Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the phrase “Integrate two potential realities, or let go of one of them” mean?

This saying was my “Tarot card of the day” included in my daily horoscope found @
I am assuming this saying means something around the lines of: Either settle with both of the hard realities you’re facing (possibly a relationship issue such as the person you are considered “talking to”, who you’ve known for a week, hasn’t been talking to you and you haven’t seen them because they’re having some bad luck lately. Such as getting arrested, getting fired, losing their job, & getting sued all in one week.) Or basically forget him and take a different path? That’s as close as I can get to sounding like my story atm, lol…

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Answer by Brigid
This is kind of hard to interpret without knowing what the actual card is, but it sounds to me like it is either a Two or The Lovers. Going by the phrase you gave, I am going to guess that it is the Two of Pentacles, which means you are juggling two different realities, options, etc. and need to stop.

One way or another, this card is telling you to settle things. These two options cannot continue to co-exist the way they are – either find a way to bring them into a compromise that combines them, or simply choose one over the other.

If you are willing to tell me what card it is I would be happy to try to expand or interpret it. Since you said this came from your daily horoscope, then I am assuming it is your “card of the day” and therefore is a general daily outlook for you. Do not apply it to a particular situation, then, since it is meant to outline your entire day. Personally, I love daily outlook readings, and find that they can be incredibly helpful for advice as well (I only use the major arcana for mine). If you are looking for more insight into a particular situation, I would recommend a reading focused on that. Whether you want to do one online (like or get one from a live person (this can also be done via the internet) is entirely up to you. With both options, make sure the reader (or software) is reliable. 🙂

Feel free to contact me anytime. Any help I can provide I would be happy to. 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does this tarot card reading someone gave me online…?

look reliable and correct?

here it is (she wrote more before that but it wasn’t important):

OK, anyway, I drew 3 cards:

What he thought about you: Judgment (reversed)
What he felt about you: 9 of Pentacles
Why he told your friends he didn’t like you: Strength

He was actually unsure what to really make of you. In a way, he was fascinated by you – but there are things about you at the same time that appeared to have bothered him some. While he did like you (as I can see by the next card), he didn’t “love” you per se, and he didn’t really like you enough to consider you becoming his girlfriend. I hope I can be this frank with you, and I honestly don’t intent on being mean when I say this – but, it didn’t cross his mind to consider you in this fashion.
He was actually ‘fond’ of you and seemed to have liked you well enough. He was attracted to you (more physically speaking), and you were “easy on the eyes” to him. But at the same time, this card is not a romantic card as such. He was fond of you like he was fond of a friend or a good acquaintance.
Why did he tell your friends he didn’t like you? Well, for once, he didn’t want no false “hope” to cross your mind that there might be “more” here than there really was on his end – somewhat of a ‘preventing possible issues’ type of thing. And also, while he liked you, he never felt that strongly drawn to you on a romantic level. The other part as well is, there might have been people he hung out with, who he felt it would have been kind of ‘uncool’ if he admitted he liked you. If that makes any sense?

Overall, did he like you? Yes, he liked you, but not quite in the same way you probably feel for him. I hope this helps, hun.

Answer by Elder_Pagan
A 3 card spread is not very use full, have someone do a celtic cross will find out much more.

Answer by maggie w
Doing a tarot reading is a very time consuming thing. It only takes a few moments to lie down the cards but the interpretation is the difficult part. I suggest if you don’t like what you have heard from this FREE tarot reader then go to a tarot reader and pay for it. It is always preferable that you yourself handle the cards and put your own thoughts into the cards to get the truest reading. Then you will get what you have paid for and not necessarily what you want. ~M~

Answer by hudsongray
I don’t see how the reader got that from the stength card. That one means gentle strength that can control something more powerful, a use of mind over brute force.

No, it’s in no way a romantic card, but it would seem to indicate that the two of you were not on the same wavelength, that your strengths came from different areas, making the match not workable.

Answer by KdS
Some of that sounds right to me… I’d say he made a false judgment about you initially and was attracted based off of that, then liked you well at first, but ultimately found you too overwhelming and powerful for him.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone ever had a profoundly accurate psychic reading done before?

Ok, I am contemplating doing something I have never done before out of my relentlessly anxious curiosity about my near future. I am considering getting a psychic reading done–either over the telephone or in person but there are so many frauds out there claiming to be a genuine medium with profoundly right and true guidance/answers that I wouldn’t know the very small amount of mediums who are actually sincerely psychic from the many who are just phonies looking for money. If you personally have had an exceptionally ‘true’ psychic reading done that has proved since then to be pretty darn accurate considering what has happened in your life since your psychic ‘reading’ NOT a palm reading or tarot card reading please (as I’ve tried both of those more than once and they were all horribly inaccurate so for obvious reasons I do not wish to get another tarot or palm ‘readings’ ) so, if you have had a startlingly accurate psychic reading could you please recommend to me the person who did it and how i could get in contact with him or her. I live near Syracuse, NY but as I mentioned I would be willing to have this psychic reading done online or on the telephone if necessary. I really want something to believe in, please let me know, many genuine thanks!

P.S. If you’re not comfortable replying publicly to this question of mine then please email me privately with your story and the contact info of the psychic you had a ‘reading’ by :O)

Answer by jwhite1979
If anyone could actually contact dead people or foresee the future, they would not be telling fortunes for $ 20 bucks out of their living room or over the phone. They would rule the world.

Psychics use a method called “cold reading.” It’s all a sham. I wish they were real, but they are not and never will be for real.

Answer by LiveReadings
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