Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the “JACKS” mean in tarot?

Could someone with experience with playing cards in tarot explain what the following cards below mean? I get confused on the meanings of the jacks. Thank you! 🙂

Jack of Diamonds
Jack of Spades
Jack of Clubs
Jack of Hearts

Answer by GoodBye Yellow Brick Road
Jacks to me would be the equivalent to the tarot Prince cards.

J of Diamonds= Prince of Pentacles
J of Spades= Prince of Swords
J of Clubs= Prince of Wands
J of Hearts= Prince of Cubs

Answer by zoque
jacks = knights.

below is a good website that explain all cards;

Answer by Abella *Jucy* Arthur
Jacks would be Knights in tarot. But in carotmancy, they are Jacks. 😀

Any cartomancy website will give you your answe but try this one out:

I’m a professional tarot reader by the way and just came out with a self-tarot reading method –>

Best wishes…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever made tarot cards?

how did you come out with the pics for them? did you make them out of construction paper, cardboard? what did each card mean to you, and why? thanks.

Answer by Leon G
I made all sorts of cards for my art class in high school.

For my tarot cards, I looked up the suits and did a lot of research into what each suit represented, and then picked a picture that had personal meaning to me. I made both the major and minor arcana (77 cards total).

I painted them with acrylic onto cardstock, and then bordered it with matte board and laminated it.

Answer by gemenisthesign
No just used my ex girlfriends.

Answer by preacher man
tarot cards a form of witch i dont have any thing to do with them preacher carney

Answer by ken
I dont know tarot cards for me no

Answer by Robert H
In Llewelyn’s 2008 Tarot Reader (at most Barnes and Nobles), there’s an article on how to do this.

As the other folks said, you can make your deck out of any pictures you like or that resonate with you. Just cut and paste onto some cardstock.

If you want to get fancy, get some lamination packets for pictures and put one card in each packet and fold. You can get these at Wal-Mart.

You might just start with the Major Arcana. That’s 22, instead of the usually 78. Now take out one card, say the Magician, and see which of your pictures/cut-outs make sense with what the Magician picture means to you.

If you are computer savvy, a fun, and very quick way to do this type of thing, is to use clip art and post card paper. Post card paper has 4 cards per page. Most of the postcard packages (like Avery) have a template you can put into your Word Processor. Just fill in the blanks with the clip art, and print. Gives you 4 Tarot Cards per page.

If you are an artist, use the Major Arcana, and create your own version of each picture.

If you are a photographer, you can use the Major Arcana as a guide, and setup photo shoots for each picture, complete with props, clothing, friends, and pets.

And if you are really good at the last two methods, consider marketing or web-marketing your products. People are always interested in new Tarot decks.

Years ago, I made a symbol deck out of square pieces. I just used typical symbols (squares, triangles, Astrological signs, etc), but made them so if you pushed them together, they fit and made a bigger picture. I made up a list of meanings for each card and entered a psychic fair and did readings. I was booked all day! Why? Because no one had ever heard of symbol readings and wanted to try out the “new guy” with the “new cards.” I even made specialized cards/symbols for folks, put them in little frames, and sold them at a flea market a few months later.

Have fun with this.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what does the hermit card mean?

I did a 3 card reading. the first card was is 6 coins, middle card is knight of wands, then hermit. What does this mean? I have been having some misfortunes and want to know how I can break free from feeling like this and also how to stop the hermit from following me. What do i need to do?

Answer by Sarah
Key Words for the Hermit Tarot Card Meanings,


Answer by nightvisionuk
Tarot readers have many different styles of reading. I have dabbled. here’s my interpretation.

6 coins is the past. It is the card of give and take, a situation where a balance must be struck between what you give out, and what you receive in return.

Knight of wands is the present, possibly represents yourself. He is a man of purpose and action. But he runs the risk of being too rash in a situation.

The Hermit is the future and is not a bad omen – he represents the wisdom of withdrawing from the world in some way in order to search the self. Meditation and learning more about yourself is indicated here.

Other tarot readers will have a different spin on things, but people usually relate to my style of reading.

Answer by Angelina
What was the order of the cards and were any of them reversed?

Answer by westpenninewoman
The Hermit card is a lonely card. It suggests to me that perhaps you feel disconnected from those around you.

I see it representing a turning point in your life too. After a great deal of thought and consideration you decide to take another path forward in life.

It can also represent the guidance of a spirtual teacher or older wiser person.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card meanings

2. The High Priestess – Upright and Reversed

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