meaning, insight and usefulness. Depending on the situation, the position and the reader, you could deal a different card five times in a row for the same position/question and still get a similar message from them. But why deal five readings in a row for the same topic?

If you just keep asking the same question or variations on the same question over and over again within a short period of time (such as “Will he ask me to marry him?” “Will he ask me to marry him next week?” “Will he ask me to marry him while we are on vacation?” etc) then you’re likely to get jumbled and useless answers after a point because if you keep asking, then you’re obviously missing the answers that you started out with and nothing more can be gained by consulting the cards yet again.

Think of this scenario. You go to a concert and walk up to the bouncer.
You: Can I get in?
Bouncer: Do you have a ticket?
You: No.
Bouncer: No.
You: But I really want to.
Bouncer: Sorry.
You: Can I get in?
Bouncer: Not without a ticket.
You: What if I showed you my belly button?
Bouncer: No. What if you bought a ticket?
You: What if I were wearing a different color shirt?
Bouncer: Absolutely not!
You: What if I came back in five minutes?
Bouncer: No! Jeez! You just don’t get the concept, do you?!

The bouncer technically said something different each time, but the message was essentially the same and you just weren’t catching on. Repeated readings can be like that. The cards can provide perspective if you let them speak, but if you insist on constantly throwing cards for the same question all the time, then clearly you’re not getting anything useful from any of the readings. Stop doing readings. Read once for the question and let whatever insights you get sink in. If you don’t get any insights, then leave it be or a while since you’re clearly not ready to hear what you might need to hear.
Just some thoughts.

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I’ve added a complete list of herbs and their uses, incenses and their properties, moon phases, days of the week to cast spells, candle colors and meanings, how to cast a circle, the meaning of tarot cards when using playing cards, and some spells. I plan on adding a section on crystals and stones as well as essential oils. Anything else I should include?

Answer by SF
How about blood? Or animal/insect parts? I heard that witches use things like lizard tails, etc. for their concoctions.

Answer by Donterius J
It sound like you have just about everything I have in my own book of shadows. I’d say you have everything.

Answer by Dear Juliet…
my grandparents are are into this stuff as well as me, we try to create our own spells (and try not to make them corny) but its good to create your own. also add in things about the moon (which phase is when) add the horoscopes as well. those can be very inportant. Also try to find the ruin language. It will come in handy for things…my granpa has this book of witch craft that has everything you every wanted to know. It includes that stuff. I also have ruin cards and those are really amazing. so try those to.
good luck with your book of shadows.

Answer by Lauren
How about types of techniques used in spell casting?
-Cord magic
-pendulum techniques
Also, you could include definitions of different pagan faiths and what they practice πŸ™‚

Answer by L.a.y.l.a.h
You mean magickal diary?
It seems you are missing things related to Kabbalah. I’ve found kabbalah and correspondences to help a lot.

Answer by Maiingan
Really, a book of shadows should contain information that YOU find important, not what We tell you, you should have in it.

BUT…if you want suggestions, I suggest you look here for tips and ideas:

Written by Ashnadel

About Me:
I’ve always ‘seen’ things that people would say are psychic and paranormal – and as a child, I had predictive dreams of ‘things to come’. Being that age, I was growing and playing but being a kid, I never really questioned this too much. Not until I got to about fourteen, when for some reason, I became very aware of it all and began to question. It was then that I suddenly started to realize that not everyone was having these dreams. Or that no-one else had their own ‘Cosmic Teachers’ who would come along, dressed in white and teach me.

I am not as anyone here, you can try by yourself, I am an expert in a different way, holding in my hand the secret of your life, I am from Land of the Pharaohs, I am Egyptian, we going to see together what is going on with you in your life, let’s start our journey into your deep inner and search into your Past, Present, and your near Future, only, for your own highest good. I used many tarot cards, I know lots of spreads, I hold lots of secrets, I can contact with your inner angels, to bring you your best thing for yourself and for your life.

Since being here on Oranum I have already been able to give guidance and spread the healing seeds of positivism, which I am a great believer of. Happiness is achievable for all of us if we learn how to ask for it.

You are at the right pace if you need to talk to someone about your worries and dilemmas, if you are you having self-esteem issues, and feel low on energy.

Do not look further and PUT YOUR TRUST IN ME!