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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who wishes they could read cards that could tell a persons future?

Not talking about terrot cards but playing cards. I met this person that did a reading and told me things that really happened(no bull). I’m a salesperson and think wow, what if she can teach this to anyone. It truly is amazing and I’ve searched the Internet an nobody does it like her. Is there a market for this? Anyone out there wish they could read some ones near future?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can any psychic do a tarot reading for the next 12 months?

It’s new years and I’d like to know my future. Can you answer whatever questions I might have about the future for the next 12 months?

Answer by HelloGoodbye
Please do not believe any claimed “psychic”, for no psychic of my knowledge has the ability over the internet. Any who claim to be able to, are hoax’s. Please disregard anyone saying they can do this.

Answer by ~*S*~
Agree with first answer.
There aren’t any “Psychics” and plus if there was and they told you something bads gonna happen then you’re going to ruin your life by worrying about it.
Also if it was real then Y!A is definetley not the place.
Not trying to be harsh.

Answer by Philomancer
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Answer by starlilliy
No. Thy can only give you a gus of what could happen. Because there are some thing’s just out of our Control and we can’t do anything about it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i download a tarot card reading sofware?

I have a deck of tarot cards but i need a software that allows me to key in the cards i choose then tells me the reading. Is there anything like this around?

Answer by Andi
not really, just go see a real one

Answer by Artboy3
Go to craiglist or ebay and by a brand new or of hands BUT electronic stores and strores with an (electronics) section should have it and even if they don’t have it in stock, ask them if they can renwe their stock or something!

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
No. I think you are missing the point of tarot cards. If a computer could read them, you wouldn’t need a deck at all.

The cards are intuitive tools. Computers don’t possess an intuition. You use them to tap into YOUR OWN knowledge. You don’t have to know anything about the cards in order to interpret them. Just look at the pictures. What’s happening on the card and what does it have to do with the situation you’r asking about?

If you want to know traditional meanings, then study up on books and websites, but never make the mistake of thinking that a book definition of a card is somehow “the right answer” about what hte card means in any given situation.

Answer by Meg Davidson
Cnet.com type in Orphalese Tarot in the search, download. This is the only one I know of. next best thing is www.mellinetti.com

Answer by Kora Krystle Young
I don’t know if there is, but I can tell you that any computer-generated Tarot readings don’t work. Tarot readings are based off of a bond shared between a HUMAN reader and their deck– it’s called being intuitive.

If you’re trying to learn how to read them, if you can’t do it intuitively yet (It took me a year before I could do readings without a book to help) then your best bet is to get a book or go to a website that has the individual card meanings. If you need a book (Which you can carry around), your best bet is Mastering the Tarot by Eden Grey.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot reading

Tarot Reading for March 4, 2013 – Clairvoyant, Psychic and Intuitive Insight

Written by ClairvoyantConni

Since the age of 2 I have had encounters and a personal relationship with loved ones crossed. In my opinion there are no better friends you can have. They are honest, without the capacity to hold ego or materialistic views and always give you accurate information to help you through whatever you are going through. They have the ability to see the past, present and future without judgement. Their accuracy is uncanny.

Having the gift of sight, hearing, sensing, smelling and tasting as well as empathy and the gift of communicating with spirit, gives me the ability to accurately read you without judgement.

Spirit has entrusted me with these gifts to help you in all areas of your life. It has been an exciting journey. This gift is generational and my grandmother and father both had the gift as well as my children.

I have assisted over 15,598 people online in the last 9 years alone. I have thousands of other clients as well. This is what I dedicate my life to as I know it is my life calling.