Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which tarot cards should i get? Help please?

I’m looking for a deck of tarot cards, and so far i haven’t seen any which really make me go “They’re the ones.”

I’d prefer more square cards than rounded, as they’re difficult to shuffle.

I like kind of anime/manga styles. I don’t want them too bright or fake, but i really hate the new animals/photography ones.

Help Pleeease? (:


Answer by CC
I recommend the traditional Rider-Waite deck for beginners.

Answer by The Baron
Get a pack of Loteria cards at your local Mexican shop for a buck and a half. It will yield the same results.

Answer by I was shot in jail, Jr.
The Baron is correcto.

Answer by Beizheng
Rider-Wait deck is best for beginners because it keeps pretty simple imagery and it stays with the basic meanings of the cards. Get a basic Rider-Waite deck, learn the imagery and how to use the cards and then worry about which ones ‘feel’ right.

Answer by jethom33545
It doesn’t really matter.

Instead of the cards why not get a book on critical thinking skills? In the long run you’ll be better served.

Answer by ~~**Ma’iingan**~~
Try looking here:

They show tarot decks as well as have reviews of them.

Answer by Midnyte
Look at They have huge selection.

Or go to your local metaphysical bookstore, they might have demo you can actually feel for yourself.

Yes, it is so commonly recommended that you should start with Rider-Waite, but it is not necessary true. Get a deck that YOU like. Get good self-study book (Teresa Michelsen’s “Complete Tarot reader” will help you to develop your personal relationship with any deck, traditional or not)

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
If you haven’t already, try a New Age Bookstore. They usually have a large selection and you can look at them and touch them. The right ones will come along .

Also, I was just in Barnes and Noble bookstore and I was surprised at how many decks there were to choose from

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How are Tarot Cards used?***?

I’ve bought myself a pack of DruidCraft Tarot Cards but I’ve got no idea how to use them.
I mean if I asked myself a question what do I do with the cards to help me find my answer?
Is there a certain way the cards ought to be laid out,held etc?
Just how do I work them?

Answer by Aaron U.
Play solitaire with them.

Answer by Aaron Brown
The best way to use them is actually to throw them away and pray to Jesus for your answer.

Answer by quu
Those who involve themselves in such things invite disaster Acts 19:13-16. The involvement in these activities do bring more harm than good. Medium séances, Ouija boards, horoscopes, tarot cards, channeling can tell you (depending on the activity) what is going on in your life but can never provide a person with a viable life chaning solution to their problems.

Tarot card acitivities is used commonly by mystics and occultists, in efforts at divination or as a map of mental and spiritual pathways. Some do it for free whilst others require up front payment.

Answer by
OK – my opinion: they don’t work.

The answer to your questions: yes, the layout is important, and different layouts are intended to reveal information about different things.

Also: how you shuffle the cards is considered important.

Each card has two sets of symbolic meanings attached to it: a set of meanings for a card that is facing “upright”, and a very different (often NOT opposite) set of meanings when the card is facing “upside down”.

Trying to do a reading is pretty difficult until you learn the symbolic meanings associated with each card in its upright and upside-down orientation. You WILL need to refer to an instruction booklet (or the web site below) for many readings before you are able to do a reading without instructions.

This page gives basic instructions and has links giving more detailed instructions and the symbolic meanings of all of the cards.

I hope you come to realize – as I did, even without benefit of any religious instruction – that the cards are really for amusement (it’s fun to “tell fortunes”) and do not actually have any ability to predict the future or reveal hidden knowledge.

– Jim,

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
I’m surprised you didn’t get a book or guide with your deck. Usually there is at least a small white pamphlet included in every deck sold. If you didn’t get one, that’s fine (in fact, I avoid keeping any guidebooks with my decks so I’m not tempted to use them during a reading), but as a beginner, it certainly leaves you with little guidance!! If you do have a book, it may be very vague and sparse indeed, but it will give you examples on how to lay out the cards.

Many modern practitioners and many beginners learn to read the cards using “spreads”… that is to say, we use specific layouts placing cards in a pattern of positions, with each position having a specific meaning that can be combined with the meaning of the card laid in that position. Some of the simplest and most useful spreads are 3-card spreads. Draw one card for “past” one for “present and one for “future” then read the progression. Or draw one card for “body” one for “mind” and one for “spirit” or “emotion” and then apply the cards to those settups. You can easily construct your own spreads based on your question once you get the hang of how spreads work and there are books of spreads you can buy… in fact, you can look up “tarot spreads” online and find a wealth of methods to use. I like using different spreads depending on what kind of questions I’m facing, but you may have to experiment a bit to learn which spread work well for what types of questions.

I’m sure you already know how to shuffle the cards. Many readers will ask their question and focus on the question while shuffling. Some people have a tough time shuffling a tarot deck since they are an awkward size, so laying them out face-down on the table and scattering them around like you’re mixing up a mud-pie is one alternative to traditional shuffling. Once you feel that you are “ready” (this is an intuitive sense you’ll have to get used to) then you stop shuffling and lay the cards out in the spread. You could draw from the top of the deck (this is my favorite method) or you could fan the cards out and draw randomly from within the pack as you lay down the spread.

There are a lot of taboos and a lot of special methods that people have developed over the years for touching, shuffling and dealing with their decks… many of these are based on various traditions, but mostly I think it comes down to personal preference. For example, I like to knock three times on my unshuffled deck before I begin but I’ve never seen anyone else do this. I find it helpful while other readers find it silly. You’ll have to experiment and see what feels right to you.

You can do quit a lot more then answer questions with your new deck. You can draw cards for insight into problems, yes, but you can also use them for brainstorming, therapy, magick, entertainment etc. Study the cards individually and learn their meanings, or at least what they mean to you. You don’t have to use “traditional” meanings if a card brings up a particular feeling for you that is non-traditional, don’t quash it… use it, that is your own interpretation and it’s perfectly valid even if it doesn’t match “traditional” meanings.
I would recommend getting a guidebook of some kind, something more advanced then the little white pamphlet you may have gotten with your deck. It’s impossible to explain all the ways to use cards just through Y!A

Answer by Fly My Pretty
The best spread to use for beginners is definitely the 3 card spread, you can change & mould it to fit almost any situation and only having 3 cards to interpret is a lot easier than 7 or 10.

This site is a really good place to start, and has a list of different ways to use 3 cards spreads.

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