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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the main difference between a spiritual person and a religious person?

The religion doesn’t matter. And when I say spiritual I don’t mean those psychics, witchcraft, tarot, satanists, or palm reading.

Answer by Fireball
spiritual ones are sometimes saved….some are just sitting in the pews..

Answer by Liberal AssKicker

If you’re “spiritual” without guidance, you’re really just blowing in the wind.

Answer by imrod
Since everyone defines these words differently this is impossible to answer.

Answer by Kirol
Religious people adhere to a strict set of rules as proposed by the leaders of their religion, or as prescribed in their religious text.

Spiritual people do not follow a strict cause and may borrow beliefs from several religions, or form their own ideas of what to believe.

Answer by Sara
Spirituality is the determined search for the company of God.
Religion is not only the beginning of this search, but also the comforting companion along the way.

Answer by sly phy .. (no morals)
Religious people buy into mass produced spiritualism.

Answer by Random Panther
The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Answer by Patricia
a spiritual person has a connection with their inner soul and god
a religious person just goes to church and that’s it
there is more you can say about it but that is the main difference

Answer by Regina
Spiritual live the life
Religious live to please

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What would be a tarot reading that appears bad, but is actually harmless?

I suppose the death card would be one of them… Maybe the fool.

I’d prefer major arcana cards, but the suit of swords would work too, being that swords can appear rather… likely to impale you.
Oh, I know that.

I want cards that sound like they have intimidating names. E.G death.

I know they’re harmless. I have to make a mini-movie for a class I’m taking, I want to lay down 3 cards or whatever, have them look frightening to mislead the viewer, before it’s revealed they aren’t negative in anyway. You understand?

Answer by SadharaSatguru

Nothing about the Tarot is bad.

What is seen as positive/beneficial or negative/harmful is down to a mix of the question/layout/other cards/position cards are in. & of course the reader’s interpretation of the cards.

Death is a card of transition, so what the transition is & how it is received by the individual will determine what type it is, the Fool is new beginnings, being brave, jumping in.

All 78 cards are positive.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have anybody ever heard or use mind tarot or tarot precognition before?

In other words, images of tarot cards visualizing in your mind. Because it’s happen to me so many times.
predict the cards that turn over.

Answer by eri
Do you mean you just thought of a card? That’s called ‘imagination’, and yes, it happens to everyone. Not paranormal. Or do you mean you can predict the cards before they’re turned over? If you can do that significantly more times than chance would allow for, this guy would give you a million bucks for a demonstration. That would be paranormal.

Answer by Kat
eri got stomped….she hangs out here just to make fun of people so ignore the creature. Your a sensitive….look it up and enjoy… it is an ability passed down in your family. Don’t waste it…Develope it….Read all you can on the subject and practice. You’ll get better at it the more you use the ability…..good luck

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