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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do so many people believe in horoscopes?

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that there’s so many people who believe that “scientists” can predict outcomes of personal relationships/work related situations based on stars in the sky? Are they aware that all of these predictions are so generalized that they could practically be applied to almost anyone? It’s like tarot card or hand palm readings, easy ways to manipulate weak minded people to take their money.


Answer by Leon
You can do some research, try googling horoscope personality, and see for yourself, their personality analysis of each horoscope can come very close from the truth. But, you can look at it as a theory being developed, and not a prediction. As I said, the personality analysis part can be true sometimes, however, I don’t believe much in the daily horoscope, because it goes into a daily future details like a fortuneteller. And such predictions are just too much to take. But, I agree with you, it’s not worth paying money for.

Answer by Fractured

Astrology is not science and astrologers are NOT scientists, although many of them would try to make you believe that they are. What these people do is nothing more than a guessing game. Why do people believe in all the nonsense? Probably because when bad things happen in their lives they look outward to find some ’cause’, rather than looking inward. Astrologers pray on the weak because it’s easy for them, but you will notice that when challenged on their branch of ‘pseudo science’ they can’t explain anything, they simply get angry.

The basic concept of astrology that the sun, all the planets and all the stars revolve round the earth, which was believed by people of early days of civilisation, has been proved to be incorrect. Now we know that the earth and all the planets revolve round the sun and the stars have their independent orbits in the galaxy they belong to. But astrology still goes by the belief that earth is at the centre and the celestial bodies including the sun, planets and stars revolve around it. The latter having been PROVED (by REAL science), my question to astrologers has always been this: why believe in something that is built on, purpetuated and sustained by lies?
They don’t like the truth.

Answer by Baron Otto Matic
Everyone seeks an edge and fortune telling is the second oldest profession. At least tarot cards and palm reading are not used for discrimination.

Answer by Alexa989
Because you’re so stupid.

Answer by Pipes
i guess we all love to know the unknown and astrology leaves the door ajar to this… or may be wish to know the tomorrow!

Answer by ?
because people like mysteries 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How likely would you be to purchase or be interested in the following things on Ebay:?

What percentage, from 0% – 100% likely, are you to either buy, or even search for, be interested in, from an online purchasing site such as Ebay? And if you have time and patience, what would be a decent price that you would consider paying?

1 – Handmade Cards (birthday, anniversary, or just blank)

2 – Wiccan Kits (kits with things such as candles, spells, herbs, tarot card pouch, etc)

3 – Artwork, non-famous, just everyday people’s artwork (example, canvas paintings)

Answer by knitting_time@att.net
I really don’t like ebay at all, personally.

Most of these items can be found at etsy.com. If you are thinking of making/ selling them, that would be a great place to do research. Be sure to check their Forum section … there is a lot of great advice re: selling handcrafted items.

Answer by Jhykyy
1- 0%
2- 0%
3- 95% Anywhere from $ 20- $ 300

Answer by Em O
1) Probably not, unless I just gotta have it because it’s so original that I wouldn’t be be able to reproduce it.
2) no, because I’m not wiccan nor do I know of any
3) possibly if it’s good and original. how much would really depend on the quality, $ 5-150.

Answer by rayzir
1) 40% – maybe $ 5-15, depending on quality.
2) 0% – I’m not wiccan, but I bet it would do well on ebay. Price would depend on what’s in the kit.
3) 0% – I can’t imagine amateur art would do well at all. You’d be better off using your art on tshirts or cards or something.

Problem with ebay is that handmade items aren’t valued as much. People are looking for a deal and probably won’t pay you what it is really worth. I’d try the Wiccan kits, though. I see potential in that.

Answer by Kathy L
50% $ 2.50 and up depending on quality and design
50% $ 5.00 and up depending on contents
0% not really interested in this

Answer by lia m
I think all of the things that you present are interesting to www.etsy.com buyers, it’s a great community now, you may have success.
go there and make a search through that categories and you’ll investigate how is the “market” there.
Dawanda is an etsy european version, you should look around to.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why are women more commonly associated with religions involving magic?

I notice the majority of the questions about Wicca, witchcraft, tarot cards, and other magic beliefs are asked by women. Also, more women are chosen to represent these beliefs on television. Why?

Answer by ♫♪ḋαɾќвɾεεʐε♫♪
I just realized that too :/

Answer by God forgot to evolve me
Huh, that’s interesting.

I guess it’s mainly because it’s mostly young people(13-18) that are into that kind of thing, MAINLY not entirely. And the guys are so focused on losing their virginity that they don’t have time for those things. While the girls are into the fictional books and movies about love and magic.

Answer by Thumbs Down The Truth!™
Because the tv is trying to turn us to the dark side. Seriously.

Answer by David
Because Islam doesn’t appeal to women of modern times for many reasons. Also most religions along with tarot, witchcraft, is just as believable which isn’t believable much at all.

Answer by Rebecca B
Possibly because we are more intuitive. We ask more questions and are more verbal than men. Maybe men don’t think about such things as much as women. We are Nurturer’s and are more concerned for our family’s well being in a different way than men.

Answer by Destiny2011
I’m not a wiccan or paganist but i ll answer your question..
Its because those religions are not sexist and women feel that those religions are also empowering them. Some religions also have mother goddesses which makes women feel empowered because mostly mainstream religions have a “male” figure.

Answer by Taylor
Because woman are more spiritually inclined than men. Same reason why you’ll find more men at a construction site thn women.

Answer by Lagerbaer
It’s basically a ploy of the patriarchy. See, in “old” times, women were absolutely powerless: They couldn’t take up honorable professions, they couldn’t wield official power et cetera. So what do they do? They become psychics or seers. The powerful men thought that this was a brilliant idea, because giving the women fake power meant more real power for men.

