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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What kind of mother will I be (Tarot reading help)?

I know I’m young to be thinking of babies but I have had dream visions of my future children. I know they will be a beautiful baby girl and a beautiful baby boy I just don’t know when they’re going to be born( I know not soon though- I’m only 18 and am single/not sexually active) I was very connected to my babies in my dreams and they both liked to hear or see me and responded very positively to me and would just light up to so I wondered. (I’ve only had 3 dreams of them over the past few years) I love them so much already though and I am working hard and doing things for myself so that when they are born in the future, I can be the best mother I can be. I feel like my future starts now.

I did a tarot reading to see what sort of mother I would be to my babies and this is the reading

1. What kind of a mommy am I going to be?-The Sun,The Chariot, Nine of Pentacles,
The Sun -me being warm, loving, energetic, confident, fun,calming them if they ever start fighting,strong,being an extremely positive role model for them), The Chariot-Driven, confident, disciplined, calm(not getting angry -emotionally controlled),straight forward, go getter.
Nine of Pentacles-(I’m a Virgo so this is basically a card describing myself lol) Again, protective,disciplined, poised, graceful, nurturing, sacrificing things for them to have better lives/futures, providing for them well.

2. Clarification-The Hermit-Introspective, using my intuition a lot(which I do now and it never has let me down yet)Wise, possibly quiet(not sure though ,I am quiet now but I may outgrow that in the future?)observant. I also feel like this card was saying” after all the things you’ve been through in your life, this time you are taking to yourself will bring forth these positive traits above if they aren’t there yet” but they are slowly working them ways towards my life.

3. How many babies am I going to have ?(Five of cups-which ironically shows two cups)

4. Final?-Nine of Cups – This is the card that I am confused about? This card , some say it’s like a crd of emotional fulfillment? What do you guys think this card is saying ?

Answer by LauraSL
I think based on the reading that you will have twins and be married and have success with the father if your children.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do women really grasp the concept of reality? Or do they have no comprehension of what it is?

They seem to rely heavily on Astrology, Tarot card reading’s and/or Psychics for answers, or are these women just dumb?
Could this correlate to a child’s imagination somehow?
sorry, I meant to say are people who believe in this stuff “dumb” ….sorry ladies.

Answer by Abdul
just dumb

Answer by Stephanie F
There are men who do it too. It is not nice to call someone dumb because of what they decide.

I use to go for hope when I was down. I only believed what I wanted. I had one tell me that I had been married and I hadn’t. It was free, thankfully. I know they only tell you what you want to hear. Astrology is not true as you can have 4 in one day and they would all be different. I never fully believed it, as they are more for entertainment, not to believe.

I now believe that it is wrong. God is the one who is the most powerful and the only one we need to rely on. We are not suppose to know what the future holds.

Answer by Scenario
Base on the fact that some males do this as well..just means your calling your own gender dumb. People are welcome to believe on anything they want. There are many women who either don’t like or believe in those types of things. For myself though, I tend not to care much for it =)

Answer by Old’s Cool
I would argue that women understand reality better than men do.
Men are the ones who seem to want to hide reality inside a bottle of booze when the going gets tough. Or in their ‘man-caves’.
Women are the ones who look up and say “Look,hubby, this marriage isn’t working.”
Women are the ones who say, “OK, well, we made a baby we can’t afford, so I’ll do something about it.”

I think women are a lot more grounded, and I feel it’s due to menstruation: women have a monthly reminder of their mortality/humanity. Men will never have that same “kenning”.

Answer by Sarah
Most women see those things as entertainment, not reality. Just like most men know the difference between a real woman and a woman on a screen.

There are plenty of dumb people out there. Gender has nothing to do with it.

Answer by Interwebz Cat
I see a LOT of men interested in all three subjects.

Answer by Andromeda
sorry cant say i feel i recognise myself in your description

and people are free too believe what they want, says so in human rigths, either way dont affect me so not my consern…if someone enjoy that, believe in and so on, good for them, they are practising their human rights and are happy

i dont dictate what they should think or believe and they leave me alone in return, everyone is happy, dont see the problem

Answer by Matthew
Dude, you are hanging with the wrong women, Lol. Find a woman that knows how to cook and is not lazy. Yeah I know it is not easy.

Answer by Glinda
Yes, I believe women are more into astrology, tarot, and psychics.

But I think men are just as fascinated with UFO’s and unexplained phenomenom (like hauntings). I see tv reality shows with ghost hunters and they are all men.

So it probably evens out in the end. 🙂

Answer by Jupiterღ
I wouldn’t consider them dumb, just open minded and gullible. There are many people who scam people using these things, but my mom has found kidnapped children and solved cold cases using psychics as a desperate, last ditch effort.

I don’t discount any of these things as being real, I just don’t put much faith into them as most people who read Tarot cards, read the stars, and commune with the dead/Goddess/spirit world are fakes. Anything is possible.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot reading with a deck of playing cards?

all that I can do is read the minor arcana; how can I represent the major arcana?

playing cards are for games

Answer by Dickyourdicknesslordofthecraniums
Aces kings queens and jacks. It is the (Gypsy) tarot reading style you write of here.

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