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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do these tarot cards mean when they are reversed?

had a 36 card reading today, and i had alot of cards that were reversed. some of them included

death, marriage, desire, lover, widow,thief, journey, love, anger, letter, falseness,visit, fidelity, merriment and loss

none of the cards have numbers on them, so im having a hard time looking the meanings up online.

please let me know what these cards mean.

Answer by Pastafarian
It means the cards are reversed.

Answer by Joe P
Nothing whatsoever.

Answer by implumbus
tarot cards mean nothing….

Answer by Paula
It can mean whatever you want it to mean.
I’m guessing, but I would expect about half the cards would be reversed, based on the law of probability.

Answer by thorndrose
This actually doesn’t sound like a tarot deck. It sounds like a variation on the lenormand. Was the entire deck used in the reading?

Answer by M
According to the book I have (Introductory to Tarot by Susan Levitt) It doesn’t mean anything at all. Some people chose to make it mean the “opposite” but, according to her and other Tarot readers I’ve met, it means nothing. Just turn it right side up.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone tell what these two tarot cards mean when paired together?

i asked if someone is in to malicious behavior or malicious activity’s toward me and my life

here are the two cards that popped up.

the High Priestess


the Knight of Swords

this is what i believe in so please don’t leave comments like don’t waste your time etc…

thank you for any answers

Answer by Kaybee
A White Queen and a Warrior…

White Queen… spiritually aware, and bright
Knight of Swards- A fierce protector and guardian

Answer by Alicorna

HP: Their is someone with a high amount of spiritual power, I am getting someone from a nearby church, who is ‘praying for you to see your evil ways’ IOW they are cursing you till you convert.

KoS: A male, I really think a guardian spirit taking a male form, will fight for you and shield you from the curses, just comand him to do so.

Thats what I am getting.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do these tarot cards mean love reading?

Hey I have a question what does the magician, the nine of pentacles, and the lovers mean in a love reading? I used Celtic Cross and deck is Rider Waite.

Answer by Joy Division Oven Gloves
They mean you picked some random bits of cardboard from a stack of other bits of cardboard.

They also mean that your gullibility index is quite high.

Answer by Shoes Too A Wish within a Wish
I love tarot cards. The art on them, and looking for the meanings hidden on the cards. Every deck should have the same meaning for each card, so it’s fun to try and find the symbolism representing the meaning on each card– that’s the reason they’re always so stuffed with things. The pictures are meant to remind you what each card means.

Answer by Jimmy K
They mean nothing; they’re pieces of paper.

People put far too much meaning in pieces of paper.

Answer by Wiki
The Magician is the one who obtain results thanks to its own merit.

The Coins (pentacles) can mean the gain of an element represented in a nearby paper (the lovers).
And the number 9 is the the most perfect number (3 times 3, the perfect number).

So it’s a perfect spread for love!!!!

You will gain serenity in your love life thanks to your own merit!!!!!!!!

Very good!

Answer by Miss 6
Well the CC spread has its own positional meanings so you would have to associate the meanings in the proper context. I can give you the general meaning to each in regards to love. The Magician – can indicate a new deeper levels in your relationship even feeling more committed to each other than before. There is an understanding between the two people involved because they have learned each other or are more interested in learning about each other. 9 of Pentacles – is a happy card! It indicates success, home life is getting better – a lot of joy in the home. The Lovers – is always about choice. You choose to be together and work things out. It also is a very positive omen in a love reading – it does indicate a strong love bond.

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How to Read Tarot Cards : The Meaning of the Ace of Cups Tarot Card

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