Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What type of tarot cards are these?

I bought these tarot cards and don’t know what type they are and how to read them. Can anyone help?

Answer by Son Jay
The Death card = Good

The Happy Squirrel card = Bad

Answer by Kane
the devil’s tarot cards, you wicked child.
go and say 50 hail mary’s and pray god doesn’t hear of this

Answer by Jon L
They’re probably made of thick paper (or “card” as we experts call it).

To read them, you look at the letters and try to work out what they spell.

Answer by GotMovesLikeJagger
They tricked you.Those are Pokemon Cards..

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can places correspond to Tarot cards?

I’m looking for real Tarot readers and enthusiasts to answer this question. I already know that Tarot cards are often associated with zodiac signs, planets, and people, but can they be associated with places or locations? If so, what cards are associated with what kind of place?

All answers appreciated.

Answer by Sahbaaz Ahmed

Answer by Tea
Yes, tarot cards can indeed represent a place.

Here are some examples of how the cards can correspond to an actual physical location:

The work place: 3 of Pentacles (customer service job), 8 of Pentacles (highly skilled career), 10 of Wands (manual labor), 2 of Wands (Working for yourself or a job in which you’re the boss).

A sporting event: 5 of Wands (Team sports event such as baseball), 5 of Swords (Dangerous or cutthroat sports event such as MMA, 7 of Wands (individual competitor sports event such as singles tennis or figure skating).

Wet places: 2 of Pentacles (At the beach), 6 of Swords (On a boat), 8 of Swords (In the swamp or wetlands), 3 of Swords (Where it rains a lot), 2 of Swords (By a lake or pool), Page of Cups (At a fishing hole), The Moon (A city by the water).

At a funeral: 5 of Cups (The person died tragically or unexpectedly), 4 of Swords (The death was either expected, peaceful or death from old age).

The outdoors: 7 of Pentacles (A Farm), 9 of Pentacles (A vineyard), Ace of Pentacles (A public garden), King of Pentacles and The Magician (A private garden), The Empress (A forest), Queen of Pentacles (in a beautiful outdoor setting), Queen of Cups and King of Cups (On an Island), Page of Wands and The Fool (In the Mountains), Strength (Wildlife preserve or zoo), Knight of Wands (In the desert)

At the doctor’s: 2 of Cups (The hospital), Temperance (Outpatient or family doctor).

At home: 10 of Cups (Your dream home), 6 of Cups (The home where you grew up), 10 of Pentacles (Where you currently live).

Money exchange: 6 of Pentacles and 4 of Pentacles (Bank or Lender’s office), Ace of Pentacles (Store or pawn shop) .

On the battlefield: 6 of Wands (Where a battle was won), 10 of Swords (A place where a massacre or holocaust occurred), 9 of Wands (A place that has been in constant conflict throughout history).

At a celebration: 4 of Wands (Wedding, graduation, birthday party etc.), 9 of cups (A party that you’re hosting…probably at your home).

Legal facility: Justice (The courtroom or a lawyer’s office), Judgement (Prison, Jail etc.)

Where you sleep: 9 of Swords.

Mental health: The High Priestess (Psychiatrist’s or Therapist’s office), The Devil (Psychiatric hospital).

In a vehicle: The Chariot

Places of learning: The Hermit (A library or bookstore), Ace of Swords (School)

In a dream: 7 of Cups

At the site of a natural disaster: The Tower.

In a very sunny or warm place: The Sun.

Ace of Cups: In the shower or bath.

Your favorite place to be in the whole world: The World.

Places of entertainment: 7 of Swords (Amusement parks, circuses and fairs), The Lovers (A brothel or strip club), Wheel or Fortune (Casinos, Las Vegas, Reno), 3 of Cups (Dance hall or bar), Page of Pentacles (Movies or theater).

Spiritual and charity: Hierophant (Church), Knight of Cups (Humanitarian organizations such as the Peace Corps), 5 of Pentacles (Homeless shelters, soup kitchens etc.)

Junk yard or garbage dump: 8 of Cups.

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Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Video

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