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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : who can do a psychic reading over email?

Or a tarot card reading. If you can do it for free that would be great.

Answer by Milos
Are you kidding?

You are deluded enough to think that psychics have any merit?
It’s a scam, kid.

Answer by Vulcan
nobody – it’s all a complete fraud.

Answer by shallee s
Even if you could find one it would be useless, because it is the computer which will choose what is already saved in their database. Don’t waste your time on this.

Answer by Frank
Tonight, you will think of the thing that has bothering you. The question will be clear. You will lay in bed and think about it, and the answer will be clear. You will realize that it is the answer you knew all along but were too uncertain to trust. You will wake up with a new trust in yourself and your decision, and you will be pleased with your new confidence and with the solution to your problem, even though the solution won’t be easy.

Answer by charisma
I am not psychic, and I don’t use a computer program but I would be fine giving you a tarot reading. (free)

Answer by Juan
I’d be happy to do one for you. Juanh71595@yahoo.com

Answer by u don’t know me
It is best to do it in person.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone do a tarot reading online?

Can anyone do a tarot reading online for me?

Answer by hieagle22
Tear out a coupon and send it in… soon you will hear from Madam Blotsky…!

Answer by Missemotion
I see travel around you,something with Business as well.I am not getting any type of relationship for a while.I do see two small male children around you waiting for birth,and an illness of an elderly relative.You will have a few issues with money in 2009,but you will be able to get help and rise above,God Bless

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot reading

November 13th, SOLAR ECLIPSE 2012 A tarot Reading In Scorpio General

Written by Ashnadel

About Me:
I’ve always ‘seen’ things that people would say are psychic and paranormal – and as a child, I had predictive dreams of ‘things to come’. Being that age, I was growing and playing but being a kid, I never really questioned this too much. Not until I got to about fourteen, when for some reason, I became very aware of it all and began to question. It was then that I suddenly started to realize that not everyone was having these dreams. Or that no-one else had their own ‘Cosmic Teachers’ who would come along, dressed in white and teach me.

I am not as anyone here, you can try by yourself, I am an expert in a different way, holding in my hand the secret of your life, I am from Land of the Pharaohs, I am Egyptian, we going to see together what is going on with you in your life, let’s start our journey into your deep inner and search into your Past, Present, and your near Future, only, for your own highest good. I used many tarot cards, I know lots of spreads, I hold lots of secrets, I can contact with your inner angels, to bring you your best thing for yourself and for your life.

Since being here on Oranum I have already been able to give guidance and spread the healing seeds of positivism, which I am a great believer of. Happiness is achievable for all of us if we learn how to ask for it.

You are at the right pace if you need to talk to someone about your worries and dilemmas, if you are you having self-esteem issues, and feel low on energy.

Do not look further and PUT YOUR TRUST IN ME!