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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I buy tarot cards in the Houston Area?

I live in the Houston Area and I’m looking for places to buy tarot cards. Any help?

Answer by lynn D
Best place to find Tarot Cards in any area is at a New Age or Metaphysical book store and gift shop. Have never seen one yet that does not carry them. I am sure you can also purchase them online.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why does it seem that women are the only tarot card readers that are taken seriously these days?

Everywhere I go I see tarot card readers that are women. They look and act like Sylvia Browne and make tarot card readings appear to be some sort of supernatural, magical art that has nothing to do with psychology or symbolic interpretation. I always wondered what would’ve happened if I tried opening up a tarot card reading place as a man. Would the customers take me seriously because I’m not a woman that acts like a phony hot line psychic? What do you think?

Answer by Yes I am a Atheist

Answer by Dan
I think the question should be “Why does anyone take tarot card readers seriously”.

Answer by How Would I Know
If it makes you feel bettter.. not many people take women tarot card readers seriously either. Mostly because there aren’t all that many people stupid enough to fall for it.

Answer by numbnuts222
They are not women, they are trannies.

Answer by Michelle
If it is any consolation, I would not take you seriously as a tarot card reader even if you were a woman. I don’t take any of them seriously.

~Skeptic, former new ager

Answer by Shay
There’s a group of people who follow tarot card readers:

People who are very spiritual and intelligent: ~25%
People who are not spiritual but very intelligent: ~10%
People who are very spiritual and not very intelligent: ~65%

So, you need to appeal to the ones that run solely off of emotion, the 65%. The remaining 35% will probably sigh and walk out. These are just rough statistics based on the people in my town, your town may be different. If you want to do the Tarot readings, go for it.

Answer by Sarrafzedehkhoee
Well, book readers are taken even more seriously. Heck, even newspaper readers are taken more seriously.

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