Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do I need to know about getting a 900 number?

I am seriously considering starting my own business offering tarot readings. I am confident that I can offer a valuable service to callers as God has blessed me with psychic abilities.
What is involved in having a phone service…..about how much are the costs….what is the best company to provide the 900 service, how costly is it to accept credit cards for my readings….etc.

Answer by Brutus
Just read the cards.

Answer by vid
Well, if you are “genuine” you could probably do something different than a 900 line. For instance, there are some very good psychics out there that charge a flat fee for 30 or 60 minutes. They then call the person they are going to read for, or have the person call them. Generally, it’s cheaper for the “reader” to get free long distance on their phone, but if you’ll be doing out of the country readings it might be cheaper for people to call you. Anyway, it’s completely ridiculous to do a 900 number. One of the main reasons is they are generally viewed as a rip-off and a scam, and most self-respecting people do not trust them. Instead, people tend to find a reader or “psychic” online and then set up a reading with them–via phone, messenger, or email. That in my opinion is one of the best ways. Also, you could only accept paypal on your website, and that makes it much easier for payment because anyone with a credit card could use paypal.

Hope that helps, but again, if you started a 900 number I’m sure you would be let down because not too many people call them anymore. I mean, do you really see the psychic infomercials like we did in the 1990s? No, and the reason is because people don’t call them so much anymore!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : For a tarot card reader: Please, could you read my cards about the near furture?

Anywhere from the next year or two. Or anything you pick up in that case.

DOB: 7/2/1986
Time of birth: 1:26AM
Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts USA

If you can’t do that could you just perhaps decipher my birth chart?

Thank you (:

Answer by in case of emergency mike angel.
sometimes someone can have too much ): Success and gain, leading you to take on a burden greater than you can carry. Noble leadership transformed, through lack of restraint, into tyranny. The crushing weight of ultimate responsibility. Having spent their fuel, the engines of creation grind to a halt.
The card to the far left represents the first false path that may lead you astray. Eight of Pentacles (Prudence): Dedicating yourself fully to a task. Learning a new craft or skill. Applying painstaking attention to detail. Industriousness and the efficient completion of tasks. Sticking with a project long enough to see it through.
The card in the middle represents the second decision along your path. Nine of Cups (Happiness): Contentment and satisfaction in romance, friendship, or other relationships. Achieving your deepest desires and savoring beauty and sensual pleasures. A state of joy and abundance radiating fulfillment and bliss.
The card at the lower right represents the second false path that may lead you astray. Seven of Cups (Temptation): Daydreams and things seen in the glass of contemplation. The scattering of energies by strong desires and unrealistic goals. The pursuit of illusions and the dissipation of energy on false choices. Intoxication, delirium, and hallucination, leading to the negation of effort. Under rare and extreme circumstances, may indicate the revelation of transcendental spiritual truth.
The card at the top represents one possible mask of your true destination. Temperance: Calm and restraint. Self-control, patience and tact in handling situations. The act of applying balanced spiritual and psychic forces to physical life.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should witches be allowed to marry?

We know the Bible tells us that “you shall not suffer a witch to live”, but are they allowed to marry? Perhaps before we all gather together to stone the Tarot-card reader at the local dirt mall, we could allow her to marry up with her Solitary Practitioner Wiccan boyfriend….
@Fidelis – No, it is I, Teddy’s evil twin brother, Myron Ruxpin!

Answer by Sang

Answer by Lily
No they dont have rights

Answer by interested1208
Only other witches…

You wouldn’t want them unequally yoked, would you??


Answer by Wispy
You are applying ancient writings to modern situations BTW@interested LMAO

Answer by 狐☯忠 Fidelis
Is that Teddy Ruxpin in your avatar?

Answer by Dr. Frog can fly!
I personally don’t know of any witches who would be interested in “marrying”

Pagans do this magical thing called a handfast.

Answer by joe714
i think people should be allowed to do anything except reproduce.
reproduction is the problem. and not reproducing is the solution.

Answer by Mackenzie
The Bible is irrelevant when it comes to legal marriages.

No one is required to be a Christian or follow the Bible to get married legally.

Answer by Pancho
I don’t know. Should dentists be allowed to drive Toyotas? That question makes about as much sense as what you’re asking …

Answer by Aandeg-Maiingan
Witches don’t care what the bible says considering they do not recognize it as anything authoritarian. Witches marry in secular ways…such as with Justice of the Peace.
Newsflash…marriage has been around far longer than Christianity so what the bible says is irrelevant.

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