Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does this tarot card mean?

I went to a new age/psychic store yesterday and the women that was serving me made me pick out a tarot card and I chose a card called ‘study’. What does this card mean?

Answer by John G
It means, “study this, someone is trying to take your money.”

Answer by Sparkley Shoes
o.O Did the psychic not tell you what it meant?

Answer by Leon
you picked it at random

Answer by john wondering
It means that you are gullible.

Answer by ANDRE L
Nothing. Tarot is factless garbage.

Answer by CLOUD 彡☆
It means you need to study to get straight A’s, unlike the atheists on this site who say things like “Grades don’t measure how smart you are” XDDD LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Answer by Randy P
It means you need to spend more time studying critical reasoning and sciences in school so you don’t think that randomly-drawn Tarot cards have some deep significance.

Answer by Jon L
Means you’ll be meeting a stud who gets all “study” with you.

Answer by Bunny-Girl
……..there is no card called STUDY. I don’t think it was tarot cards. Maybe oracle cards?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can i begin to come close to the Tree of Life?

I been doing a little research for the past few days. I was wondering if there is any ways or methods to become close to the Tree of life and within the inner of all living things and the astral realms? I also would like to know more of how this ties in with tarot cards? (which i have). How it helps me get a better understanding of them.

PS links and sites would help me with my research

Answer by keith
one gets closer to the tree of life by serving the true God=Psalm 83:8—- Tarot is spiritism–Paul said its how the demons get in.

Answer by The Friendly Neighborhood Priest
Ah, the quest for Yggdrasil I see.

Answer by Josh
Good luck brother. Try searching around the Fountain of Youth.

Answer by sue
The tree of life is ONLY accessed through Jesus the Christ and Son of the Most High.
He said l am the way the truth and the LIFE
Don’t let deceptive demons tell you otherwise

Answer by God is my Salvation
you can’t get close to the tree of life

god has it guarded to keep humans away

it has nothing to do with tarot cards

Answer by Hogie
The tree of life, like the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, are symbolic. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents the old covenant law, and like that tree, its fruit is/was death.

The tree of life represents Christ, and you partake of that “tree” through faith. Your tarot cards represent a conflict with this faith, and will negate faith. The “tree” is embraced to the exclusion of all else.


Answer by OM Tryambhakam Yajamahe
below you’ll find your answer:

Answer by quaz
The Tree of Life is a symbol of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God almighty.

We can do nothing to get closer to God. He chooses us or not.

The best we can do is to cry to Him for mercy. And do our best to keep His commandments.

One of His commandment forbids witchcraft. Tarot cards, and astral phenomena are occult practices. They are part of witchcraft.

P.S. To really show your respect for the Tree of Life you need to take the Bible seriously.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card

card number 2 The High Priestess part 4 tarot cards

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