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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where is a good site to buy the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck?

All of the sites i have been checking are generally out of stock. And most of the tarot card specialty sites i have looked at don’t carry this deck. There are some used/new ones but they all go for 50-80$ and i’d like to avoid spending a whole lot of money on it. thanks.

Answer by beast r
samuel weiser

Answer by Midnyte
check either alibris.com
betterworldbooks.com. they usually have a lot of decks

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Sorry, don’t know where you can get them at a discounted price. Have you tried your local New Age Bookstores? They can order decks they don’t have in stock if they are available.

Answer by Elleni U
I’m just found books about this .


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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : which tarot card combination mean death?

I am writing a book, and i need to figure out which tarot cards, and in what order, lead to death.

Answer by Tim W
I’m gonna guess the one with the skeleton on it that says “DEATH”

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
None of them.

That’s not how cards work. There are any number of cards that could indicate physical death, but these cards could mean a lot of other things, too. Also, “death” is rather vague… who’s death? What’s dying? Who’s dying? When? Why? The card’s aren’t especially effective at predicting absolute future events because, get this, the future is not absolute. It’s a fluid abstract that changes with every choice we make.

Tell you what… I do a little fiction writing myself, so I’m familiar with what you’re dealing with. I’m also a professional tarot reader. I’d be happy to help you create a scene where the death of one of your characters is foreshadowed during a tarot reading or with the appearance of tarot symbolism. Just message me and let me know the basics of the scene you are trying to write and I can give you some tips.

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