Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What Dpse each card in a celtic tarot Deck mean ?

I have a Clitict tarot deack and it came with a book with all the meaning sof the cards . But i cant seem to find it.. Can some one help?

Answer by Mackenzie
I don’t think anyone is going to sit here and rewrite all the info that was in a book.

What you should do is study the standard universal tarot, and look at how it relates to your Celtic cards (the suits, the numbers, etc.).

Or you can meditate for a few days on each card and consider it’s meaning to you and what it would mean… there’s more to reading tarot than just memorizing a brief blurb about each card, you really have to explore each one and then their relationships with each other.

Answer by Sanguine ☽O ☾ ȣ ☽O ☾
In addition to what “Mackenzie” said…

This website may be helpful for you:

Not only can you see tons of different decks from all over, but there is a lot of great information about individual cards and different spreads as well. Look over the general meanings and symbology of the cards, then spend time and work with your own deck. Get a personal feel for your cards!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there more than one way to interpret tarot cards?

Do people interpret the same cards differently? I wasn’t sure if there was just one straight meaning behind the cards, or is it more like what something might mean to you. I got a different interpretation then a few people on a spread I did. But those other people both had different view points. So I guess I’m not sure how this works

Answer by beautiful
yes, depending on who is doing the reading & who the receiver is. however there is a long tradition as well as i learned from three friends in my past who are experts in tarot.

Answer by WithLove Joe James
Yes, they originate from and belong to the Devil, that very one that told a vicious lie at the garden and still telling lies today. Run away from those cards, burn if you have them. Why invite the Devil into anyone’s life?

Answer by Keltasia
Most tarot decks have a book that gives the basic interpretation. After practicing, you may pick up on other nuances though.

Answer by Hime
Cards do indeed have different meanings to different people. I can translate a card in a different way than you, or than a friend but that doesn’t mean that any of us are actually wrong.

I know there are people who do like to go by the book definitions though and I’ve heard of people who think you’re wrong if you don’t use the definition from the book that they’re familiar with.

I guess that then comes down to the fact that truth tends to be relative as well. If you don’t believe me look at the comment above the one above mine. -eyeroll-

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello darling

Yes all readers can interpret differently during traditional readings, after time we all build our own relationship with them.

But the cards themselves when looked at from a traditional angle pretty much mean what they mean.

Maybe it is time for you to study them yourself, that way it is you building the relationship with them & you who will be able to interpret them, but to be able to do that you need to be able to be detached from your questions.


Answer by Spyderbear
The little booklets that come with the decks vary in their interp of the cards, as do the books written.
If you’re doing personal spreads, keep the books handy. Eventually, you won’t need them. Intuition will take over, and you’ll get some really good readings. Some of the cards may take on meanings that have nothing to do with the interp. For instance, one of the major arcana cards may represent a close friend from whom you are separated by distance. When you do a spread, and that card shows up, you’ll be hearing from or seeing him soon.
Good luck

Answer by Al M
If each Tarot card had an immutable and unequivocal meaning, then a computer program would make the ideal Tarot reader. But that’s not the way they work.

My opinion is that anyone interested in using the Tarot for either divination or meditation should throw away any booklet that comes with the deck which supposedly tells you the meaning of each card.

If you’re using them for divination, it’s a hopeless task trying to look up each card to understand it’s meaning in isolation, then trying to apply that to it’s position in the spread and _then_ trying to relate the meanings of each card in its position to every other card so that you can make sense of what’s being said in the spread.

Instead, I suggest you spend enough time studying each card closely — meditating on it, if you will — for you to fully understand the meaning of that card FOR YOU and for this knowledge to be truly internalised. For many cards, most people will see the same meanings because the imagery is fairly obvious, but if you truly get to know each card, it’s likely you will discover your own shadings and subtleties of meaning for them.

So the answer to your question is yes, there is more than one way to interpret Tarot cards, but the only way that should really matter to you is the way that YOU interpret the cards.

Answer by philebus
People do indeed interpret cards differently, in part because different people attribute different meanings to the cards. The reason for this lies in the cards’ history. Tarot cards do not have an occult origin, instead they were invented in 15th century Italy for use in a card game. They were created by adding a fifth suit to the then standard pack of playing cards, this extra cards took as their theme a Christian triumph procession, hence they were called trionfi, meaning triumphs, and from which we get our word trump. It was the invention of tarot that marked the invention of trumps in card games.

It was not until the very late 17th century that people began to use tarot for divination and the meanings attributed to the cards were the product of invention based upon erroneous beliefs about the cards’ origins. For example, The Hanged Man is often described as self sacrifice – well no one in France or the English speaking world quite knew what else to make of a man suspended by one foot! However, in the cards’ native Italy, this card was known as The Traitor – because that’s how they killed their traitors, suspending them upside down and leaving them to die slowly and publically.

In the 19th century, French occultists began to attribute new origins to the cards and with them new meanings – the most important was the belief that they were Cabbalistic. Over time, new occultists interpreted the cards according to their various occult systems, be they of The Golden Dawn or the OTO to name just a couple. However, gradually, the design of the occult cards became rather more post-modern, with little regard to strict systems and a greater emphasis on personal interpretation. These days, anything goes, which, given their real origin, is more fitting. Just look at the picture and go with whatever feels right to you.

Personally, I do not believe that fortune telling is possible – however, were it so, it is hard to believe that some card with ink on has any special powers, so any foretelling of the future is coming from the reader, not the cards. The long and the short of it is this, whatever you believe about the possibility of knowing the future, the books on tarot meanings are meaningless.

On a side note, I will point out that tarot games are not a thing of the past but are still played throughout much of continental Europe and those of us who play them think that they are the best card games in the world – so if you tire of fortune telling, do check out the games!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what can playing cards falling be a metaphor for?

About an hour ago i started making an art piece where a hand comes out of a canvas and drops playing cards. I was going to design the cards so that they had different meanings but can’t think of any happy symbols (only life, death love, hate and typical somewhat depressing things like that)

Does anyone have any other ideas of what i could put on them?
In addition to thinking of an image, does anyone know what falling cards could be a metaphor for?

Answer by Guru Hank
You are using the wrong sort of cards. Go to a toy shop (the cheap kind, not the ‘educational learning toy’ type).

Buy a pack of ‘Snap’ or ‘Happy Families’ cards. Particularly a pack of Happy Families, you might find one with traditional artwork, which would be better than your own, and then they could symbolise ‘Mrs Bun the Baker’s Wife, ‘Miss Brush the Artist’s Daughter’ etc.

Look at this lot:

Answer by Virgil Manticore
Falling playing cards could be a metaphor
for a lost chance, opportunity or fortune.

As for happy symbols here are some “positive”
and beautiful Tarot cards:

The Lovers
The card of relationships and choices:

The Ace of Pentacles/Coins
New opportunities in financial success.,r:5,s:0&tx=49&ty=78&biw=960&bih=510

The Fool
The adventurer, takes risks or can be reckless.

The Knight of Cups
New romantic ventures….,r:3,s:0&biw=960&bih=510

You can check out all the Tarot cards or you might look up
Mahjong tiles too. Hope that helps!


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