Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What kind of tarot it is studied in the book: ‘Jung & Tarot’?

I wanna know what kind of tarot is studied or referred to in the book ‘Jung & Tarot’???

Answer by lynn D
I read an excerpt from the book and it seems to be the known Tarot with some variation from the most widely used decks.

Many decks will have a few different cards such as a princess or goddess that the well known tarot decks do not have. This is still the Tarot and the readings will be the same. The cards are used as a vehicle for the psychic messages that the reader receives so the type of deck is irrelevant.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can a tarot online reader see what a man thinks about you?

Or can they just see your perspective?Some told me they can see things about the fella,i.e does he like me? yes/ no.Others say they cant read another person’s thoughts

Answer by Susan
I asked if a guy liked me and the cards told me it would be chaos and trouble surrounding this person and they were right!

I wanted to know for so long if he liked me and yeah he did but just used me for one night and now I have to see this prick everyday at work.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Reading the tarot with playing cards?

I’m interested in learning how to. The biggest difference I’m aware of from classical Tarot is the omission of the major arcana entirely, except for the fool, and there being three court cards instead of four. Because there are fewer cards, each one seems to have their own unique subtleties and a blend of traits from some of the absent cards wrapped inside of them.

I’ve got to start somewhere. Could you give me the general meaning of each playing card when they’re used in fortunetelling? Or can you give me a link that has a description of each one.

Answer by Eystavros Levine

I use to do card readings. I taught myself how to read I-ching, Runes, Tarot, Tea Leaves and some other mediums

Answer by philebus
You can find a brief description of reading with playing cards here:

Of course, different readers attribute different meanings to the cards, so you might want to look around for those that suit you best. For example, in France it was more popular to use a pack reduced to just 32 cards!

I would like to address some points regarding your question. First of all, the lack of tarot’s trumps is not an omission – 52 card packs predate tarot, which was not created until the mid 15th century and was not used for divination for a further 350 years after that (and even then, the practice was limited to France for an additional 100 years). Up until then, they were only used for playing card games – games which are still played throughout continental Europe today. When you say “except for the fool” I am assuming that you are referring to the Joker – however, this card is not related to Tarot’s Fool in any way but was a 20th century invention by US card makers for the game of Euchre.

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