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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do people assume there is a link between Wicca and the paranormal?

I know Wicca believers use divination, with tarot cards and such but some people say there is a larger link than this. why?

Answer by SC
Well divination is a very big part of Wicca, many practice Astral projection, most Wiccans believe in ghosts. Wiccans cast spells and some believe spells and the occult attracts demons so there is that link or connection if you believe that, I don’t but many do.

Answer by curlysimmer
Because they aren’t educated on the subject and don’t care what the truth is. It’s our national pastime to make judgments without knowing about what we’re talking about.

Answer by VegWiccan
Simply because a lot of the time, those interested in Wicca are also interested in the paranormal. It’s not true for all people, but since Wiccans believe in a lot of things believed to be “paranormal,” that sterotype comtinues to be reinforced.

Answer by Nice Guy
Around here there’s a lot of people who see the paranormal in everything.

Answer by Acid09
Its in the origins of the religion. Wicca and related beliefs stem from revivalist movements of the mystery religions from before the time of Christianity. Wicca focuses mainly on Celtic, Norse and Roman beliefs. “Wicca” is a universal term given to its related sects known as Gardnerian Wiccan, Alexsandrian Wicca, Saex (or Saxon) Wicca, Dianic Wicca (an all female version) and Khemetic Wicca (based on Egyptian beliefs). There are certainly other versions of Wicca. And there is even debate on what is truely Wicca and what it truely means to be Wiccan. Some think its just nature reverance and that occult practices like astral projection, spell craft, divination etc are all natural feats that are not at all super natural, but also not easily defined or studied by science. And still some are still linked to the original Wiccan beliefs and even hold certification that they are indeed legitimate.

Then any true wiccan does not use any “occult” practice as a means to avoid the truth, but rather as means to understand some unknown truth. And that unknown could be perfectly mundane, or something divine. But what is divine anyways? Thats a philosophical answer that is nothing science can verify, nor completely and unequivicably deny.

As far as why some people have given Wicca a bad name? Because people like to demonize things they do not understand. Weather they are Christain zealots who think Wicca is Satanism (which they don’t even believe in Satan) or by atheists who insist on denouncing anything that promotes “superstitions”.

Answer by clcalifornia
I have never connected wicca to the paranormal

Answer by Mr. P
Because once you realise there are energies around you, and accept spirits are a part of our lives here, then it makes more sense.
When you ‘tune in’ to these energies, then you understand how trees have a life force as we do, or that memories are held in time – which is only relative to our perspective. Thus change your perspective, and you can see past and future.

I started out as Christian, but had certain natural abilities – that the church demonised. I could not go with the notion that all dead people go to heaven – when I could see them still here. It just didn’t add up.
I would say it’s harder to understand the paranormal when your religion knows nothing of protection, and demonises anything you see.
Christians are happy to believe in demons – and angels – but what about all the other spirits ?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are all these types of sciences called?

Hey! I’m just wondering something.

I know there are hundreds of different types of sciences. But do any of you know the science for studying dreams?

What is the science for studying things like UFOs?

What’s the science for studying parallel universes, and things like that such as déjà vu?

How about stuff like tarot cards and reading the palm of your hand like psychics?

What’s the science for studying galaxies like the milky way?

What’s the science for The scale of the universe and multiverses?

I didn’t categorize them well but can you tell me the types of scientists involved in those types of stuff?

Answer by Punk Rock and Minerals
dream interpretation and how dreams works: Oneirology
UFOs: not science, paranormal or “alternative”
Paralell universes can be considered part of quantum physics
galaxies: astronomy
universe and multiverse: quantum physics

Answer by Alex
This is space logy

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