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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What type of crystal must I use to cleanse my tarot cards?

I’ve read that you should use clear quartz or amethyst, but I was specifically wondering if I could use a small rose quartz as a substitute?

Crystal meth

Answer by Doubting Like Thomas
Do NOT use crystal meth.

Answer by Jeremy Cảnh
100 karat diamond.

Answer by DawnkeyWuvsU
Crystal Lite


Answer by K00L-AID MAN
One to energize (Rose crystal) one to restore.(amethyst) You really don’t want to cleanse the cards but yourself with burning sage brush. In tarot the cards hold power as symbolisms, lose the energies and you lose the translation between the cards and it’s corresponding house.
Earth energizes, air clarifies the means, fire removes, as water purifies.

Answer by jpopelish
Calcium hypochlorite or sodium percarbonate.


John Popelish

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is the difference between a physic reading and a tarot card reading?

what is the difference between a physic reading and a tarot card reading ? Which is better choice ?
or a palm reader ?

Answer by POONEY
A crystal ball and a deck of cards. Tarot cards seems better.

Answer by “A”
In one the extra sensory perception comes from a deck of cards, the other the perception comes from the person.

Both are a waste of time.

Answer by LiveReadings
Tarot readers rely on intuition, skill, experience and the symbols of the tarot cards. Psychic’s listen to voices and often can contact spirits from beyond.

Personally I have found tarot readings to me more accurate. I explain the difference here at these blog posts:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are good books for blokes to read?

I’ve never been able to find a good author, and often find I enjoy reading funny womens books instead. Can anyone recommend any which they have read which aren’t all about war and killings etc? I’ve read ‘A best a man can get’ and really enjoyed that

Answer by mattzcoz
Have you tried searching on terms like “best 100 books”, “best English fiction”, “all-time great books”, things like that? I don’t always agree with some of the choices and think they’re made by weirdo English-Lit majors, but who knows, you might come across something you like. Usually, books like that are readily available at the library, so it won’t really cost you much more than your time to give them a look.

Also, if you know some books or authors you like, search for that on Amazon and look a the “lists” people have compiled alongside, or the Amazon “People who bought this book often bought…”. Sometimes those provide good clues for similar types of books you might like.

Answer by Caitlin G
‘Lamb’ by Christopher Moore is hilarious. It’s about Jesus’ best friend named Biff and his side to how the savior really was. It was so funny and really well written(it’s not religious really or out to convert I should say, just a funny story). I’ve read alot of Christopher Moore but this one is my favorite.

Answer by someone
Try the Grand Fenwick series by Leonard Wibberley (I hope that’s spelled right). They are all about this tiny fictional country in Europe that changes the course of history, not once, but several times. The satire in them in very funny.

Answer by jcboyle
“A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby is fairly amusing considering all the people in it are suicidal.

Answer by laney_po
King Dork by Frank Portman

Answer by Hithloday
Anything by Tom Robbins will likely fit your bill. Try “Another Roadside Attraction” to start.

Answer by lotuseater
Dresden file book series by Jim Butcher.There are 8 books in the series beginning with stormfront.Each novel in the series is told from the fictional perspective of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (named by his father after Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone, Sr., and David Copperfield). Dresden is the only professional wizard in modern-day Chicago (he is in the phone book, under “Wizards”).In the world of The Dresden Files, magic is real, along with vampires, demons, spirits, faeries, werewolves, and more. The general public that Harry Dresden works to protect does not believe in magic or the large array of dark forces which regularly conspire against them. This makes it tough for Harry to get by as a working wizard and private eye.He is aided by Bob,a talking skull.Karrin Murphy-a police officer and Thomas-a white court vampire.

Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini.When his best friend, a young clergyman, is killed in a mockery of a duel by an arrogant noble, just to quiet his eloquent expressions of democratic ideals, Andre-Louis Moreau vows revenge. From that point, through meteoric careers as a consummate actor and scenario writer, then as a fencing master, and finally a politician, the brilliant Moreau keeps thwarting the aims of the aristocratic Marquis de la Tour d’Azyr. However, the nobleman causes pain to Moreau as well, and the time must come when the two will meet to settle their enmity once and for all. You are not likely to guess how their confrontation finally turns out. Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, this swashbuckling novel is exciting throughout, and it presents one of the most dashing heroes in fiction, a man who can fight equally well with his mind, his mouth, his pen, and his sword, a man who stirs up events wherever he goes.

