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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some fun things like palm readings and tarot cards to do at parties,?

I’m having my birthday party soon and I want some things to do for fun that interest me. For instance, I already own tarot cards and I know the process of reading palms, but what are some other things like that we can do?

Answer by Anime White Wolf
Tarot cards and palm reading are fine, but don’t use a oigi board. There have been documented paranormal haunting that were caused because of oigi boards. Other than that, tarot cards and palm reading are fine and shouldn’t do anything (though I doubt that they really work)

Answer by Sheena
Ouiji boards are fun, yet mostly uneventful because of the patience involved in messing with one. If you’re worried about any of that stuff bringing bad spirits in, just burn some sage and pray over the area you’re doing it. Rune reading is fun, so is scrying.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I go about publishing tarot cards?

I’m still working on the details here: (furry-card-movement.deviantart.com)

I am an anthro artist who is finding other talented artists to create a way to donate for a cause (which cause is still unknown) and we were going to make a deck of tarot cards and sell them at conventions and online. Is there a publishing company that could help us create the cards/boxes? And how much would it be?

Answer by Gene
If you’re really serious about this enterprise, I wish you all the best. Creating a (good) tarot deck is a hard feat – making art for all 72 individual unique cards, making sure they’re all meaningful and stylistically cohesive, etc. is a big challenge. I can think of one company who publishes a lot of New Age material, including many many books on the Tarot – Llewelyn. They migt be especially useful to look into because they have lower standards than other tarot publishers, as some of the tarot books they’ve published aren’t very good, so even if your deck isn’t strictly perfect it still has a chance.

Otherwise, I’d suggest you go surfing around the art world for others who have done something similar to what you want to achieve – created a themed tarot deck of their own. I know of at least one on deviantart – Ellygator created a fabulous Harry Potter tarot deck and got it published. If you want to see it, or contact her, here’s the link to her gallery: http://ellygator.deviantart.com/gallery/#HP-Tarot

Just search a bit, I’m sure that there are plenty out there who’ve done it and who would be happy to share some advice with you about how you can make your vision come to life.

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Learn to Read Tarot Cards: The Devil

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