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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the blank card (just the one with the design on it) mean during a tarot card reading?

During a tarot card reading for my mom the black cover card some how got into the cards. It happened durting a celtic cross spread and it was the futre influence card. Is there any special meaning to this or should the reading be redone?

Answer by John quill Quill
Behold! God has all-knowledge!
Do you like having an infinite number of options
and choices to choose from at this very instant?
You’re a prisoner of Decision.

Answer by Sjnoring Ejvrloodyr
Her future will be parabolic.

Answer by romans 8:1
The blank card means that we do not exist. (just kidding, but it is a good thought. or maybe it does)

Answer by Matrix Fan
Don’t listen to quill. People are just upset and need someone to blame for the Matrix being in an obvious time loop.

Like all six billion people were force fed the redpill.

Blank tarot card means frequent flyer miles.

Answer by Sarah
Throw that card out, it means nothing at all.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
What does it indicate to you? Obviously, this was an accident… the blank card isn’t generally supposed to be shuffled into the deck and is there as a replacement for lost cards or to add your own symbol to.

You, as the reader, would need to figure out what such a card might mean. What feelings did you get when it turned up? Oops? Woah? Confusion? Dread? Laughter? Irritation? Emberessment? This is an “omen!”? Follow your gut. If you’re still confused, draw another card to explain what the appearance of this anomolous card might mean.

Answer by Miss 6
In my deck the blank card is called To All Believers I use it in my readings. This card represents the secrets we want or need to keep from ourselves during a reading.
When this card up you can try to pull extra cards for clarification over that one card but most times I just take this as something that cannot be revealed to me at this time.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : While cleansing a deck of tarot cards, do you have to do each card? How should I store them?

If I were to rub with sage, or run through incense/candle flame, do I have to do each card, or just the deck? I know there are a lot of ways to cleanse my tarot deck, but I like these best.

ALSO: How should I keep them? They came in a box, but should I keep them in a different material?

Oh, and does it mater what kind of candle?

Answer by CatSamuel
Cleanse them with bleach; it makes them white and shiny, plus it kills germs.

Also, they should be stored wrapped in a pair of flannel underwear that has lain out all night under the light of a full moon.

Happy prognosticating!

Answer by RadarRecon
Yes, run them through a candle flame – very, VERY slowly. If that doesn’t do the trick, put them in the oven at 550 degrees for one hour, along with your ouija board, rabbit’s foot, and 4-leaf clovers.

Answer by Corey
Don’t run them through cangle flame. That will cause the evaporated parafin to adhere to them. Incense should be a-ok though.

Answer by ♫ Bubastes, Cat Goddess♥
I keep my deck in a porcelain box which I made for the purpose of my cards.
I have another deck which I use for teaching the tarot. It is wrapped in orange silk and kept in a box made from a magnolia tree and it is lined with cedar.
I know some folks keep their cards wrapped in black silk and keep them in a velvet bag.
I think it just depends on the individual.
I’ve done it both ways, it really depends on the cleansing spell.
I always use my special candle, it is dark blue with pentacles in silver on the outside of it.

Answer by kickindevilbutt
This is hwo to cleanse them.

You take them and set them on fire.

Then you let them burn.

Now dont worry about it if they turn to ashes

This is good. You want them to turn to ashes

Answer by vid
You should put them through the smoke of incense or sage–not a candle as that is too hot. There’s a much easier way to clear a deck–put it in order with the Major Arcana first and then the Minor Arcana behind it. That’s the easiest and most effective way I’ve found along with shuffling many many times and sleeping with them under your pillow for a few nights. I don’t do sage or anything like that as I find this way the most effective–my experience.

If you are determined to do it your way, you can put the entire deck through the smoke–not one card at a time.

As to how you store your cards it’s completely up to you and how you feel comfortable. Many readers put them in silk or wooden boxes. There are others that keep them in their original boxes or held together by a simple rubber band.

Answer by Midnyte
Well… if you are comfortable with cleansing a deck card by card, if it makes sense to you and it feels right – do so. No one can tell you that some particular way is more correct, they can just tell you their own favorite method.

There’s mine.
3 decks that I work with on daily basis are on my altar (without box) with small amethyst crystals on top. My other decks are kept in a wooden box, some are in their original boxes, some in tarot bags, some wrapped in silk, I have crystals and some sage in that box also.
Before the reading I do run a deck through incense smoke and over candle flame. Usually I use purple candle or white.

But you don’t have to do all these. There are a lot of tarot readers, who are not religious at all and they might do a candle and incense thing just for deeper relaxation. They don’t do crystals nor herbs, nor invoke any deities, they just tap into their sub-consciousness to get what they need.

So read all advices, but choose the one that feels right.


Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
I cleanse my cards over a candle flame. I choose a white candle since white is composed of all the other colors so it covers everything.

Keep your cards in a silk pouch ( Can be purchased at a New Age Bookstore) and put that into a wooden box.

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