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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i buy tarot cards in the san francisco bay area?

i need to buy a couple of nice sets of tarot cards to give to a friend. she is really into the stuff and the bookstore variety just won’t do.

does anyone know of some cool magic shops or whatever where i can pick up a couple of nice deck of tarot cards in the san francisco, oakland, or berkeley area? actually, just about anywhere near the bay area will do. have car and will travel.

if there is a nice website where i can buy my tarot cards, then please enlighten me. it will also be very appreciated.

Answer by deshane2530
Have you done a search? I am sure there are plenty. Plus the store—Spencer’s–has those. But I don’t like that kind of thing.

Answer by Daniel L
San Jose Metaphysical bookstore is nice, big selection, nice vibe. Also East Meets West Bookstore in Palo Alto

Answer by tonalc1
In the Haight, Planetweavers sells tarot cards. 1573 Haight St

Answer by applecheeks377
Try a chain book store, like barns and noble or borders, if they don’t carry any, try a flea market or search the web for occult supply stores, if worst comes to worst, try an on-line occult store, you can defiantly find some there. good luck, and i hope you find a set that matches you perfectly!

Answer by mckenziecalhoun
Borders has a nice collection and has a catalog as well. I’ve bought a number of sets there.

Answer by tigermuffin03
well of course online but try searching at witchvox.com for local shops in your area a majority of pagan or metaphysical shops should carry tarot cards be choosy when picking out your deck you might not like the artwork of the cards and some cards change the names so it can be very difficult also if the shops cant help you out try tarotuniverse.com they have several different types of deck all at good prices i saw a fairy deck their for only 15 dollars

Answer by Renee
You can actually buy tarot cards at any major book store.

Answer by Michelle A
Dude, you can get those at a book store.

Answer by Netta
have you tried Borders book store? They usually have really nice sets at pretty fair prices.

Answer by kingofsamhain
You can go to Ancient Ways in Oakland, California just a few miles away from San Fran.

Answer by SouthernBelle
I bought mine in a book store. I am in the south so I know you could find them in California.

Answer by psychic-junkie
Try a search for ‘buy tarot in san francisco’ in this Psychic Search Engine

Answer by Sienna
Great site Large selection, and they come to your door!!


House of Tarot

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does this mean when this happens during an oracle card reading?

In more than 1 Oracle card reading on myself I notice that some of the same cards are reappearing. Mind you I am using different spreads. The spreads I am using are tarot card spreads. I have been told that I can use Oracle Cards on tarot spreads.

Answer by Mr X
it’s called probability. It just happens.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
It could be chance or mathamatical probability.
It could be that the same cards simply fit the different situations and are to be interpreted differently.
It could be that these cards are re-appearing because you arn’t gettign a specific message and the card will re-appear until you understand the message or the energy passed through your situation.

If you think it’s the latter, then pick up the card (or one of the re-appearing cards, preferably the one you find most distrubing or confusing) and sit with it for a while. Maybe use it as the basis of a guided meditation to see why this card has a greater message for you in your life right now. Maybe journal about your impressions of it. I find this helpful when cards re-appear a bunch of times in several consecutive readings… especially if I’m confused about how to interpret it for the question at hand.

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