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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the zodiac signs of the women on the tv show Mob Wives?

I cant find the answers anywhere, so what would be your guesses and why?
Sweet i guessed 2/4 right

I had a feelin Renee was Cancer since she’s super emotional and that Drita was an Aqua cus she’s badass.
First answerer deleted their answer… 🙁

Answer by Plutonic Feline
hhahahhahah I actually started to watch that show this week. It’s hilarious.
these women are crazy!
btw they are all astrology freaks (one episode with Renée having a “psychic dinner” with a Tarot card reader, there, most of their signs were exposed.

Drita is Aquarius
Karen is Taurus (such a TYPICAL Taurus)
Carla is Capricorn
Renée is Cancer (of course: Drama Queen)
Lee Junior (Renées husband): Scorpio

I’ve noticed that there are so many TAURUS WOMEN in reality shows that include the word “wives”. Housewives of New Jersey (Teresa, Jacqueline), Housewives of Atlanta (Kandi, Kim) and all the other real housewive franchises are casting Taurus women.

Overall, there have been very few Leos in reality show. The only ones I know of is Joe Gorga, Teresas husband in Real housewives of New Jersey. But he’s a dude and not an original cast member. He’s just married to Melissa who’s a cast member.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it true real Psychic people can oversee the present and help to solve crime mysteries?

If so, why they just don;t get on FBI payrole
and lower crime solving
oops, meant to upgrade crime solving

Answer by Billy Bob

Answer by Dresden Rose
Yes, it is. Police often employ psychics to aid in solving crimes. Actor Billy Bob Thorton’s mother is a Tarot card reader who is often a consultant to the police. My own mom did the same thing in some cases. (She read the cards too. So do I.)

Answer by sneezy
bhahahahahahahahahahaaha omg. do you realize how dumb you sound? people cannot see into the future. time is a concept humnas created to keep order in society. there is no moving it, changing the pace of it and seeing into the future. it’s not possible. people who say they do are lying fucks. they are psychotic and need meds

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any Tarot Card readers or Psychics?

Out there who could help me with a reading regarding my career… Say over a period of 6 months?

Thank you!

Answer by Indego
Dude, seriously, that shit isn’t real, its been proven FAR to many times…

Answer by Kate
your best bet would be to look locally. My great aunt read tea leaves when i was little but it was always shunned. I wish i would have learned.

Answer by Isabelle
I do a bit of tarot reading, but in order for you to get an accurate reading and one that isn’t a scam, you might want to just buy your own deck of cards. They all come with information and if there isn’t enough, many libraries have information on tarot.
The basic idea is for you to sit and meditate on your question while the cards are being dealt, after you, the questioner, has shuffled them.

Someone who offers to help you online would be a sham because they cannot help you without direct personal contact. At least not via Tarot.

Perhaps a psychic would be more your thing, but good look finding one of those who isn’t a fake. They do exist, they are just extremely rare and aren’t what you see on tv, or online, or in movies.

Answer by crocslove1
you can’t do tarot cards on-line. sorry. you have to touch the cards. but a psychics could with a little info. birth date, time, ect… check the web or yellow pages.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card reader

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