Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do psychics/tarot card readers wear?

That’s what I’m going to be for halloween, but I am not sure what they wear.Please tell me.

Keep in mind that I am 10

Answer by Liberal AssKicker
Why are you 10 and you’re already afraid of what people will say here?

You’re smarter than atheists.

Answer by Dude
They wear those big moomoo dress things with a feathery headband and beads and things like that.

Answer by Iris
Well I’m a non-professional tarot card reader, and I wear normal clothes.

But I understand you’re going for the more mystic thing. So I say wear lots of shawls, drapey clothes and beads. Like Professor Trewlany from Harry Potter.

Answer by Son of Wonder Weirdo
In general, they wear clothes. The image of the gypsy fortune teller is exagerated, but it does make for a good costume. Here’s a link to a costume. It’s for adults but you should get the idea.

Answer by This Path I Take Today [#2]
I think the stereotype is a Gypsy kind of thing.

Answer by Ted
Dress like a traditional gypsy. Lots of dangly jewelery, Loose, colourful clothing. Scarf around your forhead, tied at the side and hanging down. Lots of rattley wrist bracelets. Big wide belt made using a colourful scarf tied around your waste, knotted at the side and hanging down just like the one on your head. Puffy pants. Slippers

Answer by LadyB
Well, when I was a child, I’d wear gypsy-like clothing for my psychic costume.

Now that I’m grown, I wear normal clothing and only reveal my psychic gifts to those who inquire.

Answer by Evieiable
A colourful (dark purples, blues, golds) shawl is essential, preferably with little coins jingling on it. LOTS of rings with big, ornate jems, but nothing too glitzy or fragile looking. For shoes, sandals wil suffice. Wear a black wig if you can get one, and wear deep red lipstick and have dark eyes.
hope this helps =] x

Answer by Jσαииα єνє JPA
Anything. I’m one and you couldn’t tell if you saw me on the street. Maybe you could wear gypsy style clothes though…long skirts and headscarves and things.

Answer by Ambassador From Hell
I met a psychic medium in person and she read my cards. She was middle-aged at the time and looked like any normal Caucasian housewife from suburbia. I note your age but other people do read these so I’m answering for all. That lady smoked cigarettes at the readings she did. I was bemused by the “Oracle” in the Matrix movies how those actresses in that part also chain-smoked. The psychic I saw in person told me I should not smoke cigarettes myself. What nerve, eh? I saw her in the 1970’s by the way, and she wore a dress. Not like most of today’s wives and mothers. Too bad you can’t buy bubble-gum cigarettes anymore. You could wear a dress, a lot of jewelery and pretend you are smoking when dressed up for Halloween. When trick-or-treating be sure to ask people if you may read their palms. Then smile and look into their eyes. Say, “Time heals all wounds!” and hope they give you some candy after that.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How much should a person charge for a Tarot Card reading?

I charge nothing when I read for people, but I am wondering what people feel is a fair price to pay for a full and complete 45 to 60 minute reading.

Answer by all.write
nothing?… that’s not fair.

Answer by OMG
my friend reads cards too and when I go to a mall there are people read cards and tell what they mean.. I think for 45 to 60 minutes you should charge 20 to 30 cuz it costs 10 for 30mins.

Answer by Jelly
I think that people who give readings, understanding that its their living, but should come to the fact that if they want to help people why do they have to charge them? I think if you want to help someone money shouldn’t have any value. It’s the so called psychic readers that drain all of your money and in the end never really helped.

Answer by LaEl
If you were given a gift why would you not share it freely?

Answer by SANDS
They should be free.

Answer by Zaria Storm
hello love, my name is Zaria Storm. I am a Spiritual adviser. When I gave Tarot card readings, I would charge 30 dollars for a 3 card spread shown twice. Now I am not in this for the money, if I can help someone then that is what I would do. But, there are very many people out there that charge lots more. You have to have faith in your gift, and make sure that you are doing readings for the right reasons. Blessings to you……Zaria Storm oh love, if I can help you in any way, please just email me ok….

Answer by Rick N
Ask them to tell you how much is in your wallet. If they get it
right, give it to them. If not, the reading should be free and
taken with a heavy dose of salt!

Answer by lala
Its a very interesting question for me ; because as a physic : I can tell you I had been abuse by my friends and stranger when of course it was free . I cannot count how many party’s I attend who had been ruined because everyone want a free reading ; so after a decade of this treatment ; one day I decide to charge a small amount of money ; Oh it was not the same thing ; they had to pay ; so the abuse stop and I start to get respect . Today my fees are 40 dollars for 1 hour ; but if the person is in need and I gave her 10 or 15 min more ; of course its the same price ; because you do not have such a beautiful gift to abuse people

Answer by PJJ
In Australia they arrange from $ 20 to $ 70 per personal reading. I know people give free readings to help someone.

Answer by Gerico O
yeah it should be free, but than people would start to take advantage of them.

Answer by curiousdiva
here in california just for 30 min the readers charge 45 to 50 dollars which i think is very wrong. if u want to give it for free its ok, yet you must not forget that you are providing service and for this you must get some money! my major is business adminstration and so i will advise you like a marketing’s professional. you dont want to be free because it will create jam at your place. also you will get nothing by providing anyone a free reading…yes some people need it, but its only them who don’t have a penny in their pockets. i will not ask you to charge high either because it is already in the market and it doesnt work anymore cuz there r many sites out there where anyone can get accurate full reading at $ 1.50 per min. you should set a price that will make you look attractive and affordable….maybe something like $ 10 or $ 20.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

That depends on what the going rate is where you live, but most importantly how much experience that you have?!

If your new a token amount.

If your experienced, do you also work clairvoyantly?

In UK the later can charge from £20 – £45, the novice £5 – £10.

Hope that helps. Join our forum if you want to discuss tarot etc x


Answer by Delicious
Hey Marina! I have a tarot card reader that I have been seeing for ten years. She first started out charging fifteen dollars. Now see charges twenty five dollars. I feel the price is fair. Even though this a gift, people have to live and eat.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where in the bible does it say its wrong to see tarot card readers and psychics and things like that?

Answer by Fireball
galatians 5 andDeut 18:9-12….those things are considered witchcraft….CHOOSE JESUS!!

Answer by Dallas
Your great god wishes you to know nothing of your future, which is punishable by eternity in a fiery chamber of torture and despair known as hell.

Answer by Voltaire
You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB)
A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death. (Leviticus 20:27 NAB)
Whoever sacrifices to any god, except the Lord alone, shall be doomed. (Exodus 22:19 NAB)

Answer by storge07
seeking answers from spirits and other divinations and sorcery methods shows you look to others that are not of God, it shows you are seeking advice and guidance away from getting it from God or the word of God. get rid of that stuff and throw it away.

Rev 21:8 But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Answer by carolyne

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