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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a professional tarot reading?

I don’t want a computer generated reading, I want t real-personal caring person. I’ve heard that Pathfinder Tarot is a great site and new customers can get a free reading? The web address is WWW.PATHFINDERTAROT.YOLASITE.COM

Anyone tried them? What experiences have you had with tarot readings? Good or bad?

Answer by Lady Saturn
I would not recommend a site that felt the need to advertise on Yahoo Answers. If you were providing free readings to the group, that might be different.

As it is. there are plenty of people on this site who give free tarot readings without having to go to a site to pay for it.

And tarot is easy enough to learn, and much more personalized when you’re asking your own questions.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone do any type of Tarot reading or numbers reading or anything similar via the internet?

Does anyone do any type of Tarot reading or numbers reading or anything similar via the internet?
Websites, or does anyone do it personally through personal e-mail or anything?

Answer by ☾.·¨¯`·☆ Åмằ§ Vεяïŧằ§ ☆΅
I use this site when I choose to do an online tarot reading as opposed to one at home with my own deck. You can choose the deck you’d like to use in addition to the spread.


I also use an online angel oracle card reading website which is also very good and almost always very accurate:


There used to be an option to use Doreen Virtues ‘Healing with the Angels’ deck but sadly it is no longer offer. I do notice they have a Sylvia Browne deck and she’s wonderful so I would imagine hers will be just as good.

Good luck 🙂

Light & love!

Answer by Aisha
I read tarot and give readings based on what part of a 10 year cycle you are in. I use live chat to read at http://psychic.bitwine.com/psychics/137941-friendly_tarot

and you can learn more about me (and tarot) at http://tarot-house.com

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you determine the “significator” in a Tarot Reading?

Or sometimes called the “covering card” in a tarot reading? Does it depend on the persons zodiac sign who you are doing the reading for??

Answer by auntb93
The significator is not the same as the covering card. The cover goes on top of the significator.

There are many ways to choose the significator. If the person has asked for a general life reading, without having a particular question, you might use The Fool.

If they have expressed a general topic, you’d use one of the court cards corresponding to their gender and age. Wands for a male asking a more spiritual question; cups for a female. Then swords for a male asking a more materialistic question, or pentacles for a female. If the question is more specific as to topic, use wands for magic or male sexuality, cups for matters of emotions, swords for intellect, and pentacles for material. Use king or queen for a mature adult, knight for a male youth, page for a female youth.

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
It depends on the qualities of the card itself. For example, if I am asking for a card to represent myself, and the Queen of Wands comes up, then I embody those properties. Sometimes, it won’t be a court card, but another card. So if I ask about someone, and the 7 of swords comes up, I know the cards are trying to tell me I can’t trust them.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot reading

General Tarot Reading for Stacy

Written by LavinaLotus

When consulting me in private, I will immediately begin your reading. I do not require names or date of birth.

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♥ Will this be a long-term relationship?
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♥ Is someone else involved with our problem?
♥ What caused the problem?
♥ Can we be happy together?
♥ What can we expect in the near future?
♥ Are you just lost and do not know where to go?
♥ When will I start to have a stable happy life?
♥ Is this a good time to change careers, jobs, lovers?
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♥ Cartomancy
♥ Pendulum readings on request.