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I mean – tarot cards was invented in the medieval times long after the biblical times so it’s obvious that nothing about their use cannot be mentioned in the torah
surely divination is forbidden for the Hebrews (and for gentiles too according to the Talmud) but can Tarot cards possibly be an exception?
I know that they are widely used in the Kabbalah (at lest in the Hermetic one) thanks to the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn
and you can see them in web sites which focus on Jewish mysticism such as
and I know that in Judaism magick is a very tricky part
as a matter of fact I am aware that ceremonial forms of magick (which are practiced in the order of the Golden Dawn by the way) such as Kabbalah Ma’asit (Practical Qabala) unlikely lower magick such as witchcraft are not forbidden
but even witchcraft is allowed if it used for healing (as long as the methods used for healing have NOTHING in common with pagan forms of worship)
I had just a great website which explained a lot of stuff about Judaism relationship with magick but unfortunately I’ve lost the link (damn!)

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How to Read Tarot Cards : The Meaning of the Princess of Pentacles Tarot Card

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