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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do these tarot cards mean love reading?

Hey I have a question what does the magician and the nine of pentacles mean in a love reading?

Answer by Aggy
They are cards printed by the million in huge factories in China. How could they possibly mean anything?

Answer by Mercuri
It means you’re kinda gullible to believe that tarot cards can actually mean anything.

Answer by PROBLEM
Supposed to be great, see link below.

Answer by R.Regnig
Mr. Reg thinks you have a special youthfulness not seen in your family tree for many generations . Nevertheless though ‘ perfect ‘ the magician indicates a period of hidden trial must come to manifest yourself appropriately in terms of then; developed; internal perfection .

Answer by Lynn
Try the mythology section @ Answers. there are more people over there that ask and answer that type of question.

Answer by Masticina Akicta
The Magician is the second card, it follows the Fool. In the Mayor Arcana the story is told about the story of the fool. The god who gave up being a god so it could begin over again.

The magician is like an older brother to the fool. it not only has the sign of infinity it also has all the four signs. Wands, Swords, Cups and Coins/Pentacles

So the magician is like a gate …its his job to give advice to the fool in negative it also can decide not tell everything.

The Nine of Pentacles lets see Its about disclipline, control and self reliance. Now how would this show up in a love reading


Yes.. I would say do not expect a lover to fall into your lap out of heavens 😉 If you are in a relationship, have an eye on someone or hope to meet that special person soon..well it will take a while.

You don’t get things without working for it 😉

In short don’t expect wonders.. but there are no cards showing breakups or negative meanings. Self Reliance doesn’t means breaking up after all.. in a relationship you have to work together.But also know to build up a strong base.

Answer by Rebel
Those two cards can mean many things in a love reading so it helps to be a bit more specific.

If you are single and interested in guys and were asking, say, what love would be coming into your life in the next year, the Magician is a virile, capable hottie of a guy. A mover & a shaker, he can be a politician, promoter, someone in applied sciences, a neurosurgeon, a linguist. A McGyver type of guy. The type of guy people turn to in a crisis.

9 Pentacles as an outcome suggested a possible marriage where you are comfortable (even wealthy), sex is good, and there is a great deal of love. But it IS a woman and could indicate he’s seeing a confident dark-haired woman who has done very well for herself in her career. As advice, on the other hand, 9 Stones suggests that you focus on your life and enjoy him without obsessing over him. If you don’t know, ask the cards for clarification.

Here’s a sample of a love reading. It’s kinda saucy & quirky, but will give you an idea how to layer & interview the cards when doing a love reading.

Good luck!

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The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Video

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