Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : why do tarot card readers and online psychics charge money?

i mean if they truly have a gift to help human kind shouldnt they do it for free, or is it just another religion with a slighlty hipper rap, because honestly i think its all false
julia come on, doctors have to go through alot of school and so do teachers, landscapers in most states have to be contractors,, give me a break will ya

Answer by ♥ cherry_kisses ♥
i agree with ya, but thats all the want – money

edit – to Sadhara Satguru and Julia – well why dont they spend years trying to do something usefull like become nurses and doctors. And no they don’t just have a gift, they learn how to be nurses, andi’m telling you it’s a damn sight harder then reading a palm or a pack of cards – and they should get a lot more money for what they do!!!

Answer by Epona
To be honest with you, most “psychics” who charge money, or even those that do it for free, but promote themselves, are scam-artists skilled in reading people who do it for the attention, the money, the glory or the fame. Though not all who charge or scam artists. Just most.

I do rune readings. I do not claim to be psychic, but I believe anyone has the ability to read runes or tarot cards (or a pendulum or other tools). Because I am Wiccan, I am a firm believer of not charging money to help people. People are free to come to me for readings, and I help them as best I can.

Some, especially the ones who know and trust me, often pay me for my time. But this is a tip, and I do not require it, nor do I even get upset or dissapointed when I do not receive any kind of tip. I am just glad to offer aid, and knowing I helped them is enough reward for me.

If you are serious about wanting to find someone who can give you tarot, rune or psychic readings, try going to your local wiccan/pagan/spiritualist shop. Some offer “free readings” or you may just bump into someone who can give you readings.

Answer by karen m
I believe in it and I feel the same way you do, if they have this gift you should share it freely

Answer by Anonymous
to make a living

Answer by Julia D
Sure, tarot card readers and psychics should give out their gift for free.

So should musicians then. The great pianists, violinists, even the local garage band should all do their work for free – music is their gift, so gifts all have to be given out for free, right? Yay! No more paying for CD’s!

Oh, and don’t forget artists, painters, craftspeople, pottery workers, ceramic workers, those who use their gift of art to construct beautiful landscapes and gardens, etc.

Oh! And poets too – that’s a gift as well.

And don’t forget those who have the gift of being able to envision and build beautiful buildings and bridges.

And of course, teachers! Teachers have the gift of being able to teach well (well most of them anyway), so they shouldn’t charge for their teaching either. All schoolteachers should do their work for free!

And doctors and nurses! Scientists! All these people have the gift of being good at science and medicine. So of course they should give it away for free!

In other words, EVERYONE was born with a gift. It is something each person is very good at, and it’s ALSO something that each person can use to make a living doing.

Don’t equate gifts people have with which they make a living as being BAD. It’s not.

Otherwise you’ll have to apply that to every single person in the world who is good at something and uses it to make a living in addition to bringing it to the world to help people.

No double standards, ok? Either EVERYONE is able to charge money for bringing the gifts they were born with to the world to use, or NOBODY is.

EDIT: So what if they have to go to school? LOTS of people go to school to better learn how to utilize their GIFTS. Artists go to school, aren’t you aware of that? Musicians go to school – ever heard of Julliard? Give me a break.

Answer by bunion
send me a check and ill tell you

Answer by Roxy
It’s entertainment, just like you pay for other novelty items and services. Circus acts don’t have PHD’s but people pay to see them, most actors don’t either but they make millions.
Nobody is forced to pay if they don’t want to so what’s the big deal? And no, I am not a psychic.

Answer by bluebrancall
hi Mr mom, they are just out to get money, blue

Answer by kristy_y

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
To pay their bills just like you do!

Spending years developing as a psychic & then dedicating all of your working time to being a clear channel does not come with a wage, so the time spent has to be charged for!


Answer by pudica l
well, here a free one

and no, its not a gaming website. make sure u register

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Would you like a free tarot reading so that I can practice? Why? And would you provide feedback for me?

I am not a professional tarot reader, but I’ve been reading cards for almost twenty years. I’d like to branch out by reading cards for strangers, instead of just my friends, family & self.

