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Tarot reading about love and relationship❤ OMG! **

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I want to do a tarot reading really bad

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You have to see this tarot report for Mark Harmon. Different from my last reading…

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045 – Beginner Tarot Reading

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What happens if I tell someone else what my tarot reading said?

Okay so I went to get a tarot card reading and I am not sure if I am suppose to tell someone else what the tarot reading said, which I already did. Will it affect my relationship?

Answer by Spyro, Destroyer of Sheep
You die

Answer by Sookie got Tattooed
Then they know what your tarot card reading said.

Answer by Govinda
No, no problem, plus discussing it you many have even more insight to the reading.

Answer by Terminator JPA

Nah, nothing happens.

I hope. I tell ALOT of people what mine say, that i do for myself, and others.

Answer by Joel
Actually in 3 days a giant dragon spawned from the depths of hell will fly out the earth and destroy your soul.

Answer by Daniel
No worry not it can do no harm.

Answer by Hope
I don’t know but I do know that the Bible states all this mumbo jumbo stuff is not of God but of evil so I do not dabble with the devil, as they say.

Answer by Captain Bunkum
then someone else will know that you’re moronically deluded enough to believe that pieces of printed card have any meaning

Answer by brandon
your dick will fall off and descend into a particular level of hell where rabid dogs feast upon it forever

or the person you told just knows what your reading was. believe either one

Answer by Priestess Wildflower
I’ve always believed not to share because in doing so you open the door to the negativity and ill intent of others. There may be people around you that may not wish you well. Your relationship may suffer further damage after you’ve shared your experience with someone who may wish for you to fail. Your relationship with your advisor is yours and your’s alone and anything you discuss is for your greater good. He or she is communing with the Divine (God) and is working as an intercessor on your behalf to assist you in manifesting your desires (if you so wish to continue). If you decide to share once you’ve received the outcome you desired ( ie. you marry that person) then do so… at your own risk.

Answer by LiveReadings
It doesn’t make any difference at all. Your reality and future is created by a complex of elements from the subconcious thoughts you hold, your beliefs, your expectations, your vibration and your will.

It has nothing to do with anyone else.


Answer by Biddy_Tarot
The Tarot Reading is your personal information, so it is up to you how you want to share that information. Some people choose to keep it private, whereas others like to talk with friends about what the reading uncovered. This is entirely up to you! And rest assured, there are no negative consequences with talking about it with others.

Answer by Helen
You are free to tell anyone about it, but bear in mind that it is very personal information so rather not discuss it with anyone that you do not trust completely and would not normally discuss your personal business with.

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