Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Ummm how to read your own chakras and do tarot cards?

Ok so I’m by new to these thing it’s just my mom has always done them for me and one of her close friends as well so how do I rea my own chakras (if I can on my own using the stone/gem thing attached to the chain/string.)

And how do I do my own tarot cards like the different ways to set them up
I know how to shuffle an ask the question and the rule about any that fall while shuffling and the 3cards side by side by saide bit what are other ways to set them up? And what do those ways mean?

Answer by jac the hat
can you get your mum to tell you I do the celtic cross, and tree of life spreads – but its a bit hard to isnt very useful to do your own readings better to pair up with someone else and let them read for you and you for them because we stand in our own shadow – You can get a book from your library or look up different spreads online – As you learn you can play around with your own spreads and ways of shuffling as its all in the gift of the reader and whatever allows you to connect with your creativity is useful to try out – I often use two packs because its interesting to see if the same card appears – The other ways are meanings attributed to place in the celtic cross the middle section is the questioners persona outside is outside influences coming to bear. But read up what you can and learn slowly practising new spreads and getting used to them.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot: Swords popping in my answers? Help?

In the past I and other Tarot Card practitioners always picked out sword cards for my situations. Funny how I truly have difficulties outer and inner.

I pick out a card on the internet from an electronic pile and get 9 of swords for question of I’m doing now. It is something like confusion, anxiety, and depression. That’s EXACTLY how I feel. Then I ask if my current choices will get me where I wish to be and got 10 of swords! I really want to know what these things mean, help would be appreciated!
I also asked what is the spiritual reason for all these major problems and got 4 of Wands, please explain that too

Answer by Scorpio Wild Card
I have been reading Tarot for years…
I, myself get allot of Sword cards, But I can decipher this for you-
The Swords mean inner & Outer battles, struggle, hardship and if by the correct card- Illness or Death…
The cups are your best! You know this.
Pentacles usually deal with money and career &c…
Wands can deal with many many things…
Actually all cards can, depending on what it’s laying by.
These cards alone- the meaning to me….
IX of Swords can mean many things, inner struggles, spiritual battles, physical battles or battles with others’ (Plural).
X of Swords goes more in depth of pain, sickness, death & c….
I’m not forecasting your death, NOOOOOO!!! Because it can mean other things….
Your best bet is to not pick one card at a time, there needs to be other cards to get a reading..
For example… When one is reading a sentence… and they only read “Dog” then it’s not much of a sentence to read…
If one reads… “The dog ran down the street.” Then you have a full sentence to read, it makes sense.
Same way with Tarot. You cannot just decipher one card alone.
IV of wands by itself- means home, but not always home as in where you live, BUT your body itself, your spiritual Aura, Karma, things within you and around, like your body is a temple….
You should have pulled more cards with it, never trust online Tarot readers, a Natural Reading is best.
I have been reading Tarot since 1993, now 30 years old, started at a young age in Germany.

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