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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean that I get the Moon tarot card whenver I ask about my finances?

I have a tarot deck, and whenever I ask about finances or getting a new job, I always get the Moon card. What does that mean?

Answer by demonkin.otherkin666
It means youll work the graveyard shift. Moon represents night.

Answer by Raider Duck
Nothing. Tarot is another ridiculous superstition that has no grounding in reality.

Answer by LJR
You shoulnt moon your employer.

Answer by godless
Since the moon only shines by reflecting sunlight, this means that you should look for a night job.

IOW, random chance.

Answer by Yorkshire Lass
You could so easily lose your ‘peaceful joy’ if you dabble in the occult which is what using tarot cards is. You are actually inviting spirits to communicate with you. For even years, they may seen friendly, but one day things get nasty for those who are involved.
I have read testimonies, also my husband had a very frightening demonic experience after just a bit of odd dabbling. The aim of these spirits is to enslave you so that to some degree, you are not in charge of your thoughts and feelings; this is known fact, please be warned.
Find faith in Christ, this is a safe, peaceful and joyful base for life..

Answer by Slarty
Unfortunately, the Moon card means that your life will end if you bring a new life into the world, just as the moon ends when the sun rises at dawn. For your own safety, you must never reproduce.

Answer by Sim – plicimus
It means that a deck of cards is not a financial planner.

Fortunately, given the average intelligence of people who actually think Tarot is real; one Burger King or Arby’s pays pretty much like the next.

Answer by George
The Moon is a warning that all is not what it seems.
It’s also a card of change.

Also be careful that Tarot isn’t warning you of something else.

I’ve seen in my own readings, and readings of other people, Tarot trying to warn about something else and ignoring the question if there’s something more important you need to know.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do i choose tarot card decks?

I’m interested in tarot card reading and learning to do it myself but there are so many different types of decks out there, how do i choose? Is there a way to find out which one is the right deck for me or does it even matter?

Answer by Buddah
I don’t know too much about them but i do know this. There are some cards that have more negative cards in them that will show you more of the negative things in life. There are other cards that are more positive and will show you the positive things in life.
In the end I think they will all tell you the same thing.

Answer by Ishamael
I would suggest you start with the most typical Rider deck. It is so standard that mst others will be based on it. It comes with a booklet that explains the symbols behind the cards as well as the different layouts. Once you gain proficiency in it, you might be intuitively drawn to a deck you have seen in your local New Age store. When you develop your intuition well it will guide you to a new deck every time.

You will feel special affinity towards the deck you are supposed to choose. If the illustrations look interesting, or the theme behind the deck appeals to you, you will know to go for such a deck. Until then, if you confused, start with the basics. The Rider deck is so well known, you can even find free tutorials online about it. Good luck.

Answer by lynn D
The deck you choose does not matter. Go to a New Age bookstore that has a variety of decks; look at them and touch them. One will feel right to you and that is the one that you should choose.

Any deck will do as long as you like it and feel comfortable with it. Raider Waite deck is the most widely used. I use the Mythic Tarot which is based on Greek Mythology since that is the deck used to teach me. There may be more information on meanings using the more widely used decks so you may want to take that into consideration. The reason is that some of the less known decks will have variations on the cards.

Best wishes

Answer by broken
I’ve found it helpful for me to look at tarot boxes on display in a store and find one I’m drawn to. User reviews of tarot decks, when you can find them, have also been extremely helpful to me since they can critique the art, symbolism, and the reviewers’ experiences using the cards. In addition, reviews often snapshot a few cards to give you a general idea of the theme of the deck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i buy a Tarot Card and how much?

Does anybody know how much a Tarot Card costs and where to buy one? I’m living in the Philippines, Makati. Thanks.

Answer by I Hate Homework
Most likely at any local palm reader

answer mine: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081209171930AAJTPpG

Answer by cia_splinter
I got a pack in Salem, New Hampshire (U.S.) for eighteen dollars, and it was a good deck but kind of a rip off.

Answer by koti_rose327
at spencers for under $ 20

you can buy them from their online store too


Answer by jabs
I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but seriously, don’t waste your money, they don’t work.

Answer by Bobert L
Borders Books

Answer by Houdini
I’d try to find a deck on Ebay, Good luck

Answer by no_moore
try lacompras.


Answer by Sarah
I found a link online where u can buy Tarot cards:


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