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#Tarot Card Meanings & Combinations for #Love & #Romance – INDEX http://t.co/ZJGiYryu #relationships

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It’s your option whether or not to use inverted #tarot card meanings when you do the readings. I use them.

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List of Yes-No #Tarot Card Meanings for #Love & #Romance Questions http://t.co/0Cx4TtHG

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i find tarot card meanings?

Answer by fourmorebeers
In a book about Tarot cards and probably online (try Google). They aren’t true though.

Answer by AnArdRi
In the desperate hazy swirling mists of pseudo-science and such nonsense.

Answer by AmeM
If you’re just starting out you can go to your local library and get the Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Tarot. Not that you’re an idiot – I just love the series. I own this book as well.

When you buy a Tarot pack, it will come with a LWB (Little White Book) that will give you all of the meanings.

The best thing to do, I think, is to buy some cards, then go through them first without looking at the book and write down what you think they mean. Then look it up. You will develop your own meanings for the cards over time and will not always stick to the definitions. So go with your gut and have fun with it!

Answer by prairiecrow
This site isn’t bad:


Keep in mind that it is just one person’s set of interpretations, however. Each card has many alternate meanings depending on the system it’s being read in and in relation to other cards in the spread.

Answer by annieamaryllis
This website is a great resource with tarot card interpretations and has helped me:

I do think that as you learn and use your cards more, you will find it easier to develop your own interpretations which are more flexible based on the other cards and if there is a specific question being addressed by a reading. Trust your developing understanding of the cards.

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Answer by wonderwoman
Girlfriend I would like to stop you right there. Leave that junk alone no offense but these things have a way of taking over your life! There’s only one true divinator and that’s GOD. Don’t let anyone fool you ask him for the answer and he will give them to you. What you are seeking is spirituality and truth and he does not lie! Trust me! when I tell you leave that alone.



Answer by Donegal Rose
There are many good books on Tarot. They’re available from Hastings Books or from any occult bookstore. Usually a booklet, sometimes a full book, comes with a Tarot deck. It’s best to learn from someone who is adept at Tarot readings. I learned from my mother as she learned from her mother, back far into the mists of time in Ireland. Locate a reader who is willing to pass her knowledge on to you.

Answer by J. R
It is best to start learning now. To find out how to start, look on http://www.tarotamerica.com

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