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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where would I be able to buy Tarot Cards in Ireland?

I’m interested in buying tarot cards and learning how to use them. Preferably, the Major Arcana Deck. But I don’t know where I could buy them in Ireland. So can anyone help me?

Answer by Celtic Dragon
Where in Ireland?

Also, traditionally, you’re not supposed to buy your tarot cards, they should be gifted to you. Their “power” is depleted if you purchase them yourself, and it will lower your chances of an accurate read.

If you’re in the Dublin area, you might try the gift shop at Trinity College. Nearly any book store will carry some type of Tarot set with basic instructions for the most common types of readings.

You might also check for local Pagan or Wiccan shops. I’ve also found that many tourist shops, such as those found outside many of the castles, carry them. Again, I urge you to find someone who will gift them to you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s an easy and simple way to consecrate Tarot Cards?

Just recieved my new set of Tarot Cards. How do I consecrate them?

Answer by Pytr Pytr
fire, lots of fire.

note; owning tarot cards makes you dumber, and if others know you have them they’ll know you’re prone to lapses of critical thinking. For example, I’d never trust your judgement in any subject or way if I knew you believed in things like that. Now that might not be important to you, except maybe someday you’ll want a job from someone like me.

Answer by BOB
I just know this Creole girl I dated for awhile slept with a new deck of Tarot cards under her pillow every night like her mother taught her. Her mother apparently was pretty famous around New Orleans for fortune-telling so maybe there’s a trick for ya there.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Go through each card in order and examine them briefly. Journal or think about what each means and why it means that to you.
Then, shuffle the deck 13 times and draw a random card (or select one that has special meaning for you… The Fool isn’t a bad choice). Sit and meditate with that card… memorize the image and close your eyes. Meditate and then “walk in” to the card in your mind or imagination… step through the frame of the card and start interacting with the people or objects depicted therein. Introduce yourself and politely explain what you want your relationship with these cards to be like and what you hope to gain from interacting with them. Ask their permission to do readings with them and get a sense if they have a response for you. Thank the people in the card for their help and then politely take your leave of the card image and return to conciousness. Then shuffle the deck again and you can start doing readings.

I encourage you to go card-by card and study more in-depth after this, as well.

Some readers like to sleep with their decks under their pillows for an extra boost or carry them around with them everywhere for a while.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card

Telling time with Tarot cards, Part 2

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