Bellarion the Fortunate by Rafael Sabatini.Brilliant swordfights,marvelous schemes and beautiful damsels abound in this fascinating tale of a condottiere or mercenary in 15th century Italy.As the story unfolds Bellarion a convent bred orphan youth is on the way to Padua for higher studies. He gets entangled in the affairs of Princess Valeria of Montferrat.And immediately takes up her cause.He acquits himself marvelously in the court intrigues at Montferrat.However the situation proved too hot and he escapes to Milan.In Milan he passes himself off as the son of Facino Cane,the great mercenary captain to escape the clutches of Gian Maria Visconti the bloodthirsty Duke of Milan.The real Facino Cane was amused at Bellarion’s deviousness and adopts him as his son.Under Facino Cane’s tutelage Bellarion emerges as one of the greatest mercenary captains of that age.

The Time-Master trilogy By Louise Cooper.(review from Amazon)The books are ‘The Initiate’,The Outcast and The Master.It tells the story of Tarod a fascinating anti-hero, evolving throughout the series from a loyal disciple of Order to the God of Chaos that is his true heritage, with the repeated examination of his humanity thrown into the mix.

Brother Odd by Dean Koontz is the third book in his Odd Thomas series. Poor Odd has been through so much in the last couple of years. He lost Stormy, the love of his life, he’s given up his job and his home to move into seclusion at a California mountainside monastery in hopes that his “gift” for seeing the dead won’t be an issue up there. Instead he finds a poltergeist monk and evil spirits gathering around the young disabled children the monks (and nuns) care for. Odd knows that trouble is coming, and as usual he’s the only one to recognize it.Can Odd mitigate the coming cataclysm? Of course he can, despite the arrival of murderous bone creatures and grim Death itself, for the monks include quite a contingent of reformed martial sinners, most memorably Brother Knuckles, formerly of the New Jersey Mob, and another guest, a mysterious Russian librarian from Indianapolis, who is more and different than Odd thinks he is.

Landslide by Desmond Bagley.Bob Boyd wakes up in a hospital with no memory,the only surviver of an accident.He was burned badly all over and needed extensive plastic surgery which was payed by a mysterious sponser.He is told that he’s a geology student with a bad past.However Bob recovers and gets on with his life.Hired by the powerful Matterson Corporation to survey land before they build a great new dam, he begins to uncover the shaky foundations of the Matterson family and becomes a fly in their ointment.His accident and the Matterson family have more in common than he thought.

Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote the Mars novels and the Tarzan novels.There are 11 novels in the Mars series beginning with ‘A princess of mars’.Captain John Carter of the Confederate Army is whisked to Mars and discovers a dying world of dry ocean beds where giant four-armed barbarians rule, of crumbling cities home to an advanced but decaying civilization, a world of strange beasts and savage combat, a world where love, honor and loyalty become the stuff of adventure. The later books are about his son Carthoris,daughter Tara etc.John carter is a recurring character in all these books as martians live for 1000 years.

The best among the Tarzan novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs is ‘Son of Tarzen.’ Jack,the son of Tarzan shared his father’s love for apes.He was only trying to help an ape escape to Africa from his cruel trainer.However he got involved in a murder and couldn’t return home.He chose to live in the jungle with the apes.Its a fascinating book.The social system among the intelligent giant apes,Korak’s relationship with Miriam are all interesting stuff.Its a great coming of age book.

Pirates of Venus introduces Carson Napier (a somewhat more cautious hero than John Carter), who builds himself a rocketship and blasts off for Mars. (How did he get to Venus? You’ll just have to read the book.) Beneath the cloud cover of Venus Carson discovers a world of sky-high trees, warring kingdoms and princesses in need of rescue.

You can get free e-books by edgar rice burroughs,O.Henry and rafael sabatini from Project Gutenberg.

Answer by Livid
F. Paul Wilson ROCKS!! i;ve read like five of his books they all rocked. David Skibbins Tarot books are good (8 of swords, high priestess).

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