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If a #Tarot card falls out of the heap while you shuffle, take a good look at that card and its meaning.

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Trying to learn the meaning of one Tarot card a day. Also, I want to kill my old computer and make it new again…

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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning Video

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I want to learn how to read, interpret and use tarot cards, plus the history behind it as well as learning everything about astrology. What are some good books to read that will educate me on the subject?

Answer by Miss 6
If you already don’t have a tarot deck, I suggest going to the store and looking over tarot decks if you find one that really calls out to you than get it. You can also try this on line like on Amazon picking which deck you want. Usually the deck comes with a little book which is helpful for the particular deck. But as far as the bigger picture believe it or not Idiot’s Guide for Tarot has some really good exercises in it as well as solid definitions. Any book by Mary Greer will be very helpful to you.
Astrology books Astrology for the Millions by Grant Lewi

Answer by CassysTarot
There are so many tarot books out there. Heck, I’ve even written one. It’s called Tarot Cassy’s Way. It is a nice guide of meanings, but also has numerological aspects, explains the use of colors, etc. But you can also go on YouTube and find some tarot meanings for free. Some good videos are put out by Krystel High Corell. Not sure I spelled that correctly. Look for MagickTV. These guys are really good at teaching stuff. Amanda Goldston also has free tarot meanings on You Tube. Her handle is amandagoldston. She and I are both also at I try to help people when I can, but I’m writing several books, so my time is sporadic. Still, it’s really not enough to grab a book and a deck. You have to handle the cards, and handle them, and handle them. I have some good advice on how to begin in my book.
It really is a must that you learn to read the cards with your own eyes, so to speak, before you delve into rote memory reading. The meanings are a guide, the tarot is a tool to open your psychic eye. Good luck. Enjoy the path.

Answer by KdS
For tarot, you could try The Cartomancer’s Key by Talia Felix. It’s got history, easy to use charts, and isn’t as “woo-woo” as a lot of the stuff on the market.
For astrology, actually the best book I’ve seen for it was a specifically love-oriented book called Sextrology by Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox. But if you just want to learn about it in general, Joanna Martine Woolfolk’s Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need has good reviews.

Answer by in case of emergency mike angel.
try uing the free ones online first,

Completion): Romance. Society. Harmony. Newly acquired prosperity. Peace. Tranquility. The fruits of labor. Rest after strife.
The card at the bottom of the circle represents something you did to bring the situation about. Three of Swords (Sorrow): Absence. Disappointment. Strife. Removal. Dispersion. Diversion. Opposition. Separation. Delay.
The card at the bottom left of the circle represents your beliefs, impressions, or expectations. Queen of Swords: Sharp, quick-witted, keen person. Intense perceptions. A subtle person. May signify a widow or woman of sadness. Mourning. Privation. Absence. Loneliness. Separation. One who has savored great happiness but who presently knows the anxiety of misfortune and reversal.
The card at the bottom right of the circle represents the most likely outcome of the situation given present circumstances. Rejuvenation: Atonement. Judgment. The need to repent and forgive. The moment to account for the manner in which we have used our opportunities. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Improvement. Development. Promotion. Effort that ends in just reward. The desire for immortality. Legal judgment. One should carefully consider the effects of present actions on other persons.
The card at the upper left of the circle represents the spiritual history of the situation the things you’ve learned. Ace of Cups: Great abundance. Fulfillment. Perfection. Joy. Fertility. Opulence. Fullness. Happiness. Productiveness. Beauty and pleasure. Goodness overflowing. Favorable outlook.
The card at the top of the circle represents the spiritual tasks and challenges of the present situation. Three of Cups (Abundance): Resolution of a problem. Conclusion. Solace. Healing. Satisfactory result. Partial fulfillment. Compromise.
The card at the upper right of the circle represents the metamorphosis of the spiritual situation, and how your knowledge will evolve. The Moon: Deception. Twilight. Obscurity. Trickery. Disillusionment. Danger. Error. caution. Warning. Ulterior motives. Insincerity. False friends. Selfishness. Double dealing. Craftiness. False pretenses. Disgrace. Slander. Liability. Superficiality. Unknown enemies. The meaning of many divergent influences. Falling into a trap. Being misled.
The card at the left of the lower line represents the person or qualities that will sustain your spiritual journey. Five of Wands (Strife): Unsatisfied desires. Struggle. Labor. Endeavors. Violent strife. Conflict. Obstacles.
The card in the middle of the lower line represents the qualities that you express in this circumstance. Three of Pentacles (Works): Great skill in trade or work. Mastery. Perfection. Artistic ability. Dignity. Renown. Rank. Power.
The card at the right of the lower line represents the person or qualities that will reveal spiritual knowledge. Four of Cups (Luxury): Wariness. Aversion. Disgust. Disappointment. Unhappiness. Bitter experience. Stationary period in one’s life.

Answer by Thomas
Here’s one. neither of them work. Especially not astrology. it’s a bunch of crap.

Answer by gnarly guy
There’s some helpful and interesting stuff in Sagan’s book,
The Demon Haunted World…

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