Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where is a good site to find pretty general meaning of tarot cards?

If you don’t believe in it that’s awesome and you’re free to believe that and that’s great if you think that, but I don’t really need your opinion since it’s kind of irrelevant. So just know if you post something bout how it’s not real I’ll report your question for irrelevance. So you you don’t have anything useful to say just don’t bother.

Like a website would be cool. Other than biddy tarot. Those descriptions are like 5 pages long.

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Answer by George
Try this web site.
There’s a link to a page for each of the 78 cards down the right side.
Each page gives a simple and quick explanation but also links to other sites if you need other opinions.
One of the sites it links to is Biddy.

Answer by Jenny
You can go to

There are general definitions for the major Arcana and some explanation of the meaning of the suits in the minor as well… Also quick descriptions of the meaning of numbers etc.

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I know a lot of people love Joan Bunning’s

Answer by Anthony
Hi Frank,
Thanks for the mention of biddytarot! You can always just read the first 1-2 paragraphs of my Tarot card meanings. I have tried to make sure the most relevant/common meanings are presented first, with additional meanings included in case you need more detail.

Answer by Biddy_Tarot
Hi Frank,
Thanks for the mention of biddytarot! You can always just read the first 1-2 paragraphs of my Tarot card meanings. I have tried to make sure the most relevant/common meanings are presented first, with additional meanings included in case you need more detail.

Answer by Fly My Pretty
Joan Bunning’s website has really good descriptions & meanings for each card, it’s great for people who are just starting out & I found it really helpful.

There’s also they have a really good tarot forum community, which was a life saver for me when I was just starting out.


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I love the tarot and have been reading professionally for over 16 years.

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I like Joan Bunning’s site at

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Cards – Meaning?

The “New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Cards” have different names and pictures than ordinary tarot cards.
So could anyone tell me what the “New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Cards” would be equal to in ordinary Tarot Cards?

“Loco” = “The Emperror”
“Erzulie La Flambeau” = “Seven of Wands”
“Marassa” = The Lovers”
“Couche” = “The Hermit”

Thanks for your help 🙂

Answer by IceFire
Hi, I tried to find the names and came across 2 different sites:
(Scroll down to the review by Bonnie Cehovet where she lists the names)

Hope this helps!

Answer by Cherry
Actually, the tarot cards came from either Egypt or China and became popular, as we know them today, in 14th century Italy. Unfortunately, they have nothing to do with Voodoo except as a new way sell call decks.

The so called New Orleans Tarot was put together by a woman named Sally Ann Glassman who is a native of Maine, and who based it on Haitian voodoo spirits (called loas). While she lives in New Orleans now, she is not native and does not seem to understand anything about New Orleans Voodoo (hence, her affiliation with Haitian Voodoo). In a recent magazine article she tried to shove the true African origins of Voodoo aside by saying it wasn’t just for black people anymore (and I suppose to justify herself as white).

Anyway, all she did was affix Haitian Voodoo loas (spirits) in the place of the old symbols. There are tons of websites that will list and explain all the Haitian Voodoo spirits (including her own).

That being said, I believe the project, artistically, was a join venture with Voodoo drummer named Louis Martine and the artwork is excellent.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
You got two good answers here. I would go with them

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do these tarot cards mean when put together?

I recently did a 3-card reading focusing on the past, present, and future in regards to myself and a person whom I have deep romantic feelings for. This is what I got:

Past: Knight of Cups
Present: Two of Swords
Future: Ace of Cups

I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how to read them when put together? I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to tarot cards. Much appreciated to those who can help me!

Answer by Ann Coulter
They mean wahatever you want them to…

Answer by almeida this

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inside straight.

Answer by Roger the Alien
Tarot = BS

Answer by Saint Michael
Past: you were fooled into buying tarrot cards
Present: you are acting like a fool
Future: you will become even more of a fool if you don’t chuck em in the trash

Answer by Science good. Religion bad.
They mean tarot card reading is just a scam and con job.

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The two cups are going to use the swords to fight the other two cups for who gets the plates.

Answer by Masticina Akicta
Knight of Cups : Change Movements Adjustment one that takes the world like a small child would.
Two of Swords : Balance under pressure, Different ideas clashing
Ace of Cups: This is a card of Emotion as cups are water, the element of family and emotional things.

Let me see erm.. mmm how to get things clear I guess in the best of mind. Situation is that I am not the person reading the cards I do it from text here. That expect in time a moment to come in what you have two options two ideas that clash. That do not work together and you need to be smart about this.

The Ace is the sign of a new start or well think of it as the autumn you’ll draw closer to family again as the weather changes.

If you really want to learn about tarot I suggest you join certain yahoogroups in what readings are done. That way you can see them being done and the follow up. You learn allot there if you are ready.

Answer by Tea
Past: It appears there may have been some emotional drama in the past or perhaps something was blown out of proportion. This card can also means that emotions were running very high.

Present: It looks like you may be having a hard time making a decision right now or you are unsure of what direction to take.

Future: This card indicates that in the future (if you continue on your present path), there is a good chance that you’re going to follow your heart where this matter is concerned.

Answer by Suzy Q
I am Suzy, a professiona tarot card reader (google suzydimple for validation) The cards mean that you are ready for a new relationship. The past has been heartbreaking but someone you recently met, or are about to meet, will change all that! Good luck and blessings, Suzy

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