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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What religion, or Where, Do Tarot Cards Stem From?

Does tarot stem from wicca? and if so, why is there a ‘devil’ card if wiccans do not believe
in satan? Also, an angel appears to be shown in the ‘Temperance’ card, and angels are beings that correspond with christianity.

Answer by Jeff
Pretty sure it isn’t religious, simply ‘astrologers’ using the power of suggestion to scam people.

Answer by Jessie Geronimo
Tarot Cards have been used long before Wicca was invented. That religion is only a few decades old.

Answer by Steven
It’s not religious but it’s just as stupid as religion.

Answer by Vienel
From satanic cults.

Answer by Bokkie

Answer by …♦…EAH…♦… Z = Z 2 C
North of Italy about 500 years ago.
They are still used in some places as playing cards.
Our modern playing cards is based on the minor arcana deck.
The Fool card is the joker in the modern pack
and doesn’t have a number as he can be anywhere.

The first decks were little more then line drawings.
The RW deck is the best, as it combines the symbolism
of all the other decks together.
The colors having meaning as well.

It is a theory that cards held a message against
the establishment of the time.

And as you point out the devil and angels are part of the added
symbolism that the RW deck created.

There is no religion attached to them.
Some people believe occult forces work thru them…
Whereas others believe the cards have deep unconscious meanings.

The Fool at Wikipedia.
(copy and print)

Answer by GodsGeneral
Wiccan, Witch Craft, Paganism.

Answer by Shaz
First the origin is unknown and covered in mystery, of course but are thought to have come from ancient Egypt by some people ………and it depends on witch deck you have as to the pictures and symbols that are displayed … I will try to enlighten you a little okay? = Occult is a science … Wicca comes like a branch from a tree that offers ritual in Earth Goddess style of natural religion but is more of a pathway or lifestyle as with Zen and Taoism … the cards can be dealt and cut and shuffled and read by anybody and playing cards can be read and interpreted by the reader also.
The “Devil” card, number 15 is symbolic of “the Lord of matter” and material things and so is akin to all other sayings about this Satan being being here on Earth and doing tricks to us = I think you have a “rider wait” deck so the picture is almost the same as the number 6 and that is the lovers because the two people being the man and woman are standing together and the angel is above them in the card of the lovers and they drink from the goblet or the holy grail and in the card of the devil, they have chains bound around them but the chains are loose so they can easily cast them off and be free … free will to think?
The Angel in temperance is linked to the angel in the bible who stood with one foot on the earth and the other in the water and has the small little book that is a secret (((note a triangle))) and when you eat it it is sweet in your mouth but bitter in your belly?
The Angel holds a large vessel in each hand and pours the liquid of life from one vessel to another symbolizing balance and modification and patients in emotions yet science in action.
Temperance is number 14. It will always link as all stories link and the universe links and the religions all link with Gods and the angels and spirits and ghosts and grave-yards will always use a symbol of the cross and angels will always be a symbol of birth and of judgment as in the last card number 21 named “judgment” and the spirit is above them also … cards were very popular and a parlor game but became against the law and labeled as evil, and witchcraft laws were only dropped about 3 years ago in the state and country where I live so I could of been charged and arrested for witchcraft only 5 years ago.
The cards strengthen memory when known as when one needs to recall a number sequence and you read the numbers, your mind automatically associates the name and meaning of the number into the mind machine and so when remembering it, the people come out in names = 0298 = “The fool” with “The high priestess” and “The hermit” with “strength’ = “a choice” and “intuition” and “wisdom” and “spiritual strength” … it is just the way the mind sees symbols and pictures and numbers and associates them and interprets them into feelings.
The Gypsies are also known to be close to the cards.

Answer by Maiingan
Tarot I think used to be a game played centuries ago, then were turned into a divinitory device. The exact time when they first came to be is unknown.

The “Devil” card represents Bondage. One can be in bondage and not believe in Satan/The Devil. Angels don’t necessarily correspond with Christianity, there are lots of people who are not Christian who believe in angels.

Answer by erisian trubble
Tarot was a card game. There are schools of thought that hold that the imagery,etc. come from Hermeticism and were placed on playing cards to use as an “underground” educational device. There is little evidence to support this, but the cards were originally used in a very Christian environment.

Most of the imagery commonly associated with Tarot today was developed in the early 20th century by members of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Many Wicca use Tarot as a divination tool. Many use Runes, I-Ching, and other systems developed in cultures outside of the British Isles. However, none of these systems are “part” of Wicca specifically.

Answer by LabGrrl
The reason the tarot uses a lot of Christian imagery is that the tarot was developed in a Christian culture using the shared imagery of the common man.

It has nothing to do with Wicca, which is less than 100 years old.

Edit: The most widely used tarot are the Rider Waite (a little over 100 years old) and the Marseilles, the most common form of which is about 100 years older than the Rider Waite….not a long time ago by most standards.

Answer by Emerith
Angels aren’t strictly Christian, and the Tarot dates back to ancient Egypt. Over the years, there have been many different interpretations of the cards, and there are many versions. It’s not strictly a Wiccan thing. The Tarot can be widely used by anyone, religious or not. The Tarot is much older than Wicca. We Wiccans don’t believe in the devil. Fact is, the most widely used card decks date waaaayyyyy back.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do tarot really tell you the truth about things?

Do tarot really tell you the truth about things?does anybody have an example that what they said was true?
what i am talking about is when it s done from real tarot readers and professional ones, and the person who reads is a good soul and a positive one.

Answer by jcurrieii
The cards drawn and played are completely random in a non-stacked deck.

The talent lies in the ability to read…and NOT the cards. The talent lies in the ability to READ the victim…um, participant in the reading.

The late and Great Harry Houdini spend on the order for 30 years (and several million dollars – read: almost hundreds of millions in our currency]) or more investigating Mystics and Mystical Phenomenon. He had a standing offer of $ 1,000,000 for ANY Mystic that could prove him/herself as genuine. The money has never been touched…and is still growing somewhere.

Remember, each card has several possible meanings for each position it rests in. The reading that is generated is based on what the reader thinks YOU want to hear, and it is tailored by your reactions to the reading.

Besides, if you’re a Devout Christian, simply *using* the tarot, let alone following/beleiving in it is a sin…and we’re not talking “Little White Lie” pennance here… I have yet to hear of a branch of Christianity that accepts and approves of tarot, since it is generally considered to be one of “the Devil’s tools” along with the Ouiji board…heck, most branches of Christianity officially frown on Horoscopes…

The only instances I’ve ever heard of (and I’ve heard of a few) involved prophesy of the Self Fulfilling ilk… In short, the prophetic reading occurred, and the person (consciously or not) acted to bring it into reality.

Besides, if this sort of thing were as real as it’s devotees beleived, psychics would be the richest people in the world… They’d know the lotto numbers before they were drawn, the scores of every game played and open for betting (legal or not), and be able to commit the perfect crime everytime… They’d also be bored to the point (and beyond) of suicide in fairly short order. After all, there would never be any surprises. Besides, you wouldn’t be visiting them…they’d be visiting you out of the blue, because they’s “know of the need”.

Oh, and by the way…the “Card Games” this forum is dedicated to is things like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Poker, Hearts, etc… Tarot questions should be somewhere in the Religion and Spirituality forum…NEVER rely on Yahoo’s question forum location assignment program…it rarely works.

Good Luck!

Answer by Miss 6
They will give you insight on what you’re questioning. You still have the power to change the out come because you have free will. I’ve been reading tarot cards for 20 years I haven’t had anyone come back and say that my reading was incorrect.

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