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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best way to learn the Tarot?

I enjoy the tarot cards. It is one of my hobbies. What is a good way to truly learn all about them?

Answer by Randy
Most people do extensive reading about them. The Tarot is closely linked to Astrology, for instance. There are workbooks but what you really need is a partner to practice on.

Answer by GOD1333
The Rider-Waite Tarot deck is a complete and very well developed picture with correct Cabalistic symbolism. They are completely safe and very profound.

The Aliester Crowley deck is symbolically correct in regards to the Black Tree/Qillopth and is rife with Aliester Crowley’s delusions, pedophilic desires, black magick, Illuminati connections and the many evil/vamparic spirits who rules that shit bag’s broken and feeble mind. In other words, to use the Crowley deck is a step into depravity that you will be tainted with for a long time to come.

Answer by Rock
with skepticism

Answer by Praire Crone
Read what ever you can find about them. In learning to use them I just got out the little book that came with my first deck and read about each and every card. I then just examined every little thing in the cards to see where the meanings jived with the pictures. But when I do a reading I use my own feelings (instinct?) to see what they want to tell me. I read for myself. I know that some say not to do that but where I live, I am the only one who reads tarot cards. My first deck I bought for myself too and some say your first deck should be given to you by someone else. Well that isn’t gonna happen here in fundyville.

Then use them everyday. Try out different spreads and find what you are comfortable with. Good Luck….

Answer by Momofthreeboys
I don’t do tarot, but my friend says practice. Do readings all the time about everything and you’ll soon see the patterns. Sorry about the second-hand help, it’s all I have for this one.

Answer by liwmld
consult satan

Answer by Tea
Give readings…lots of readings, to whomever will allow you to do so (including yourself). Practice is the key. I suggest you do at least 3 readings a day for two weeks straight. I guarantee that by the end of those two weeks, you will be much better and much more confident in your abilities. Give it a try. 🙂

Answer by George
It’s a hobby of mine too and I struggle for a long time with a pile of books until I eventually worked out somethings the books don’t tell you.

Firstly that the basic element and numerology of each card is the essence to their symbolic meaning.

Secondly that each card is fluid in it’s meaning and that the book interpretations are just summaries of
a) the standard meaning which comes from the element/numerology
b) the writers own experiences with the fluidity of meaning.

To explain better what I mean by fluidity of meaning let me give you some examples of my own experiences.
I had a friend who kept drawing the Knight of Cups. I interpreted this as a young man who she was romantically attached to. Correct enough but then she crashed her car after having had a few drinks. A young person on a horse with a cup in their hand!?
One evening I drew a few cards before going out. I got the 5 of Pentacles and in my Tarot deck (Tarot of the Old Path) the 5P shows a man with his hand bleeding and bandaged.
Sitting in a bar that night a man comes staggering into the bar with blood pouring out of his hand and the staff bandaged it up for him.
So you see the cards can be litteral in what they are saying and at other times very subtle.

The best Tarot readers don’t think, they just see and feel what is in front of them. That’s why women find it easier to read Tarot than men as men tend to forget feelings and intuition and focus on problem solving. It’s also why science will never understand it.

I’ve written up what I’ve learn about Tarot here:

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on meaning of tarot cards

How to Read Tarot Cards : The Meaning of the Star Tarot Card

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