I’ll provide a one card tarot reading to the answerer(s) who seems like s/he is asking a genuine question. You’d be surprised how much info can come up with one card.

Please ask the question you are curious about and mention whether or not you would be kind enough to write me back and let me know what you think of the reading. I must be able to reach you via your Yahoo Answerers link in order to give you a reading (no exchange of email addresses is necessary).

Please only serious answerers & please no answerers who just want to state how awful tarot readings are and how wonderful God is, because, yes, I already know how wonderful my God is, thank you.

I already know that I’ll be reading for more than one answerer, so it’s not a competition for the reading. However, if you want the points, I will base my “best answer” on whoever I feel is most genuinely open for a reading.
FYI: Readings will begin after the “best answer” is chosen. Bless.

Answer by timeless
no thanks.

Answer by drampor
Go on then I’ll give it a go. Winning big money on the “Lottery”, tonight, Friday or by the end of February? Ta so much, Luv!

Answer by spiritwalker
Tools of the devil! YBIC

Answer by vinslave
Sorry, do my own, plus Runes and Tibetan Mo, but I wish you much luck in finding someone.


Answer by ILoveUJadu
does our(my fiance’ and I) future together look bright?..I’d write you back btw.

I think reading cards are evil…atleast thats what i was told..but hey…*shrugs*…just this once..scince im never going to do it in real life 🙂 why not do it in net life

Answer by Pangel
i have been reading cards for years also
i would love one from you … as it takes a lot of courage to branch out to reading for strangers
i would love to know about my spiritual path
i dont normally ask for readings … but im thinking that as you are helping me , i am helping you
i have been where you are and know it is not an easy step to take
much love to you xx

changed my mind lol … please read for the skeptic below , that would be nicer :o)

Answer by YDoncha_Blowme
Ill be completely honest – Im a total skeptic. But, Im also willing to keep an open mind and giving you the chance to prove me wrong….

Im curious how this years financial outlook appears for me.

You know how to reach me. Of course, I promise to respond in a sincere tone….

Answer by nella
Tell me what ‘s coming up for me in the next months…..

Answer by Loss
I’m interested in what you can tell me about my past. I admit I’m a skeptic and my thought is that if you can tell me (a stranger on the web) about my past then what you say about the future would match up too.

I’ll write back, that I promise.

Answer by alex m
How will my understanding of the world be affected by a very intense experience (will expand on that if need be) last year? (Just coming to terms with it’s reality now)

I, in the interest of seeing more people acting spiritually true to themselves, would gladly give you feedback.

Answer by thelittlemerriemaid
Can you please just give me a general overview of my life – career and home, if you want something specific – for the next 6 months? I’m not a professional reader, either, but I’ve been doing the same thing you have for a while, so I’ll be glad to let you know if anything you’ve hit on is accurate.

Bright blessings!

Answer by Laci
I would love to have a reading.

Is there love in my future?

I will write back. Thanks a bunch!

Answer by elibw
Yes I would.
I have never done this and frankly enjoy the fact that you are offering something without wanting in return.
A sample of peace.
Thank you for maintaining my hope in the human race.

I also believe in God.

I’m not sure if tarot reading is of the devil but it sounds like you are not. I have a good feeling about you.

Lately I have been seeing.
Seeing into my future in vague ways.
I think that psychoneuroimmunology and esp is very interesting.

You providing me a reading will help secure my belief in the paranormal interacting between two strangers in a positive harmless way.

I should have something that I want to know but nothing comes to mind, sorry.

If you please, give me a sense of if I will remain where I am living for a period of years or if my future brings a move. Thank you.


Answer by allthatvelma
Hi! I would love for you to do a reading for me. I was wondering, how will 2007 pan out for me? Is there something I need to know? Good or bad changes? I will respond with my reaction and you can email or converse with me. Thanks!:)

Answer by johnocreagh
No, thanks. It strikes me that tarot reading, ouija boards, palm reading and “psychics” all belong in the same philosophical bargain bin.

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