Also, we have this stereotype that women are more “emotional” and have “female intuition”, so those who fall for these stereotypes are drawn to religions that emphasize these stereotypes.

On television, this is used to enhance the contrast between “cold” and “male” science versus “warm” and “female” new age bullshit.

When women want real power they should stay away from all that mystic crap that just doesn’t work. Reading cards, or horoscopes, just doesn’t work. It’s a waste of energy.

EDIT: See, some of the answers you got just make my point. Women are more “verbal” or more “emotional”? That is just not true. Studies show that there is no difference in emotional capacity and “intuition” between male and female.

And then you have the answer that it is empowering. But it’s not. It doesn’t give any real power.

Or you have the “spiritually inclined”. That’s just a way of saying that women are driven by society and peer pressure into woo and superstition.

What is totally a true argument is that all the main religions are misogynistic, sexist and oppressive. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam treat women as second-class citizens who must submit to the husbands. I am totally not surprised that women who seek empowerment turn away from these. I only find it sad that they then turn around, in effect, 360 degrees (yes 360, not 180) and run to the next best superstition. It might feel nice, but it’s just occupational therapy and won’t get you anywhere.

Answer by Christina Rose-Bolak
These religions and beliefs are generally very empowering for women. Wiccans worship the God and the Goddess, which levels the playing field of equality. Also, there aren’t and never have been any rules against women holding positions of power… in fact, women are encouraged to hold positions of power. Wicca is a very women-centric religion.

Answer by kleonaptra
I believe its because the word ‘witch’ is a bastardization of ‘wise woman’ from anglo saxon. Also, most of the nature based religions work on the 28 day moon cycle which regulates the menstrual cycle, hence connecting women to the earth and the cosmic circle. A mans role in these religions is that of the dying god – coming alive in spring only to be sacrificed in winter to be born again next spring. The female is constant, the man is not.

Answer by Teawitch
Men are also a part of Wicca, which by the way has nothing to do with Witchcraft or magic. TV has yet to show the truth about Wicca or any of those other things you mentioned, plus it tends to show what Christians believe to be who or what is involved in these things. Wicca is a polytheistic religion. Witchcraft needs no religion, deities or Christian demons/devils/Satan to work. Tarot is a tool of divination, nothing more or less.
Christians were told by the early Church that women had no business being priestesses, holding high positions (unless they were royalty and then they were still dictated to by men) or to be healers. Those who did this were declared witches. So TV uses stereotypes for Witches (women). These are historical facts which can be researched if you wish to take the time.

Answer by IronmanofRome
There’s this thing, opposite of a male deity..called a goddess.

Answer by Pulsar
Generally speaking: Females are generally weak minded and are superstitious and look for shortcuts. Majority of women (irrespective of religion) face too much pressure and hardship in life and find no way out. The easy solution they find is Taweez, Jadoo Toona, Witchcraft, Tarot cards, Magic spells. Since those women who deal with the same know the weaknesses of their own gender and do exploit the same weaknesses of their own gender.

Hope that makes some sense. 🙂

Answer by Mackenzie
All religions involve magic, they just express it in different ways.

The reason I think more women may be drawn to Wicca or other Pagan religions is not neccessarily because of magic, but because of feminism– or at least a lack of chauvanism.

Majority of people interested in magic are really just teens looking for instant gratification. I wouldn’t consider this forum a very good indicator, though.


The idea that someone can’t feel empowered by their religion & spirituality is idiotic. That’s like saying art supplies don’t make anyone feel creative, just because this one person doesn’t feel inspired with a paint brush in his hand. That’s your problem, not mine.

My religion– Wicca– has gotten me through a lot in 20 years, from helping me through the death of family and friends, to acheiving my education and career goals, to celebrating the rites of passage like marriage and new babies. It has been something from which I have drawn a great deal of strength and inspiration.

When I consider my religion “empowering” it’s not because I think it gives me “powers” to make things happen. It empowers me because it makes me feel good about my life and my world and teaches me wisdom to help me improve myself– and not with ‘magic.’ If you don’t find that in my religion– fine. But don’t tell me *I* don’t find it.

And I am with Kris… people who think Wiccans are all superstitious teens have never been with an actual community of Wiccans, where such teens are neither invited nor welcomed without parents. They don’t represent Wicca at all. But you don’t find real Wiccans needing to come to boards like this to beg for basic information. We have better sources.

Answer by Sassy
Women are drawn to these religions because in witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism being a woman isn’t a liability the way that it can be in religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Many times being a woman in Wicca and Paganism is an asset because these religions revere the female as divine as well as male. Wicca and Paganism both teach that there is nothing wrong with being male, female or transgender and that there are inherent traits magical and mundane that innate to females, males and the transgendered. Since women many times feel that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism marginalizes them they start looking at other paths of spirituality.

Answer by Trish Ls
Kristin gives an excellent answer.
I would also add this; Wicca is about growth; within and without. Woman is an excellent symbol of that idea. A woman goes through 3 very obvious stages of life: Maiden, Mother, Crone and even though others may not “believe” in the Goddess, they still respond instinctively to the idea of one who deals in the mysteries as being female.
There are many men in Wicca (thank the Gods!!) and many excellent authors and teachers who are male, however, the media are most likely to go with a woman simply because she is what the common viewer expects.

Answer by Secret Secret
That originates back to the times of the Witch Trials. Christians believed that only women could be involved with the Devil, much like a Succubus is too always a woman (a seductress, associated with hell). This is because Eva (from Adam and Eva) was the one who lead humanity to its ‘sins’. (She made Adam eat the apple).

Therefor, only women are associated with magic.

It’s all complete bullsh*t though. There’s no devil, there was no Adam and Eva and there are male Witches. What-a-ya-know…

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