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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i get a free psychic reading?

I wanted to get a free psychic reading about my love life?

Answer by Lilac
Honey look no further than mama lilac’s daily love horoscope! Truss me. I been doin this fo 23 years and blest a LOT of lives

Answer by Manderz ✂❤
People who are learning Astrology do free Tarot card readings and chart reading on YouTube, Humans have free will so Astrology can tell you of things that may come into your life but if you decide to act on it is your decision.

You should use this website, add your Birthdays and see how compatible you are

Answer by Eyebright
i will do free readings (sometimes) – contact me if you like. I will see what i can do for you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best way to approach palm reading,more details?

I want to get a palm reading done ,but might be afraid of the outcome

Answer by helen_kives
May I suggest the money you are going to ripped off for this “palm reading ” you give to a charity …that way it will be doing some good ….

ALL palm reading and readers are fakes and frauds…..

Answer by milly_1963
Nothing in life is to be feared only to be experienced

Palm Readings by Dr Peter Filis he is a Psychic – Numerologist – Palmist – Tarot Interpreter and I recommend him as I have experienced it and he answered a lot of unsettling questions for me Peter is in Sydney Australian however he does work from his web link


Love & Blessings

Answer by BounceR – Out on a limb
Um c’mon on dude Laro LOL

… i would trick them palm readers if you want some tricks and stuff. Um, don;t wash your hand and send the dude the pics.
…imagine if you could ..er… get some false hands with no lines and you send that krap to them readers. Holy sh*t. i wonder what would the dude say LOL

wanna try it 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when a crystal starts developing rainbow flecks through it?

I have an Amethyst crystal that I use while reading tarot cards and etc. It has recently started developing rainbow flecks throughout it. Just wondering if this has any significance to anything?

Answer by Brill Yent
It’s turnin gay??


Answer by anton t
Scientifically , crystals get thier color from impurities while they are forming. What could be going on with yours is (do you burn incence while you do a reading) there are fissures in the crystal that are collecting impurities.

Answer by Zena
reading tarot cards and etc is one of the most rejected thing in Most world religions. Any one who do it is classified to be working with Jinn, bad spirit. If you give it up and repent it would be better for you . what ever life provision is for you it is ordained up on you and you can’t mes it! It is then wise you to use correct chose.

Answer by Seymour Yoni
It’s cracking due to internal stress. The colours are due to refraction of light as it passes through layers with a different refractive index.

Answer by Ha! Ben Arrow
JD 8:8, Brigham Young, March 4, 1860
Who will be destroyed? Those who have the words of eternal life offered to them and reject those words. They will remain uncivilized and in their heathenish darkness. There are others who will become civilized, purified, and prepared to dwell to all eternity in the kingdoms God has prepared for them.
JD 8:8, Brigham Young, March 4, 1860
The last time I spoke to you here I told you that I found my religion just as sweet to me in my private capacity, in my secret meditations upon my bed, and in my closet, in my office, or with my family, as it is when I am in this stand. I love it as well – esteem it as highly; it is as precious to my understanding, and it invigorates, buoys up, strengthens, and fills every power of my capacity with unspeakable joy, just as much at home as it does here. I hope this is the case with you all. If you live your religion, it is as dear to you when you are out of this Tabernacle as when you are here. Live your religion, walk humbly before your God, and secure to yourselves eternal life. That it what I desire; it is what I pray for.

JD 8:8, Brigham Young, March 4, 1860
The kingdom of God will roll, and no power can stop the work that the Almighty

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