Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What cards in the tarot are the “yes” cards and the “no” cards?

I noticed that when i do an online tarot single spread reading online, i get to have precise answers when i look up the card meanings. Now i want to know what are the “yes” and “no” tarot cards so that when i’m asking a yes or no type of question it would be easy for me to know what is the result. From what i read, the sun and 9 of cups are the “yes” cards, and i want to know the other cards. Thanks.

Answer by *Star*Light*Acrux
I only go with meaning and make a specific question
never do yes/no spread. I always use either 3, 5 or celtic

you can create your own spread as long as you remember meaning of each card
in that sense, you can decide what card is yes, what is no . also
so if your Yes is 9 cups then your No is 9 swords, just suggestion

Answer by Tea
These cards mean yes when you ask a positive question (i.e. “Will I do well in the contest?), but they mean no when you ask a negative question (i.e. “Am I going to fail my math class?):

1. The World – Your heart’s desire
2. The Sun – Good new, happy endings
3. 4 of Wands – Something to celebrate
4. 6 of Wands – Success, recognition and accolades
5. 9 of Cups – Your wish will come true
6. 10 of Cups – Contentment and happy relationships

These cards mean yes when you ask a negative question and no when you ask a positive question.

1. 10 of Swords – Utter defeat
2. The Tower – A disruptive or upsetting change. It can also mean disaster.
3. 5 of Cups – Something to grieve about. A loss.
4. 5 of Pentacles – Falling on hard times. Bad luck.
5. Death – Something coming to an end
6. 3 of Swords – Heartbreak or betrayal

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the meanings of these 2 tarot cards (reversed)?

1. Justice – reversed meaning
2. 8 of cups – reversed meaning

Please give the reverse meaning, thanks.

Answer by Lily B.
Justice reversed:
Introduction: Whether reversed or upright, Justice deals with the idea of karma and the law of cause and effect, stating that all events, and all people, are connected. Not everything you are dealing with, however, is a direct result of your own actions or karma. Sometimes you will be called upon to deal with the results of the actions of someone you care about, and this can sometimes be as difficult and demanding as it is when you’re up against something that is completely of your own making. In reversal you are especially encouraged to know whether a given issue is “yours” or someone else’s. Don’t blame yourself unnecessarily.

General: In reverse, this card can mean that you are feeling currently as though something happening in your life is particularly unjust. You may well be correct. However, there may not be a great deal that you can do about it, and if there is not, it will be important to accept reality and not chafe too much.

Work: When Justice comes up in reverse in the context of a work question, you may indeed be being treated unfairly in your workplace. However, there may not be a great deal which you can do to change this in the short term. Think critically and logically about what is happening and do not allow emotion to make you “cut off your nose to spite your face.” Even when reversed, this card carries the warning that you need to be sure that your work/life balance is where it needs to be. Too much emphasis on either aspect of life throws the other into imbalance. Seek the best advice you can find before making any major changes with regard to your working life. Yes, things may be unjust. However the solution may be of longer term than simply leaving or creating a confrontation about it. Slow down.

Love: When you draw Justice in reverse, in the context of a love relationship, it can be very important that you look carefully at exactly what you are bringing about in this relationship. You may feel that you have been treated unfairly when this card appears (and this may be the case,) however it’s important to bear in mind that such things rarely come about in a vacuum. How might you have contributed to the current situation or current difficulties, if you are currently in a relationship? When you draw this card in reverse and you are looking for love, know that although you may feel as though you are ready for a long-term, loving relationship, that there may be ways in which you are standing in your own way to prevent love from coming to you. For example, if you are too eager to make changes to your own life, in order to “fit” with a partner, you may in fact need to develop stronger boundaries and a stronger sense of self before a true, loving, long term relationship will come about for you. Meditation on these matters can be helpful now.

Finances: With Justice in reverse showing, this is unlikely to be a good time for gambling. Be cautious and prudent with your money, and see to it that particularly with cash, you are careful where you put it and who has access to it. If you are waiting on an answer to financial issues and questions that must come from someone else/an institution, unfortunately you my have to wait a while longer. Try to be patient.

Health: Even when Justice is drawn in reversal, in the context of health, we are reminded that it is important to “stay in the moment” and to pay attention to how we are endeavoring to keep a sense of balance in our lives. Moderation is not just for monks, it’s an important part of living a sensible and healthy life. This is a good and an important time to seek advice from more experienced people and different healers if you are having health difficulties.

