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The Benefits of Finding a Committed Online Tarot Card Reader

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The Benefits of Finding a Committed Online Tarot Card Reader

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The Benefits of Finding a Committed Online Tarot Card Reader: Average: Your rating: None There are many benefits…

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Online Tarot Card Reading

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I was researching agencies and stuff online and it said that this one agent saw that this girl was a tarot card reader and it caught his attention. And at the one-on-one meeting that they had, they talked about it and stuff. So yeah, I was just wondering what it was.

Answer by Iamstitch2U
Basically fortune teller who uses special deck of cards. It is not for the educated or people who can think for themselves.

Answer by Tabbi
A person, any person can pick up a book of tarot cards at any head shop. Instructions and definitions are included. You shuffle the cards and the tarot reader lays them a certain way….. yourself, immediate happenings, your past, your present and your future, your goals, blah blah blah. SOMETIMES though you will come across somebody that is truly gifted. Not a hoax like me and many others. Just remember, anybody can learn how to do it. And I agree with the person above me totally 🙂

Answer by DearAbby
When someone uses cards to predict your future..

You can also get it done for free on line

Answer by Forever
..I did that for a while way back when……’s not something you want to get involved with..! Actually, it’s a bunch of bull but it tempts the spirit world into your realm & you DO NOT want that…so stay away….good girl….♥

Answer by m.gonzalez0493
well actually it is a person that can tell you things about your past, present, and future with tarot cards. I cannot stand when people say that it is fake and stuff like that. My grandma is truly gifted and she is a psychic. she reads cards and can tell a lot about a person by looking at them. It has nothing to do with Satan or anything. trust me lol. but be careful, there are a lot of fakes out there.

Answer by philebus
Tarot reading is a particular type of cartomancy – that is, divination using playing cards. Tarot cards are playing cards dating back to the mid 15th century and consist of a pack of regular playing cards (usually featuring Latin suits of cups, coins, swords, and batons, as well as having 4 court cards in each suit) that has been augmented with a fifth suit of trump cards – these originally took as their theme a traditional triumph procession, hence they were called trionfi, meaning triumphs, and from which we get our word trump.

Divination with tarot cards was first suggested at the very end of the 18th century by the Occultist Antoine Court de Gabelin, a resident of Paris. He supposed the cards to have been of ancient Egyptian origin (a theory that has been debunked by historians) and this was the origin of all occult belief about the cards. It was another century before this belief spread beyond France and took root in English speaking countries, where the practice of divination with them has gained great popularity.

Tarot readers attempt to learn answers about the future, the past, about individuals, about themselves, and the eternal verities. They do so by shuffling the cards and dealing a number out into a pattern called a spread. Cards falling in different positions within the spread are believed to represent different elements of the answer. Each card is assigned its own meaning or selection of meanings and these are applied and interpreted accordingly.

As, contrary to the myths, tarot cards are not occult in origin, their use in divination seems no different in status to the use of regular playing cards, dominos, dice, tea leaves, or knuckle bones – they have all been used this way. I leave you to decide for yourself if they work or not.

Written by Kablan

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