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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What tart cards do you put where and what does each card mean?

I’d like to take up tart reading but I don’t know where I can get a deck and who can teach me.

Answer by Cid
I believe that you mean ‘tarot’ (don’t pronounce the final ‘t’)
The topic is way to big to even begin answering here.
Most book stores have the cards.
I typed ” free online tarot class” in google and got over 1 000 000 results.

Answer by Intergalactic House of Pancakes
Tarot is essentially art appreciation. I personally don’t use a spread when looking through the cards – I simply flick through the deck untill one card strikes me as interesting and then muse over what the image could mean for a while.

A good way to get a handle on how to read cards properly is to try and find a card in the deck that you think sums up someone you know, or something you relate to. It will most likely be a court card for people, but may be another, esecially when refering to things/events/emotions etc. (eg. the 3 of cups always reminds me of going for a drink with my best mates as the car shows three people celebrating by clinking their glasses together – at least it does in my deck – the pictures differ depending on what deck you have)

The simplest spread I can think of is the cletic cross – at least this is the one I do if and when I do a spread – but there are literally hundreds of spreads available. You can just make them up if you want.

Anywho, the Celtic Cross spread is laid out as such:

1: Place a car in the center – this represents the issue at hand.

2: Place a card across the first – this shows the obstical or conflict surrounding the issue.

3: Place a card beneath them – this shows your/their motives driving the issue.

4: Place a car above – this shows the best you/they can hope for.

5: Place a card to the left – this shows the past of the matter.

6: Place a card to the right – this shows the most probable outcome of the matter if things are left to run their course.

When it comes to the Major Arcana, well I’m not going to go into it here since people write whole books on the philosophy they contain. I’d suggest reading one – Alfred Douglas has a really good take on them, so I’d recomend him, but there are many, many more excelent writers out there.

The best thing to remember when using Tarot is that they aren’t magical or anything like that. The reader makes what they want out of the image placed in frount of them – its just identification, nothing more. If you are interested in the psycological side of Tarot, I’d suggest reading up on Carl Jungs, in perticular his theories on primordial imagery and the subconsious – Jung was a tarot reader as well as a notable psychiatrist by the way – go figure 😉

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : As a tarot or spiritual reader, have you given effective readings if 1 tarot card was missing from the deck?

Holy rollers bugger off, if you handle the global diversity of various belief systems, simply move on to the next question, yeah thanks.
Obviously if you’re one who reads tarot cards of course …..
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Perhaps posting here looking for another fellow tarot reader’s opinion is like pulling a needle out of a hay stack.

Answer by green_lantern5353
I haven’t played with a full deck in years. Why start now? ;o)

Answer by Ray J
*shakes head*

Really, I had to shake my head when i read this question.

Answer by ChanIndian
Nothing… Its the belief

Answer by Judith
Who needs cards? My crystal ball tells me you’re a nutter!

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