Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do repeated dreams, visions, and flashes, of people who look like you and your friends?

It’s like a story that plays in my head and I’ve had these thoughts and dreams for years now. And they are getting more graphic on how characters die, meet, flash backs of their past. This is seriously confusing. The main person my dreams are about a girl who looks similar to me and has the same personality as me. I feel conected to her some times. It’s weird. Help please? And please don’t insult me?

Answer by Erik
It means that you should use all this information go to hollywood and make a movie =) …. I’m jk .. but seriously u need to speak to a psychatrist! Hope u don’t go through this any loonger

Answer by The_D
Movie idea isn’t unreal…. Twilight is based on a dream.

But dreams are often about our subconscious. I have a reoccurring dream too. It is something that worries me in the real world, so it is often in the back of my mind and appears in dream form.

Answer by intrigued
It could either mean you, the person who is similar
OR it is telling you stuff. So basically you can’t do anything but wait. I have realised the more I try and work out my dreams its pointless because something will happen and then you can look back. No dream is ever exact. For eg, the people could be you or people you know. I was told to never work visions out because it will stuff your head up.
Life gives you messages because when you are in a certain situation, you will be able to look back on your dreams etc and relate it to that. You are always given messages, sometimes it takes us along time to work out. Sometimes its because you are meant to give someone else that message. Everything happens for a reason.

Answer by Dee <<< that site will answer all your questions i would also add i believe you may be having premonitions

Answer by Alcyone
these may be people you knew from a past life, as well as personal experiences of past life/lives. It’s the same as when you get dejavu when you meet someone for the first time. You should find reading material published by Llewellyn about past life meditation and discovery. (Silvia Brown has some material about this too) Also, i would write it down in a journal. (the movie/book idea is actually pretty good)

I would also consider finding a good Tarot card reader and get a reading.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What was the real reason why Dorothy runaway in Wizard of Oz?

Her Uncles seem nice.
Her Grandmother is nice.
But the woman who took her dog was mean.

Was they gonna put Toto to sleep?
I don’t see how Toto was aggressive, biting people.

Usually Dorothy’s family would pay the woman’s medical bill.
Unless they are really poor.

She ran off with the dog and met the Tarot card reader or somebody.

Then she saw her family was in trouble, so she ran back… but Tornado whipped up the house …

and I don’t understand why she wants to go back home after she killed the Witch…
Everything is peaceful now…
Why go back home to Kansas??? where people are mean to her and want to take her dog???

Answer by Fred F
Her dog was taken away from her.

Answer by smallbizperson
Because Toto snapped at the mean neighbor (the woman in black that rode the bicycle), the neighbor had filed a complaint with the sheriff to have the dog put down (killed), for being a public menace.
When the dog jumped out of the basket on her bicycle and ran back to Dorothy, her aunt and uncle told her that the law was on the mean woman’s side. Dorothy took the dog and ran away to save the life of her closest friend, the dog.

She found that there was meanness in Oz as well, and she realized that most of all, she wanted to go home to be with her family and the three family farmhands (who had all appeared in her dream and helped protect her.)

Answer by Weasel McWeasel
Because there’s no place like Home……..

and Flying monkeys are just scary.

and besides, those Ruby slippers were probably Worth a fortune on E-Bay.

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