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The Hermit Card from the Tarot Illuminati deck: http://t.co/GxkNqgR2

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RT @flowerfaedundee: RT @flowerfaedundee: @SlimJimOnTilt hae babe doin a tarot card reddin freakin bn on it a m8 n u?xxx

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Very powerful energies at work , no wonder todays #Tarot is my updated Tower card, the facade begins to crumble, http://t.co/Ml1hC8OK

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Shuffling, Cutting and Dealing the Tarot Cards

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I download a free tarot card/reading program?

I used to have this tarot card reading program where you could drag the cards into a certain reading or cross you were doing, but it got deleted and I can’t find it anymore. You were able to flip the cards and see what the results were. Anyone know?

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