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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it take to read tarot cards correctly?

I have a set of the Lenormand tarot cards, and I really want to get more into them. But what does it take to read them correctly? Or do they lead themselves? Or is the Lenormand set just for shits and giggles? I’m completely new to this, so if you’ve got any pointers or corrections.. anything, tell me ­čÖé

Answer by vina
satan so dont…DANGER…

Answer by InterestingGuy
Find a method that works for you (there are several that can be found simply by googling). Then work with that method and assess whether you think the Tarot is really helping you.

Personally, I see the Tarot as simply a “springboard” of ideas. I don’t believe they tell the future, but the archetypes they convey can suggest a good way of looking at the situation.

All tarot cards are for shits and giggles

Answer by therevman
You really want to play with Fire. The Devil plays for keeps and you will be taking the Biggest Risk in your Life.. Hell is hot and it is for Ever. God is the only Source for future knowledge the Devil only has a bunch of guesses and lies.. So believe another lie Eve, and Damn your soul for ever..

Answer by George
The advice I’m regularly giving and wishing I’d gotten myself when I started is – dont buy a book and try to learn the meanings of each of the 78 cards. It’s not an academic undertaking. You’ll get fed up thumbing the books every time you do a spread.

Tarot is about intuition and interpreting the images you see in front of you as a story that you are being told. It’s just like dream interpretation.

The only thing you need to learn is the background to the elements and the numerology.
There are 4 elements and numbers from 1 to 9. That’s 13 things you need to know and understand.
Once you have this the 56 minor arcana cards become easy to follow.
The Major Arcana is heavy on visual symbology which makes it easier to interpret, it also use numerology and elements too.

I’m in the process of writing articles on this subject. I’ve published my article on the elements and should be finished the numerology of Tarot in the next day or so along with an overview explanation.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Could vivid dreams be in cause by not reading the tarot cards anymore?

I used to read the tarot cards every night at or around midnight but I stopped after having predicted an accident and it happened within days of the reading. Now, I have strange vivid dreams and bits and pieces from the dreams tend to happen within days. Are the dreams signs that I need to start reading again? Please no answers from the nonbelievers or anti tarot people. Thanks everyone!

Answer by Zia Lucia
No, Lolita my dear, the Tarot are not imposing their will on you or affecting your dreams. The power of the cards comes from within yourself, not from the printed pictures on chipboard.

What seems to have happened is that you have frightened yourself. As you began to develop your own intuitive skills through using the cards (a very effective tool) your readings naturally became more accurate. The first time one predicts a violent or tragic occurrence can be quite alarming. It is this surprise, and the fear of your own power that have triggered your vivid dreams. Again, your old Zia wants you to understand that there is no power in the cards doing this, but rather your own power that, having been awakened, is seeking an outlet. The natural outlet for an active intuition is one’s dreams.

Zia’s recommendation is that you find someone with experience in using their intuitive skills who might be willing to mentor you, and help you discipline your own gifts.

Answer by Meg
ok, accident will happen if you base your mind on them..
I bet you keep going around in circles with your readings..
Reason is you need to use what Creation gave you, common sense and kindness, reasoning and feeling whats best..
People don’t see that pattern when they read, its like the wood from the tress..

I’m not anti, just Understand what your looking for…

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Tarot Questions: Hardest Tarot Cards

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