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Answer by Michal Sychra
Tarot card readings.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I know what type of tarot cards to use?

I want to start reading tarot cards, but there are so many different kinds. How can I find the deck that is right for me?
I understand that some of you do not believe in stuff like tarot cards, and while I appreciate that, I am not asking of i should use them I am asking what ones I should use. If you do not like the idea of someone using cards please just do not comment. I didnt ask if people approved of my spirituality, so I do not need to know if people are ok with it.

Answer by Apollo 和平
if you really believe that you can predict the future with tarot cards, i would see professional assistance, you don’t want to be messing around with that kind of stuff and not knowing what you’re doing.

oh yeah, btw you’re gonna get a lot of crap from the christians

Answer by step
Considering the fact that predicting the future from cards is impossible, I’d choose the ones with the nicest pictures on them!

Answer by Labgrrl Episode IV
Tarot cards can’t hurt anything but your pocket book.

start with a deck that you think is pretty. Seriously.

Answer by Chloe
Word of advice: You need to post this kind of question in the Mythology & Folkure section or Horscopes.

Answer by The Paul
Use this simple guideline:

Am I holding a deck of Tarot cards?

-If yes: These cards can’t predict the future

Answer by Keep the Faith
Well I started reading them just a little while ago and basically just get either the one you feel most attracted to OR a base deck for beginners, they are very helpful as most contain information on how to start reading etc, and some basic spreads. If you aren’t completely happy with whatever you choose, you could always get some more once you’re more expierienced with how they work.

Answer by Janet L
Just look at the cards and choose the ones that you feel the most comfortable with. Seriously, you will find that you are drawn to some and not others.

Ignore the ignorant people.

Answer by Lupuswoman, Defender of Justice!
Disregard people who say it’s hard or requires something special (or that say it’s evil). Some decks are a little more unorthodox in their symbols then others. The easiest are based on the Rider-Waite deck. I think the pictures on it are boring, so I like the Hanson-Roberts deck. It’s got similar imagery but prettier pictures. I also like the Art Nouveau deck. A list of good started decks is at
You chose the one you like the bestest. My first one was a gift, but it was just right for me (the Hanson-Roberts one).

Answer by Kris L
If you are simply playing with them, then any deck will work, and you might also learn a lot about the tarot. If you are even slightly psychic (and most people who are interested in learning to read tarot cards are) then go to a store that sells tarot cards. Feel the ‘vibrations’ outside the store and inside. If you feel ‘heavy vibrations’ then don’t buy your cards there, becasue even people with heavy good vibes can impress the cards even if the boxes they are in are sealed. Bad vibes (which feel ‘weighty’) in the store means the cards and other things have some bad karma and they might not work, or might give bad readings … both incorrect and telling you on the bad things that will happen in your life and in the life of the person you are reading for.
When the vibes in the shop are ‘good’ you’ll feel a ‘bright tingle’ at most and no ‘heavy vibes.’ Go in and ask the clerk to set one of each kind of card on the counter. With your RIGHT hand flat, hold it over each set of cards for five to ten seconds. Do this fore every box … then do it again. On the ‘second pass’ your hand will seem to ‘fall’ toward one box of cards … and that is the box for you.
That is if you want to buy ‘normal’ cards. If you want to, you can also buy uncolored cards and paint them yourself. That coloring (use water color or fine marking pens) will give the cards YOUR vibrations as you study and learn about the ‘why’ of the colors used (there should be a book that comes with them).
When reading the cards, YOU take them out of the tarot card bag and hand them to the person you are doing the reading for. Have them shuffle the cards three times, holding the whole pack in the left hand each time. Then you take the pack into your left hand and start the reading. At the end of the reading, YOU need to shuffle the pack at least ten times (up to thirty if the person you did the reading for has ‘bad luck’ or other ‘bad to evil’ readings) before you put it back into the sack. NEVER forget to shuffle the cards before you put them into the sack and put them away. They can become impressed by their last reading and you won’t be able to use them again with good accuracy. Good luck, and have fun … tarot cards CAN be ‘dangerous’ but if you do the things I’ve told you here, you should be perfectly safe learning to read cards.

Answer by baron von strudel JPA
Get the Rider-Waite deck. It’s one of the more legit and widely available ones out there. Don’t waste your time with sickeningly new-agey looking ones, Hello Kitty ones, and whatever your local Barnes and Noble has.

Answer by dwarenielmoone5
The most common deck chosen for beginners is the Rider-Waite deck. It was one of the first tarot decks to be mass produced (it’s often referred to as the first modern tarot deck) and is what most other tarot decks are derived from. It’s also one of the most popular decks used in beginner tarot sets.
If the artwork in the original deck isn’t that appealing to you, there are other versions of the Rider-Waite that have been redone, such as the Universal Tarot (Rider-Waite) and the Radiant Rider-Waite decks. The artwork in these decks are still true to the original Rider-Waite, but the artwork has more depth and color, not so plain looking.

Really, though, you should pick a deck that appeals to you most, because the general meanings for the cards are basically the same, no matter what deck you choose. A deck that you find boring or unappealing, that you don’t enjoy looking at, will just deter your learning progress. Take your time and be particular. Check out several different decks, narrow your choices down, then choose the one you like best, that draws your attention back again and again.

As for learning the meanings and symbols represented in the tarot, many will tell you to put the accompanying book away and just study the cards themselves to get your own personal meaning for each first, then go back to learn what the basic meanings of the cards are. It helps to familiarize yourself better with them.

Best of luck with your studies and I hope you find the deck that is perfect for you.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does tarot reading work?

How does it work? Like how many cards are selected, some meanings, what’s the point, etc

Answer by Ryan Szuster
It doesn’t.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
The number of cards drawn depends on the style of the reader, the question asked, the spread the reader chooses, the amount of detail the seeker desires and the time they have to sit together. There is no traditional number of cards… there are many different styles and spreads.

Some of the more popular spreads draw either 3 cards or 10 cards. Often, the positions mean specific things, such as past influences, future influences, what other people involved in the situation might be thinking, what your conflict is, what your fears are, what your strengths are, what a possible outcome might be if you continue on this path etc.

Every reader is different, but commonly, the reader will ask the seeker what they want to know about and then will have the seeker shuffle the deck. The reader will then start to lay down cards (sometimes they lay down the whole spread face-down, then flip as they read, sometimes they lay out each position as they go, others lay down everything face-up right away before they start to interpret). Then the reader will usually interpret each card in the spread individually and hopefully the seeker will help the reading along by adding relevant details or confirming certain observations. Then, a good reader will do an overview or summary of what the overall spread might indicate and will point out relationships between the cards, offering advice on how to hand the situation in question based on the cards.

Let me know if you want more info or are working on something specific.

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Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Video

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