Spirituality: Regardless of what is going on in your life and even if you feel that you have been absolutely unfairly treated, this is a time to work on being centered and grounded. Your anger and sense of maltreatment are not going to help you. If you are really having a tough time dealing with what life has challenged you with now, you may find the writings of the current Dalai Lama very helpful and inspirational. Increase your compassion, for yourself, and for the world. You are not being singled out for torment.

look at the site I use in sources to find 8 of Cups reversed.

Answer by Zac Vanderhorst

Answer by Tea
1. Justice reversed – Allowing your personal biases, hopes and fears to effect your decisions. Choosing emotionality over rationality. Choosing mercy over justice/fairness.
2. 8 of Cups reversed – An unwillingness to abandon a situation that just isn’t working out….mostly because you’ve probably invested a lot of time, energy, emotion and maybe even money into the situation.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Books & Authors: What Tarot card would describe your character? + BQ?

The Tarot card that fits my character is card 0, The Fool. The Fool travels, not knowing where he is going. It represents beginnings, and he starts over at a new town. He can be naïve, and has an important decision to make.

[My story was inspired by Tarot cards, which is why I felt like asking this.]

You can use the link to find the card that fits your character:

BQ: What inspired your story?
BQ2: How was your day?

Answer by the_evil_pepsi
The Moon.

BQ: My own experiences (Kinda)
BQ2: Boring.


Answer by נα¢є ωαуℓαи∂
My MC is The Moon.

BQ: It actually randomly popped into my head…the names, exact plot, all the tiny details, everything! 🙂

BQ2: Not so good. 🙁

Answer by Eibhlinn
Gudrun is the Emperor – she’s all about authority, structure and government and all that jazz.
Vorena is the High Priestess – she’s wise and is always 20 steps ahead of everyone else in the game.
Tommy could be the chariot because of his ambition, but he’s not that good with the self control part. He very much indulges himself.
Kess might be the Hermit – she’s cautious and a good planner. She thinks before she acts – most of the time.
Isabeau might be the Devil for the lust and sexual obsession part and she’s evil and controlling.

BQ: Waiting for the bus on William Street. It was a hot day and I was overdressed. I saw Kess waiting for the bus too.
BQ2: It wasn’t bad. I think I made my new boss see I’m necessary in the projection room.

Answer by 亲爱的日记,我爱你。
My main character is The Tower.

Divinatory meaning
Upright – Disruption. Conflict. Change. Sudden violent loss. Overthrow of an existing way of life. Major changes. Disruption of well worn routines. Ruin and disturbance. Dramatic upheaval. change of residence or job sometimes both at once. Widespread repercussions of actions. In the end, enlightenment and freedom.

BQ: My story was inspired by my Health teacher’s daughter.
BQ2: It was great. How about yours?

Answer by Leann Henderson
The Tower
BQ:Haha it’s weird. It was the color was a boys sweater. It was a blue color.
BQ2:Awesome! I cleaned then watched The Office then my dad sent me out to get candy and cigs. Cigs were for him. I love candy haha.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Knight of Wands – She’s highly energetic, active and athletic, passionate, a warrior, feircly loyal, sometimes pigheaded, occasionally naive. If she doesn’t understand something… well… (quote “If she cannot punch it, eat it or shag it, then it does not exist.”) When she sets her mind to a cause or when she sees an injustice, she won’t stop and she can be somewhat unpredictable.

King of Cups – He’s intuitive and spiritual, but also very savvy about people. He can be secretive and sometimes even manipulative, but deep down he’s a very emotional and loving person, deeply devoted to his family and friends, though it can be hard to see this sometimes because he can appear a little shady and intimidating on the surface.

Page of Swords: (teenage daughter of the man) She is young, smart, very savvy for her age… she’s suffered loss and hurt, but her strength is inspiring. She is amazingly resilliant, highly observant, independant, well-spoken, eager to make her mark on the world but she can be brutally, humorously and cuttingly honest when she speaks.

BQ: Lol! The X-Files, haha! I know, fanfiction is lame, but what can I do? At least they’re somewhat original characters… It’s set overseas and the familiar characters from the show (like Mulder and Scully) don’t even show up in my stories that often.

BQ2: A little overwhelming. Long commute is starting to take it’s toll on me, I have so little time to do anything.

Written by Kablan

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