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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Weird question about tarot cards and dreams that I’m having.?

OK, so I got interested in Tarot cards recently, like in learning them. I bought my first deck 6 years ago and have been playing with them and the white book “for fun and time-pass”. SO for the past 2 weeks I was deliberate in learning it better, really learning and have been illustrating my own deck, studying its symbols, going through many tarot decks, their art, like non-stop every day.

What first happened was I completely couldn’t get asleep for almost 3 days. The various tarot card images would go through my mind so clear and vibrant and they wouldn’t stop. Later I would have nightmares with some “bad witchy feel in them”. The weird thing is – the other family members too were having bad dreams. Tonight I dreamt that I can move things from distance and I was very excited about that in the dream. However later in the dream I started doubting “is this normal, maybe someone is “helping me”” so the I saw that white tarot card, which looked like the World card but had Devil and God in the same card and then the narrative voice in the dream said: “The happy world of god and devil”. So then I freaked out. I really hate devil, witches and all THAT stuff, but I like playing the cards and have been thinking of illustrating them (like a long work). Is it just the mainstream thought that “tarot is bad and evil” (religious people say that) and is it my inner fear that is influencing me right now or is it something encoded in images that is so negative??

Answer by ChainLightnin’
Can you explain to me what gives mass produced playing cards their magic? Is it the cardboard or the inks? Do mages run the printing presses or are they elves for hire?

Personally I always thought it was like the other forms of divination. Random events that only certain trained people can “read”. A psychic with a prop. But I guess it just maybe the bliss to be able to buy paranormal ability.

Answer by Lucifer
This is just an inner fear and guilt brought upon you by organized religions who press their beliefs (or rather fears) onto anything that can walk.

I have used tarot cards and oracle cards for years and years and I have never experienced anything but love and light from them.

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