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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when a psychic tell you “everyone close to you either leaves you, takes from you or dies?

I went to a psychic and she told me “everyone close to you either leaves you, takes from you, or dies. I forgot if she said it was a kind of karma or which tarot card she was reading from. Does anyone know what this saying is based from? It was so true and I was in such shock I forgot to ask her before I left.

Answer by Lover of Jehovah
It means that she just took your money.

Answer by Indalecio Celesta
The psychic was telling you something that is true for everyone no matter what.

It’s not profound.

Answer by Matt
It’s not a saying. You paid for a reading and you got one, seems to me. But don’t worry about the karma thing. Just because you have had unfortunate relationships in the past doesn’t mean you wont have nice ones in the future. Be happy, positive and constructive in life, don’t let negativity get you down, and you will meet the right people as you go through life.

Answer by ssrvj
A Psychic knows NOTHING about KARMA

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you/how is it possible to perform a tarot reading over the phone?? Thank you.?

People give tarot readings over the phone. How would one do that when the person has to shuffle the cards themselves? Thank you.

Answer by rhio9
Most phone-generated tarot readings that I’ve been involved with, the reader shuffles the cards. The person being “read” usually will conceive a question or issue, the “reader” will assume the identity of the person being “read”, shuffle and cut the cards and will pull the cards. In some cases, the reader will pass thru cads, a set of cards, or a stack of cards, and the person being read will say “STOP!” at various times indicating to the reader when to pull a card. It is not the most reliable form of reading, but when all else fails, it works.

Answer by summer
I wouldn’t trust a tarot reading over the phone …there are free sites u can go to …facade is a good site

Answer by snowdrop
Not all tarot readers have the person shuffle the cards. Over the phone they would ask you to tell them when to stop shuffling (that is if they were really shuffling)……..????

Best to go to one you can see.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the difference between a tarot card reading and using a Crystal ball?

I know they are different ways of telling the future, but does one give you more detailed information them the other? Is one of them got less mistakes in them the other?
I don’t want to do readings for people, but I would like to find somebody who would do a reading for me.

Answer by Anpadh
It all depends on who is reading.

Answer by Kieran S
One of them makes it up as they go along, while the other makes it up too.

Answer by lilith663
They are just tools used by the psychic. They can give you a reading without the props but people expect them so they use what they are more comfortable with.

Answer by MSB
Divination practices come from different cultures, and therefore there are different methods.

Choosing which tool you will use for divination (Tarot, Runes, Crystal ball, Black Mirror, I-Ching, etc.) is basically no different from an artist choosing which medium he will work in (paint, clay, metal, marble, etc.).

It’s a matter of preference. A lot of people interested in seriously studying divination will try a few different ways but often tend to have a favorite method with which they are more skilled/more talented.

It”s not that one tool is more accurate than another– accuracy is largely based on how skilled the person using the tool is.

For example, a skilled and talented artist could probably do more with a charred stick on the sidewalk than most of us could do with the finest art supplies available.

Answer by Jσαииα єνє 🙂
How much information you get depends of how specific you are in your questions. Also people tend to work better with one medium, for example I use runes or scry in fire. I find it hard to concentrate of a ball so that may affect it.

Answer by Pagan Mama
I have never done a crystal ball but I know people who do scry. Basically, no. It’s based on the ability of the individual who is reading. Some people cannot scry and only read tarot, others it’s the other way around, and others can do both with equal results.

If your curious as to which you should opt for. Go with gut instinct or try both. You will figure out quickly which is best for you.

Answer by Terry
The crystal ball is a focus point for a strong talent. The Tarot Deck can guide someone with very limited talent, but the stubborness to learn each card and its meanings in self and in concert with other cards.

It is best to work with the tarot when just beginning divination. The Pendulum would be next. Then, possibly a scrying bowl should be used before spending the money for a crystal ball.

Answer by drakani
I don’t believe in the crystal ball. I don’t think a ball can show you images. Tarot cards are more accurate. Psychics use them and I have my own. It’s accurate. It want to get cards, make sure you shuffle them a lot so it gets used to your energy.

Written by LoveadvisorJoyce

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